How To Find The Best RV Campgrounds And Campsites

How To Find The Best RV Campgrounds

We all want to stay at the best RV campgrounds and campsites possible on our RVing travels.

And there are plenty of places to stay in this country. But not all are equal. Some are well maintained and a pleasure to stay at. But others are not.

So how do you find the camping spots that are good places to stay if you haven’t been there before?

Fortunately, there is plenty of information about RV campgrounds and campsites online. And if you know where to look you can get the information you need very quickly.

I like to use a few tools online to search for the best RV campgrounds and I’ll share them with you here.

Please keep in mind that I am not affiliated with these websites in any way. So my recommendation is based purely on my own personal experiences with them.

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Table of Contents

Best RV Campgrounds Resource #1

The best resource that I have found overall for information about RV campgrounds in general is .

First of all, it’s completely free to sign up for and use. I like the fact that you don’t have to have another membership to get the information that you need. So this is a big plus.

I also like the fact that all of the reviews are submitted by people who have no vested interest in swaying your opinion about the campground one way or another.

And on top of that, all of the reviews go through a vetting process before they are published. This means that someone makes sure that it is a legitimate review first. Then it is posted after being approved.

Resource #2 For The Best RV Campgrounds

I honestly like to use for the vast majority of my campground searches.

But there is another site that also provides great information on campgrounds as well. In my book, it comes in a close second to my first resource.

That site is . There is plenty of information available about campgrounds throughout the country here too.

But overall, I have found that it has fewer reviews per campground in most cases. And that is the main reason why I give it the second place on my list of best RV campgrounds resources.

But I often find that I can get a very accurate picture about campgrounds I am considering when I use these first two resources together.

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Resources For The Best Boondocking Campsites

Finding campsites for boondocking is a little bit different from finding campground information.

RV boondocking sites are sort of in a category by themselves. And most of what you want to know comes from those who have camped in those spots already.

Campground information like the kind of hookups available, site length, amenities and so forth, aren’t needed.

Instead, you need to know about things like the condition of access roads, how level the sites are, and what kind of internet access is found there.

So having previous campers share their experiences on these kind of matters is absolutely invaluable.

And the best resource I have found for this kind of information is .

Lots of boondockers use this website to find out what boondocking spots are available and where. And many boondockers recognize the need to share their experiences so there are always new reviews being added.

A second resource that also provides great RV boondocking information is . This resource is a little more clunky than, but it has a lot of useful information though.

When I am considering boondocking spots, I almost always use both of these online resources together. When I do, I find that I get a really good picture of the campsites I am interested in.

Your Part In Providing The Best RV Campgrounds

So far, I have covered some of the most useful online resources that I know of for finding the best RV campgrounds and campsites.

But none of the sites I have mentioned could provide this information without reviews from RV travelers. The key to getting accurate campground and campsite information is getting unbiased reviews from RVers themselves.

So I highly recommend that everyone who travels by RV resolve to contribute their own reviews to help other RV travelers.

The more information provided on RV campgrounds and campsites, the better overall picture we have about them.

Also, when RVers post reviews of RV campgrounds online, you can be sure that the campground management reads them too.

And when the reviews are becoming increasingly negative about certain issues in that campground, that often gets results.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

In fact, unbiased word of mouth is the best and worst advertising that RV campgrounds can have. So they know that it is in their best interest to keep the reviews as positive as they can.

So I encourage you to accept the responsibility for posting your own online reviews as a way to help make RV travel better for everyone.

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