Which RV Water Filter System Is Best For You?

Some kind of RV water filter system is a necessity for RVers. But especially for those who travel a lot. That’s because the water supply at some campgrounds can leave a lot to be desired. You will find bad tasting and awful smelling water, along with dirty water that has sediment in it. And since we all understand how important it is to have clean water for drinking, bathing and washing, here are a few ways to make sure that your water is safe to use.

Use An RV Cartridge Filter

One of the most popular RV water filter systems in use is an outside cartridge filter. These can be placed somewhere in line with your water hose before it attaches to the RV. It doesn’t really matter much whether it is attached at the water faucet or by the RV water inlet. Just as long as you have it inline before the water from the campground goes into your RV.

The beauty of these kind of RV water filters is that they will treat all of the water that is going into your rig. So whether it is kitchen or bathroom water, it is being filtered before use. All you have to do is take a stroll through almost any campground in the country and you will see these filters in use. They are usually blue in color and easily spotted. And for most people they work very well as they filter down to a 20 micron level. In fact, out of almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon, they have a 4.5 star rating. So a lot of people are happy with what they do.

There are certainly other RV water filter systems that filter water to a higher degree. But for most people this little filter does the job very well. And the cost is affordably low. So this is a good place to start when filtering the water going into your RV. Just click the links below to read the reviews on these filters.


Higher Quality Whole-RV Filter System

Now if you want to take whole-RV water filtration to another level, there are plenty of options. But one of the most cost-effective is to use a higher level carbon filter that filters down to 5 microns or so. Some RVers use this filter instead of the blue ones mentioned above. But some also add in this kind of filtration in addition to the blue filter.

Again, for most people this will be just fine. You can either use this kind of filter on the outside of the RV, or install it permanently inside. Either way, it is simple to use and the filter cost is very reasonable. In fact, they usually last for about 3 months at a time if being used on a regular basis. We use this kind of filter along with the blue filter above and we are happy with the water quality we get. Check out the reviews on this product at the link below.

High Quality Drinking Water Filtration

But when it comes to our drinking water, most of us want to make sure that it is up to very high standards. So although the above-mentioned filters will work very well, I have another suggestion for your drinking water. Of course, there are any number of high-dollar water filtration systems available. These include reverse osmosis, 2,3 and 4 stage filters, and even ultraviolet water filtration. But if you look at the real world reviews of most of these products on Amazon, they are not rated any higher than the ones already covered.

But there is an RV water filter system that will virtually replace all need for bottled water of any kind. And it will be much less expensive in the long run than those high-dollar systems. It’s called the Berkey water filter and many RVers use it for their everyday drinking water. It is a gravity fed unit so you have to refill it manually. But the resulting water is incredibly clean no matter how dirty it may be going into the filter. In fact, the Berkey helps eliminate bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, viruses, and more.

The Berkey RV water filter is also portable allowing it to be used either at home or in the RV. And since it uses no power to operate, it’s perfect for boondockers. It also is cost-effective as it can filter 6,000 gallons of water before needing a filter replacement. So if you drink two gallons of water a day the filters will last you almost 10 years!

You can find out more about the Berkey RV water filter system by clicking here.

I hope this discussion of RV water filtration has been helpful. Have safe and happy travels my friends!

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