Lost Dutchman State Park – One Of Our Favorite State Parks

Lost Dutchman State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park is located at 6109 N. Apache Trail in Apache Junction, AZ

This RV park is part of the Arizona State Parks system. And is an absolutely unique park with such beautiful views that it tends to be a very difficult park to get into. But if you can get a reservation, it is well worth it!!!!

You literally camp right at the base of the Superstition Mountains with views that change with the rotation of the sun. It is breathtaking!

If you are a photographer, it is an absolute must! You will not be disappointed.

All this being said, there are a few things that you need to be mindful of about the park.

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Lost Dutchman State Park Features

First, it is a state park. And like most state parks, none of the sites have a sewer connection.

But there is a dump station that is available to all campers. So you can take care of your waste water needs while staying there or just before you leave.

Some of the sites do have electric and water hookups, but by far most are dry camping instead. If you need RV hookups, very often you must book out many months ahead.

This is especially necessary during the peak usage times in the winter months.

When you book online, they let you know the length of the sites that are available. And whether they have hookups or not. So you can narrow your search to fit your needs when you are booking your reservation online.

How are the sites? Well, remember that you are camping on the edge of a mountain. So many of the sites are somewhat unlevel and this can be a challenge to level your rig if it is a big one.

It can still be done though. And for most RVs it won’t be a problem. But bigger rigs may be more challenging to level in this park. So just be aware of that.

The sites usually give you plenty of room between your neighbors along with some Arizona landscape too. And we really enjoyed that!

A campsite at Lost Dutchman State Park

Pretty much all the sites have a very nice view of the mountains though. And some are just spectacular!

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Lost Dutchman State Park Nearby Support Services

Since you are near the mountains, does that mean that you are very far away from places to shop? The good news is the answer is – “NO”.

Apache Junction is just a stone’s throw away, so to speak. And it has a Walmart, Safeway, and a very big Fry’s grocery store. So you can definitely get your groceries easily there.

But there are many other stores where you can get other things you may need too. For instance, such as a large Ace Hardware, CVS, and Walgreens. There are plenty of other stores too.

If you are looking for places to eat, there is no shortage there either. There are fast food places but also some Mom and Pop ones that can be explored.

But if Apache Junction is not enough, about 15 minutes from Apache Junction is the city of Mesa.

And you can find just about anything that you want there. So although the state park is out on the fringes of the Phoenix valley, a lot is still close by.

Things To Do In The Surrounding Area

But what about things to do while staying there? Well, there are hiking trails everywhere, and I mean everywhere. There are some for just about everyone, no matter what their ability.

And if you can’t find what you want there in the park, the mountains around have tons of hiking trails.

If you like horseback riding, that is available too. In fact, sometimes on your hike, you might run into a group of horses and riders on the trails.

If you are not a hiker, no problem. There are scenic drives that take you to local beautiful lakes, one of which is our favorite, Canyon Lake.

And if you just want a little flavor of the West, there is a place called Goldfield about a half mile from the park.

It has many different activities including a train ride and zip line. But you can also just walk through the town and look at the shops. And every hour on the hour is a western gun fight in the middle of the street.

So there is a lot available to you, not just in the park but in the surrounding area.

What About Connectivity?

How about connectivity? While we were there we had T-Mobile for our phones and it was fine.

There is no wifi available in the park. But we used our AT&T data plan with our hotspot and made out just fine. You are not that far from the Phoenix area, so connectivity in this park is usually pretty good.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

The park is kept up fairly well. They try to maintain the beauty of the Arizona desert. And as a result, there are not many amenities such as pools and playgrounds, etc.

But the rest of what the park offers more than makes up for it. The bath houses are not fancy but clean. And as with most state parks there are no laundry facilities, so you have to do that off premises.

So summing all this up … what do we think of Lost Dutchman State Park?

Our Conclusion

If you love gorgeous views, beautiful starry skies at night, bunnies and quail scurrying around your campsite. Or if you enjoy desert flora everywhere, and flowered covered cactus in the spring.

If you love seeing wild flowers during the rest of year, and the relaxation of being surrounded by nature. And if you still like being able to find everything you need very close by to make your visit comfortable, then we think you will enjoy Dutchman State Park.

We still will give it a 4.5 rating though, mainly because of the difficulty of leveling your rig at times.

But it is a small price to pay for the experience you will have in this unique and beautiful state park.

Have safe and happy trails everyone!

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