Full Time RV Life – Is It Heaven Or Is It Hype?

Full time RV life - heaven or hype?

Full time RV life – is it heaven or is it hype? It’s a question that a lot of people would like to have answered.

You know, there are YouTube channels out there that portray fulltime RVing as a permanent vacation. Nothing but non-stop fun and adventure.

And then there are lots of other channels that are all about drama. In fact, it seems like these folks have a major life catastrophe happen to them almost every week of their life.

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Full Time RV Life Extremes On YouTube

Well, what’s the reason for all of these kinds of extremes on YouTube?

It’s only one thing. And that is to get you to tune in as a subscriber.

First, there’s the channels that are telling you that it’s just non-stop fun out there on the road.

And they want you to daydream along with them, even though it’s not real. It’s just a daydream.

Then other channels are all about drama. And well, they’re kind of like a car accident.

So when you’re going by, you don’t want to look, but it seems like you just have to. Because you’re curious.

Well that’s what they know. And so they want you tuning in every single week for their benefit.

The Truth About Full Time RV Living

So what’s the truth about RV life then? Well, in my opinion, a whole lot of what you see online is not necessarily the way things really are.

It’s not the real life when you’re living and traveling in an RV.

And that’s because for most people life is neither non-stop fun and adventure or constant catastrophe.

In fact, most people’s daily life is very much repetitive. And life on the road is often actually sort of similar to that.

It’s often filled with very normal stuff. Things like cleaning, and doing laundry. And running errands and cooking meals. All those sorts of things.

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Now none of that is glamorous is it? And people are not going to tune in to see those things being done.

But honestly, that is what is often being done in full-time RV life. More so than maybe anything else.

Now if you’ve been on my YouTube channel or subscribed to it for a while, you know that I try to give you my honest opinions about pretty much every subject.

So that’s what I’m going to do here. I’m going to give you the pros and the cons of full time RV living.

And we’re starting our fourth year of full-time travel now. And that means that I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on it at this point.

So we’re going to go ahead and start with the pros of RV life first.

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Full Time RV Life Pro #1 – Freedom

The number one pro is what attracts a lot of people to full time RV life. And that is freedom.

Freedom to go where you want, and not having somebody tell you where you have to be.

So if you don’t like where you are, you can just pick up and go somewhere else. And that’s really attractive to a lot of people!

Pro #2 – Unique Experiences

Pro number two of living in an RV full time is you can have very unique experiences as you travel.

You can go and see beautiful places you always wanted to go. See things you always wanted to see, but you couldn’t because of time or circumstances.

Full time RV life lets you see lots of beautiful places
RV life lets you see lots of beautiful places

Well now, you can not only go there, you can spend time there. You can get to know it and you can really absorb it well. And that is a big pro!

Pro #3 – Visiting Family

Pro number three is you can go and visit family wherever they may be across the country.

And these days, family can often be geographically fractured. So they can be almost anywhere across the country.

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And it’s hard to maintain close relationships when you’re not nearby. So RV life allows you to go there and spend time without staying in their home.

Visiting family is a pro of RV living
Visiting family is a pro of RV life

They have their home and you have your home. They have their life they’re still living, and you have your life.

But when you get together, you can have a great time. And you can really enjoy each other’s company.

Well, that’s a wonderful provision of being able to travel by RV, and take your home with you!

Pro #4 – Weather

The next pro about full time RV life is that you can stay in good weather as much as you want.

Do you hate really hot weather? Or do you hate cold weather, snow and ice?

Well, there’s almost always a temperate spot or area in the country where you can take your RV. Just go and enjoy it!

You can follow good weather in an RV
Enjoy good weather more often

So there are more days of your life that are filled with good weather. And that can make your outlook on life better too.

Pro #5 – Less Daily Chores

The next Pro is that you have a lot less housework and chores that you have to do. And that’s due to having a smaller living area in your RV.

Now these days, a lot of people live in 3000 square feet or even more. So what if you condense that down to 300 square feet instead?

I think you can see that your chores would be a lot less. They can be done a lot quicker. And no yard work either. So you don’t have to do any of that.

Well, what does that mean? It gives you more time for doing things you want to do instead of things you have to do. And that’s a great thing!

Pro #6 – Expands Your Horizons

The next pro is that full time RV life keeps you active. It keeps you engaged with life.

You know, if you’re staying in one place, then you’re never expanding your horizons.

And sometimes that can get very discouraging and depressing. But if you’re on the move, you stay active.

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You get engaged with life. And you learn new things because you’re involved in new activities.

Full time RV life expands your horizons
New places and activities help expand your horizons

And those are all very good things for your mental outlook.

All right, now those are the pros about full time RV life that I wanted to cover with you.

But that doesn’t mean that every day out here on the road is just a wonderful party.

No, there are cons too. So let’s talk about some of the cons now.

