How To Use RV Trip Wizard For Camping And Travel

How To Use RV Trip Wizard for travel and camping

RV Trip Wizard is one of the best tools that I have used in our full-time RV travels.

I use the program all the time for laying our upcoming travel plans. And for me, it’s the best overall camping and travel planning aid that I have found.

Of course, there are plenty of other options to to choose from for camping and travel planning.

But I have found that most of them do a few things well while not doing others as well. So in the past I have had to use a multitude of programs and apps together to get the trip planning I need.

Watch my video about how I use RV Trip Wizard

Let me be clear though, and say that RV Trip Wizard still has improvements that need to be made. It is not perfect. But I suppose that is true of almost anything in life, things can always be improved.

But I feel that the program is quickly becoming the one-stop source for RV trip planning for most people. And the program authors keep making it better all the time.

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RV Trip Wizard – How I Use It

So far I have planned 4 major trips across the US with RV Trip Wizard in the last year or so.

And those trips have totaled over 9400 miles and 60 stops along the way. It includes 231 nights spent on the road that has taken me cross country three times.

So I feel that I have had plenty of experience with using this program so far. Enough that I can confidently provide this review about it.

So would you like to see exactly how I use the program to lay out my RV travels?

To see how I use RV Trip Wizard for my RV trip planning, just click here to watch a step-by-step video I made about it.

Features About RVTW That I Really Like

There are a lot of features that make RVTW a pleasure to use. But let me cover just a few of the ones that I have found most helpful.

  • There are plenty of campgrounds and RV parks to choose from for overnight stays as you travel. So when you lay out your trip, you have no shortage of places to stay.
  • It’s easy to add stops or take them away as you lay out your RV trips. And you can accept the route directions made by the program or customize your own.
  • You can filter out the campgrounds that don’t meet your criteria for overnight stays. This makes your trip planning much easier.
  • There is also plenty of information about how much each RV park costs and reviews from others who stayed there. And there is also plenty of information about the features of each park too.
  • You can map out multiple stops on a long trip. And RVTW lets you know how far between stops and the cost of your travel stops as you go.
  • The program also has very helpful hazard warnings for low bridges, tunnels, toll roads, etc. And for folks that have bigger rigs, this will help keep you out of trouble on the road.
  • There are also many points of interest that you can bring up to find out what is around you. So you can know if there is a Costco, a grocery store, or other shopping areas close by. And you can also see where fuel stations are located along your route too.
  • Once your trip is planned, you can print out turn-by-turn directions to guide you as you go.

There are lots of other great features that also would be useful by others. But these are some of the ones that I have found most useful for us so far.

Other Apps To Use With RVTW

Of course, there is no trip planner that I know of that does everything perfectly. So even RVTW benefits from having the support of other trip planning apps and programs too.

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  • The first app that I highly recommend is the companion app for RV Trip Wizard. It’s called RV Life, and it’s made by the same folks that make RVTW. The best feature I like about this app is that it allows you to import your RVTW trips into it. Then you can use the app on your smartphone or tablet for audible directions on your route. In essence, it replaces the need for an RV GPS unit. You just create your trips online, transfer them to the app, and follow its guidance as you go. There are other great features of the app, but that is the most helpful for us by far.
  • The second app I like to use is called Truck Map. I use it mainly for double-checking whether the route laid out in RVTW is the best one to take. This gets more important as your rig increases in size and length. This is because big rigs can’t just go on any road out there. That’s why Google Maps is not a good app to use for RV directions. It may send you on a route that is not RV friendly. But RVTW can make mistakes sometimes too. So I check to make sure the route that it is sending me on agrees with Truck Map. That’s because if a commercial truck and trailer can be on a route, so can I with my RV rig. But if there is a disagreement, I can choose the best route between the two. It works well for this purpose.
  • The last app I like to use less frequently is called Allstays – Camp & RV. It is a popular app with RVers of all kinds. And I like to use it along with RVTW to verify locations of rest stops, fuel stations, etc. It’s more like a backup app. But I use it to see if it has more information to offer on some travel support services than RVTW.

Conclusion – Who Needs RV Trip Wizard?

Although I feel that RVTW is a great tool for almost all RV travelers, I feel it’s best for RVers with large rigs.

That’s because the longer and larger your rig is, the better planning you need to do before hitting the road. And if you are towing a vehicle, planning becomes even more essential.

The last thing you want is to be sent down a road where you encounter hazards or can’t turn around easily.

And RVTW has kept us out of trouble very well so far on all of our trips where it was used.

So my experience has been a good one so far. I feel that I can highly recommend using RVTW to practically any RVer out there.

You may want to learn more about RVTW or just get the program and try it yourself.

Either way, you can click here for the RV Trip Wizard website.

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