Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground – A Thorough Review

Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park review

The Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground is located at 90 Stevens Rd., in Rochester, MA.

This beautifully wooded campground is situated not very far off of I-495. And that is one of the major roads that leads to Cape Cod.

The campground lies only about 4 miles, or around 9-10 minutes off the interstate. And the roads to the campground are easy to navigate for any type of RV. Even the big rigs.

As you arrive at the campground, you are usually greeted by a very friendly staff. And they are very helpful in getting you situated at a campsite.

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Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park Features

There are 169 sites at this campground, so it’s a pretty good size RV park.

There are some that are seasonal campers in the park. But there seems to be plenty of spots for those who want to stay either daily or weekly too.

All the sites have 30/50 amp electric service and offer full hookups as well.

Now this is part of the Thousand Trails camping membership system. So if you are a part of that program, you can have the spot for $0 a night.

But spots can be reserved outside of that system too. And in that case, sites usually run around $87 a night for a daily rate.

But if you reserve for a week or more they average out to about $75 a night.

There is one thing you need to know about this park though. Since it’s located in the Northeast, it only remains open between mid-April through mid-October.

The sites themselves do seem to be level in most cases. And they have full hookups, as was mentioned earlier.

The staff also seems to keep the park picked up nicely. And the roads within the park are not too bad to drive on.

There are a few rough spots. But in general you can definitely get around without too much difficulty.

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Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park Amenities

How are the amenities in this park? Well, they are not too bad. The bath houses are a bit dated and could really be given a little attention.

They are as clean as can be expected with older buildings. The pool area is also kept up. And the playground is definitely something the kids would enjoy.

But towards the back of the campground is a beautiful place to enjoy the nearby river.

And there is access to put a canoe or kayak in the water there with no trouble.

Also, with the nice little dock they have there, you could fish off the dock too. We saw some people catching fish while we were there.

You could also just stand and enjoy the beauty of the water if you want instead. And the marshy area that you can view from there is beautiful as well.

There is a small camp store onsite where you can pick up a few supplies as needed.

And a decent size laundry room which is clean and enables you to take care of your laundry. The cost for washing and drying your clothes was reasonable too.

How About Internet Access?

How about the internet? Well, they do offer WIFI. But like most campgrounds, it can be a bit spotty except around the main buildings.

We used our hotspot and our AT&T service, and seemed to have decent internet access.

Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park – The Surrounding Area

Well, what is in the area? As far as places to get provisions, there is no problem at all.

The town of Wareham, MA is nearby. And you can get to an area there that has a Walmart, Target, Aldi, and Lowes easily.

They are located about 5 miles away, so around a 11-12 minute ride. Also in this area are a few chain restaurants, such as Red Robin and Restaurant 99.

Then down the road just a little way is a grocery store called Shaws. You can get almost anything you need there.

In the same area is a Walgreens and an Aubuchon Hardware. These stores are located about 6 1/2 miles away or about 14-15 minutes.

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There are also other eating establishments in the area depending on what you like. So obviously plenty to choose from.

What is there to see? Well, there are cranberry bogs, trails to walk, and beautiful ocean views not far away.

Gateway To Cape Cod RV – Access To Cape Cod

Of course, the big draw of the area is Cape Cod. This is such a unique place.

The Cape is quite large and offers you just about anything you want. There is whale watching and ferries to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

There are also plenty of historical sites like the Kennedy compound and more. Also, lighthouses dot the island and the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore stetches for miles.

Sand dunes are everywhere. And the Atlantic Ocean will greet you at almost every turn.

There are unique shops to explore and plenty of restaurants to choose from too. But let me tell you….. ahhh, the seafood.

Clam chowder that is legendary. And fresh fish is everywhere. You just can’t go wrong with the seafood on the Cape.

Travel On Cape Cod

How far away is the Cape? Well, from the campground to get on the Cape itself takes about a half hour.

But from there, where you want to go on the Cape can take a bit longer.

Falmouth is about 40 minutes from the campground. And Yarmouth is about one hour.

Provincetown at the end of the Cape is about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Lots can be seen in any of these places and all the little towns between. We love the Cape!!!!

Gateway To Cape Cod RV – Our Conclusion

So what do we think about the area and the Gateway to Cape Cod campground?

Well, the area is an absolute 5-star area. So much to see. So much to do. And it is very eclectic and unique. You just can’t go wrong with the Cape.

A word to the wise though. If you go off season, you can get around the Cape so much easier then. And it is still warm and inviting.

RV Gear

How about the campground though? We would probably give it a 3.5 out of 5.

It is definitely older and could use some updating on some of their amenities. And the WIFI could be a bit better also.

But the park is pretty, with a lot of shade trees and friendly personnel. And it is so close to so many interesting things to see and do.

Would we go back? Well, we have been back twice and we would definitely go back again.

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