Full Time RV Life Con #1 – RV Maintenance And Repairs

And number one is that something somewhere is always going to need to be repaired or maintained on your RV.

You take it from me, because I have a real list of things that I go down to repair or maintain regularly.

And the truth is that I never get to a point where I’ve got everything done.

That’s because as soon as I’ve got something done, something else comes up. It’s just to be expected in full time RV living.

RVs need constant maintenance and repair
RV’s require constant maintenance and repair

Because you’ve got lightweight homes going down the highway being subjected to earthquake forces.

So things are going to break, and things are going to get loose. And so, you’re going to need to maintain them a lot more often than you do your stationary home.

Con #2 – Lack Of Continuity In Life

The second con is that there’s no continuity when you’re out on the road in full time RV life.

Now what do I mean by that? Well, everything changes every time you move your RV.

For instance, when you’re at home you know where your favorite places are. Places to go for groceries, or pharmacies, or fuel stations, and so on.

Yes, you know exactly where you like to go for those necessities of life. You even know the places you like to go to eat.

But every time you move your RV all of that changes. And you’ve got to find out where the best places are for you all over again.

And sometimes they’re not very convenient. Sometimes you have to travel 30 to 45 minutes to get what you want. And it is a challenge.

So continuity does not exist when you’re out on the road in full time RV life.

Con #3 – Relationships Can Suffer

Here’s the next con of living in an RV full time. And that is it’s harder to maintain relationships with other people when you’re on the road.

Of course, when you’re staying with family, it can be pretty easy. But what about when you leave and you’re traveling?

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Well, you’re probably not going to know a lot of the people that you meet out there.

And that can be very difficult for some people. Especially those that really crave close relationships and that kind of thing.

It can be a real challenge for some. Especially for those that are shy and find it hard to meet new people.

In fact, one of the things that I’ve often learned from speaking to people who full time RV is that there is a certain sense of loneliness at times.

And that’s because of not having good relationships with people when you need it. Family, friends, things along that line.

So it’s definitely something to consider before heading out in full time RV living.

Con #4 – Close Quarters

The next RV living con is that you’re going to be in a small space with someone else for a long time if you’re a couple.

Close quarters in an RV can lead to trouble for couples
AN RV’s close quarters can cause friction for couples

And when I say small space, remember that we’re talking 300 square feet here.

So you better love them, and you better really like getting along with them.

Because there’s nowhere else to go, and it can be a real challenge for some.

In fact, some couples get along fine at home in a regular house. But when they’re forced into this really small area, sometimes they find it can get very difficult.

Oftentimes, they just seem to get on one another’s nerves. So try to determine whether this could be a con for you.

Con #5 – Health Matters

The next full time RV living con is health matters. What do you do when you’re at home and you have chronic health issues that need attention regularly?

Well, you have your support system of doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Or other health professionals along that line.

But when you’re out on the road, finding a doctor that you can trust, or one that takes your insurance, can be a challenge.

And what about dentists? That can be a challenge out on the road too.

But then, what about your pet? Finding a vet for them when you move your RV so often is another challenge.

So finding a health care support system in full time RV life can be a con for many.

Con #6 – RV Breakdowns

The final con we want to talk about is RV breakdowns. They can happen anywhere and anytime.

RV breakdowns can be challenging
RV breakdowns can be very challenging

And that’s always in the back of the mind for many people. When it happens it’s very stressful too.

Because now you’re going to have to get it repaired. And sometimes the facilities are not close by.

Sometimes they’re also going to charge you an exorbitant price for the work they do.

Also, what are you going to do while they’re fixing the RV? In other words, how are you going to handle your living arrangements then?

You see, there’s all sorts of challenges that goes along with an RV breakdown out on the road.

And these are challenges that you would’t have when you’re in your sticks and bricks home.

That’s because if something breaks there, you probably know who to take it to that you can trust. And you can stay at home while repairs are made.

But on the highway it can a real challenge. And it can always be a worry that’s in the back of your mind too.

Full Time RV Life Pros & Cons Conclusion

All right now, that’s my list of RV living pros and cons that I wanted to cover with you in this article.

Now it’s not by any means the full list though. It’s just the ones that I think can get the conversation started more in a realistic direction.

At least, more realistic than what you see depicted in many YouTube videos these days.

And my advice is to be realistic about what to expect. Because if you’re realistic, then bad things that happen aren’t so terrible.

And disappointments are not going to really upset your apple cart nearly as much either.

So I recommend to do your homework first. Weigh the pros and the cons in your own mind in an honest way.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to actually rent an RV for a while. Just take off for a little bit and kind of sample RV life first before you actually go out on the road.

But whatever you do, think carefully about the points made in this article.

And if you do and you prepare well, you can make the decision that’s best for you. A decision that you will be happy with!

Have safe and happy travels my friends …. until next time

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