Hershey RV Park – A Pennsylvania Amish Farm Country Gem

Hershey RV Park

Hershey RV Park is located at 493 S. Mt. Pleasant Rd. in Lebanon, PA.

It’s situated right in the heart of Amish country and only a stones throw from the town of Hershey itself.

And what a beautiful park to stay at while you enjoy all that the area has to offer.

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Hershey RV Park Features

First, about the RV park itself. This park is easy to access for large and small rigs alike.

The roads within the park are either asphalt or gravel. And the gravel roads can get rutted and have a few holes in them, especially after a rain storm.

But the park staff is vigilant though and re-grades and adds gravel to the roads in a timely manner. So the roads aren’t a major issue here.

The sites are dirt with gravel spread on top. And most of them are fairly level so that even a bigger rig can find a good spot.

The general appearance of the park is very nice. There are rolling green hills, multi-level spots, and a beautiful pond with many geese and ducks.

The pond at Hershey RV Park
The beautiful pond by the clubhouse at Hershey RV Park

You can take a canoe or kayak on the pond. And they also have pedal-powered swan boats that can be used too.

They also mow regularly and trim trees and bushes so that the park looks very well maintained.

Hershey RV Park Campsites

There are a variety of sites that offer various options. So there is one area that is entirely 50 amp with full hookups. And many of the larger rigs stay there.

But they also have numerous sites that are either 50 or 30 amp with full hookups. This is a very versatile area that accommodates many rigs.

There are also a few sites that are just 30 amp with full hookups too.

And they have one area that is 30 amp with just water. This seems to be a great area for those who want a shorter stay and tenters.

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Many of the sites offer shade trees and a nice view of the park.

And there is one thing that we really appreciated about this Thousand Trails park.

That is that although there are some seasonal campers, they offer many sites to campers who want to stay on a daily or weekly basis. What a plus!

Check in was easy with the onsite staff. They try to be very accommodating and direct you to the right area for the size of your rig.

In fact, it seems that all the people that work at Hershey are very helpful and friendly.

And here’s a shout out to the park staff because they keep this park immaculate!!!

RV Park Amenities

The amenities are well kept up. The pool is large with a smaller section for the little ones.

The spa is located inside the clubhouse and that’s a real plus on cooler days.

The mini golf course is in great shape and the tennis/pickle ball courts are immaculate too.

In fact, while we were there, they were scrubbing them and then pressure washing them clean. That is something you don’t see very often.

The actual clubhouse and bath houses, although a little on the older side were very clean too.

And the laundry room had 6 washers and dryers and was very clean as well.

The camp store offered a variety of goods and they also sold ice cream. Hmmm … I wonder what brand being in Hershey? LOL.

The ice cream offerings seemed to be well received by many campers and was priced reasonably too.

Campground Prices

So what is the price for such a lovely campground???? Well, as mentioned, this park is part of the Thousand Trails system.

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So those who have a Thousand Trails membership can stay for $0 a night.

But you can also reserve outside of that system and the daily price is $98 a night.

If you stay for a week or more, it averages out to about $90 a night. A little pricier than some of the other parks, but very worth it in our opinion.

Internet Connectivity At The Park

How about the internet???? Well, the park offers an internet wifi as many other parks do.

It costs a little extra to hook up to their high speed option, but it is not outrageous.

In fact, we actually used their wifi system for some of the time that we stayed here.

That’s because the internet in this area was a bit spotty and extremely slow at times on our AT&T network.

It was also slower at times on the campground wifi too. But going back and forth between the two, we were able to stay connected.

Hershey RV Park – Things To Do

Now let’s talk about the area. We personally love the area around the Hershey RV Park ourselves.

There is something for just about everyone. And first off there is Hershey Park, which is something that most families enjoy.

It is an amusement park with rollercoasters and many other rides and attractions. Many in the park enjoyed going there.

But there is also a museum in the town about Mr. Hershey and how he developed his company.

And they also explain why he chose this area for his chocolate factory. Very interesting and informative.

There is also the Hershey Hotel that can be toured and the Hershey Gardens that have been established.

They are just beautiful and have a great variety of plants and trees and flowers that change with every season.

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Additionally, it has a butterfly atrium with many gorgeous butterflies to learn about and see.

We enjoyed all of these things located only about 15 to 20 minutes from the RV park.

Amish And Mennonite Local Culture

But you can also travel about 45 minutes to Lebanon and enjoy a place called The Amish Farm.

After all, you are staying in the heart of the Amish countryside. So why not learn a little bit about the people that work this land?

There is a bus tour of the area, a farm area, and they also show you what a typical Amish home looks like.

And they explain the difference between the Mennonite and Amish cultures.

We have to say that the Amish work ethic truly makes this area a beautiful one to look at.

And there are plenty of places around that offer Amish cuisine and baked goods too. All are worth a try, especially the baked goods.

Other Interesting Local Areas

If you go the other direction for about 45 minutes, you can get to Harrisburg. There are many things to see there.

But we actually went to the fire museum and saw how things have progressed over the years. Very interesting.

But Harrisburg has so much to offer being a larger city, so there is something for everyone there.

We didn’t get a chance to go to Stroudsburg, PA but there is a railroad museum there. And many other sights that we will probably explore another time.

Stroudsburg lies about 1 hour away. So a little further, but definitely within a day trip. So as you can see there is much that can be done in the area!

Hershey RV Park – Places To Eat Locally

Places to eat!!!! There are plenty of these. There are basically all of your chains in all three places we mentioned.

But there is also more Mom and Pop places and regional restaurants too.

We loved eating at Primanti Brothers in Hershey. It’s a small regional restaurant chain that offers a tavern/grill feel.

And they serve absolutely delicious sandwiches, etc. (the pastrami was to die for).

Then you can wash it down with your favorite beer, wine or mixed drink.

Located right near Hershey park, it is a great place to go after a day at an amusement park.

But we also ate at a diner call the Soda Jerk Diner located near Hershey Park as well. They serve a great breakfast and American Home style cooking.

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Where To Get Supplies

Okay, that all sounds good, but what about places to provision?

Well, right on the road coming in from Hershey to the RV park are two great places.

One is a farm stand called Risser-Marvel Farm Market. Great local produce and a selection of jams, jellies, sauces, mustards, whoopie pies, and shoo fly pies.

There is also an Amish market called Country Pride with very good prices on many things.

A selection of spices, and stock items that is varied and well priced. And they have a great deli too.

Also, if you drive about 12-15 minutes away to a town called Palmyra, there is a Walmart and a Weis store there. And that pretty well takes care of everything else you need.

Just an FYI – that the farm stand and the Amish store are closed on Sunday.

There is also another Weis store and a Redners in Hershey where you can find provisions too.

And if you need a Costco or other big box stores, Lancaster PA offers that.

Oh and one more thing, both Hershey and Lancaster offer Tanger Outlet Stores, which is something that may interest some.

Hershey RV Park – Our Conclusion

So as you can see, there is so much to do and to see in this area. But now, how do we rate the Hershey area and the park itself???

The area is a definte 5++ stars. Just a unique and interesting place to visit.

Hershey RV Park itself we would give a 4.5 star rating. The park itself is great.

But there are just a few minor things we would like to see improved. Especially for us was the internet connectivity.

But this is definitely one of our overall favorite parks in our travels.


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