The Best Small Diesel Pusher Motorhomes

This article is going to be talking about small diesel pusher motorhomes.

And especially those that I can recommend for you to consider for purchase.

And when people think about diesel pusher Class A Motorhomes, they usually get this image in their mind of the big boys.

You know, the 40 to 45 foot diesel pushers, maybe with tag axles and all of that.

And sure enough, those are the luxury kings of the highway in the RV world.

However, suppose you want a Class A with a diesel engine in it. But you don’t want it to be so big.

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Why You May Want A Small Diesel Pusher

And there can be lots of reasons for that. For instance, maybe you just want something that’s a lot easier to drive.

An RV that’s more nimble, more agile, and easier to get around in.

Or maybe it’s all about camping. And you really want to be able to get into more campsites.

And fit into places that those big diesel pushers have a hard time getting into.

Or maybe you like to boondock. And of course, the big diesel pushers can do that, but it’s a lot more challenging for them.

Well, the first question is, do they even make quality small diesel pusher motorhomes these days?

I’m happy to say that the answer is, yes they do. And I’m going to cover four of the brands and models that I think you really should look at.

Diesel Pusher Brand #1

So let’s get started with number one on the list. And that is going to be Tiffin.

They are a great Class A manufacturer. And Tiffin makes the Allegro Breeze.

Small diesel pusher motorhomes - the Tiffin Allegro Breeze
Tiffin Allegro Breeze

Now the Breeze comes in only 33 feet. And that’s much smaller than those big diesel pusher class A’s.

But they’re only going to offer you one floor plan though. And by the way, that’s kind of standard among these RV manufacturers in this size. Just one floor plan.

Allegro Breeze Floor Plan
Allegro Breeze Floor Plan

But they’re going to put in a Cummins 340 horsepower engine. And then marry that to an Allison transmission, which is a great combination.

And they put this drivetrain in their Power Glide chassis. Which is the Tiffin proprietary chassis that they designed.

Now Tiffin doesn’t give you a lot of information about MSRP on their website though.

So I went to RV Trader online and I looked for new Allegro Breezes and what they typically sell for.

What I found is that generally they start around $365,000. And you can adjust from there for the actual sales price.

Small Diesel Pusher Motorhomes Brand #2

Now let’s move on to number two on our list. And that’s Fleetwood.

And once again, they are a great manufacturer that’s been around for years.

Their small diesel pusher motorhome model is the Pace Arrow. And it’s a nice older brand model that’s really recognized in the RV industry.

Small diesel pusher motorhomes - the Fleetwood Pace Arrow
Fleetwood Pace Arrow

Once again, the Pace Arrow also will come in at 33 feet. And there’s just one floor plan, like normal.

Fleetwood Pace Arrow Floor Plan
Pace Arrow Floor Plan

They’re also going to put in the Cummins 340 horsepower engine with an Allison transmission.

But this time they’re going to put it in a Freightliner chassis instead.

Now let’s comment on a couple things here. First, the 340 horsepower engine should be just fine for moving an RV of that size around.

So you really shouldn’t have any problem with power with that engine in a smaller RV.

And a Freightliner chassis is the choice of the vast majority of diesel pusher manufacturers.

So when you get the diesel 340 horsepower engine and the Allison transmission in a Freightliner chassis, that’s a great combination.

Now regarding price, Fleetwood lists their MSRP at $326,000 for the Pace Arrow.

Smaller Diesel Pusher Brand #3

All right, let’s move on to number three on the list. And you really didn’t think I was going to get through a diesel pusher list without mentioning Newmar, did you?

Because of course, they’re one of my favorite RV manufacturers for quality.

And Newmar makes the Kountry Star. And the Kountry Star can come in a length as low as 34 feet.

Small diesel pusher motorhomes - the Newmar Kountry Star
The Newmar Kountry Star

Now they’re going to offer you two floor plans here. So at least they give you a little bit of choice in this area.

Newmar Kountry Star floor plans
Newmar Kountry Star Floor Plans

And they will put a Cummins 360 horsepower engine in it. Along with an Allison transmission, in a Freightliner chassis for you at that length.

And their MSRP is going to be around $378,000. Now that makes them the most expensive choice in this group that I’m going to give you today.

But it is well worth consideration for the value that Newmar builds into their RVs.

The Fourth Small Diesel Pusher Brand

So let’s move on to the fourth and final small diesel pusher motorhome we’re going to talk about today.

And that’s the Winnebago Forza. Now the Forza can come in around 35 feet in length.

Small diesel pusher motorhomes - the Winnebago Forza
The Winnebago Forza

And that’s a little bit more than some of the others we talked about here. But not a lot more, and much less than 40 to 45 feet.

Once again, one floor plan is all they’re going to offer you. And they’re going to go back to the tried and true Cummins 340 horsepower engine.

The Winnebago Forza floor plan
The Winnebago Forza Floor Plan

Then they pair that with an Allison transmission in a Freightliner chassis.

All of that is a great combination, and their MSRP is right around $338,000.

Okay, so those are four small diesel pusher motorhomes made by great manufacturers.

And any of them would be very good place to start when you’re thinking about getting into this kind of smaller RV.

More Small Diesel Pusher Motorhomes Brands

Now here’s an interesting question. Is that all the small diesel pusher motorhomes that I can recommend for you?

And the answer is, no it’s not. I have created a guidebook for Class A motorhomes that are built with better quality than their competition.

And there’s more small diesel pusher RVs on my recommended brands list.

Now the guidebook includes everything. Which means that it includes the larger diesel pushers as well as the smaller ones.

And it also includes gas RVs too. So if you’re thinking about a smaller, more nimble RV, that might be something you want to compare to these smaller diesel pushers as well.

You can download my guidebook if you like and go through it. And it will give you all of the manufacturers and the brands that I recommend.

Class A motorhomes guidebook

That way, you have the most to choose from for small diesel pusher motorhomes.

Don’t Forget To Get The RV Inspected

Now before we go further though, let me say this. Remember to always get any new or used RV that you buy, inspected before you take ownership.

That’s because almost all RV brands these days are having some kind of quality control issues.

So you need to be able to find those problems that are coming out of the factory. And get them fixed before you take delivery of the RV.

Unfortunately, dealers are not doing the job on that score. In fact, there are a lot of dealers that are doing very poor pre-delivery inspections these days.

So get a certified inspector for your RV. And have him go through the whole RV from top to bottom, even if it’s new.

And then let him develop a list of all the issues and problems that are on that RV.

Certified RV Inspector
Certified RV Inspector

Once you have that punch list in hand, give it to the dealer or to the private seller, whichever it may be.

And let them know that you’re a serious buyer. You want this RV, but you want these things fixed before you take delivery of the RV.

Now that’s very important. If you wait till after money has changed hands, there’s nowhere near the incentive to get those things taken care of like they should be.

So make sure that you get all the issues fixed before you take delivery.


Now let’s review. If you get a small diesel pusher RV from the list that I gave you today of brands and models or from the ones in my guidebook.

And if you have them inspected thoroughly before purchase and get a list of all the issues.

Then if you get the issues fixed before you take ownership. Well that my friends, is the best way to make sure that you get the small diesel pusher RV of your dreams.

Have safe and happy travels my friends.

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