Kenisee Lake RV Campground – A Thousand Trails Park We Loved

Kenisee Lake RV Resort review

Kenisee Lake RV Campground is located at 2021 Mill Creek Rd. in Jefferson, OH.

We truly did enjoy this beautiful RV park. It is not perfect but the people who run it are committed to continue to make improvements on it and are doing so.

The park is open from late April to late October and is part of the Thousand Trails camping system.

But as usual, you can make reservations without being members if you wish to. The price for an RV site runs $61 a night, with a discount if you book weekly.

There are quite a few 50 amp sites, and if you wish one of those there is a $3 a night upcharge.

We were told that Thousand Trails will be updating this park to all 50/30 amp sites in the very near future, so that upcharge will probably not be there after that.

Once again, there are a number of seasonal guests in this park. But they seem to leave plenty of spots for travelers.

And that is a welcome change compared to some others we have been to.

Click here to view the Kenisee Lake RV Campground map

Kenisee Lake RV Campground Features

This park is definitely big rig friendly too. We saw quite a few large 5th wheels and Class A motor homes frequenting it.

There is one important thing to be aware of though. As you come to the park from the main highway that there is one road that does have a low bridge.

If you have a larger rig, call ahead and they will tell you how to get to the park in such a way as to avoid that bridge.

In general the sites seem to be pretty level, and most of the park has decent drainage.

We did see a few spots that it took longer to drain. But if you stay in the areas that are designated for RV’s to travel and park, there are no real issues.

The sites tend to have a little bit of area around them which makes it nice to spread out some. Also there are plenty of grassy areas for everyone to use.

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And they have a couple of ponds and the Kenisee Lake on property. These allow you to enjoy some water views and fish if that is your desire to do so.

There are also plenty of geese and songbirds everywhere. We totally enjoyed watching their antics and their family dynamics while staying there.

The staff keeps up the yards and green area beautifully with flowers planted everywhere. It was very pretty.

Kenisee Lake RV Campground Amenities

What about amenities???? They were pretty good for the most part. Most of them are not brand new, but they do seem to be kept up fairly well.

The campground staff had scraped and repainted the inside of one of the bath houses earlier this year and it looked clean and fresh.

While we were there, they were scraping the other bath house to redo it also. Again, it is not totally redone but very clean and freshened up.

The laundry room was very clean with about 6 washers and dryers and was reasonably priced. Nice plus…

The pool area was nice and clean although a little on the small side. Once again, this is not a big resort, so it seemed to be big enough.

They had the typical offerings of basketball, horseshoes etc. And they had a mini golf course which is definitely one of the better ones we have seen at these parks. It was well kept up with newer greens.

A Few Unique Extras At This Park

What was unique was that they did offer a snack shack that served hot dogs, etc. on Friday nights.

The Kenisee Lake RV Campground snack shack
The Kenisee Lake RV Resort snack shack

And they served virgin Bloody Mary’s and breakfast burritos on Sunday morning.

The staff also told us they were going to start showing a Saturday night movie soon. And they plan to offer popcorn and other snacks from this shack starting in July.

So they had a lot going on if you are inclined that way.

What if you are more solitary and just like peace and quiet though? Well, that works here too.

There are good size walking areas and wooden swings at a few spots through the park. So you can just sit and look at the beautiful lake and ponds and relax.

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We took advantage of those swings several times during our stay. They were comfortable and so very scenic.

Kenisee Lake RV Campground Connectivity

How was connectivity??? They do offer internet for a price. We talked to a couple of people there and they said it was adequate.

We used our AT&T hot spot for connectivity and had good speeds both for download and upload.

Our T-Mobile phones connected, but it was more spotty than some other areas we have been in. All in all it worked out fine for us though.

The Surrounding Area

What about the area that this park is located in? Well this park is located near the small township of Jefferson.

It is only a short drive of about 3-4 miles to get to it. And located in that town is 2 grocery stores.

But you can also find a Dollar General, a Family Dollar, and a couple of hardware stores too.

They have some of the normal fast food restaurants. But they also have some nice little eating places.

We went to the Jefferson Diner a couple of times which offered good food at a reasonable price.

They also have others too that offer different fares that have good online reviews.

If you wish a bit more selection, the city of Ashtabula is located about 15 miles away.

Of course there is a Walmart, Lowes, JC Penney, Michaels, and many other big box stores there.

So you can find just about everything you would need in that area. There is also an Aldi’s and a nice local grocery chain called Giant Eagle.

Just an FYI, we also had to have some brake work done to our car on very short notice while there.

A store called Tire Choice took us right in and offered us great service for a fair price.

RV Gear

They also offer other services such as oil changes, transmission, etc. The store manager was nice and accommodating.

Fun Things To Do Around Kenisee Lake RV Campground

How about things to do in the area? Well, there is much within about a half hour to one hour radius.

They have driving tours of the many covered bridges in the area. And there are wineries to visit and even quilting tours of those establishments.

Ashtabula is actually located on the shores of Lake Erie, so you can visit the lighthouses and parks that are located on this Great Lake. And that’s very cool!!!

Although we did not get a chance to visit it, there is an area nearby called Geneva-on-the-Lake.

We heard from a few people that it offers great food and many different kinds of music. And there are also unique stores to browse.

We would like to visit that area when we come through in our travels the next time.

One Of Our Favorite Excursions In The Area

We did go to a unique place in Lineville, PA which is located about a half hour from the park. It’s called the Linesville Spillway. And it’s also called: “Where Ducks walk on Fish”.

What a unique experience it was. They have so many carp there, very large carp. And the geese and ducks can literally walk on them from one place to another.

It is free and you can bring your own bread to feed the fish as well as the ducks while there.

We have never seen so many large fish all in one place. There is also a snack shack there if you want to pick up a drink or snack too.

This particular place is mentioned in Ripley’s Believe it or Not because of it’s uniqueness.

So it was something that we were so glad we had a chance to see. Also the area around there is beautiful with gorgeous lakes and scenery. We definitely would go back.

Our Conclusion

Well, as you can see there is much to do and see around Lake Kenisee RV Resort. So how would we rate the area? … a definite 5 stars.

How about Kenisee Lake RV Park itself? Probably a 4 out of 5 stars.

It would be nice if there were more 50 amp spots.

Also, although the staff is doing a great job keeping everything trimmed and clean, the bath houses are older. And they really could use a major redo.

This, of course, would be something Thousand Trails would need to address. But all and all, this is a great park to visit and we would definitely go back if in the area.

Thank you to the staff at Kenisee Lake for a wonderful visit!!!!!!!

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