Fort DeSoto Campground – One Of Our Favorites RV Parks

Fort DeSoto Campground Review

Fort DeSoto Campground is located in Fort DeSoto Park, 3500 Pinellas Bayway So., Tierra Verde, FL. And it is near St. Petersburg, FL.

It’s a county park in the county of Pinellas. Florida has a beautiful state and county park system that allows you to see the beauty of the state.

Fort DeSoto itself is a very nice state park. And it has a sought after campground located within it. In fact, many of the sites in the campground sit right on the water.

So needless to say, the salt water views are beautiful and the sunsets are to die for.

Fort DeSoto Campground Features

But let’s talk a little about the campground first. This campground has 236 sites and it is divided into 3 sections.

Click here to view the map for Fort DeSoto Campground

There is a section with 85 sites that accommodates tents, vans, pop-ups and RV’s that are up to 16 feet long. At the time of this writing they run $37.86/night.

If you want one located on the water, it costs a little more at $42.38. These prices include taxes, etc.

Their next section, sites 86-164, is for those folks that have pets. The last section, sites 164-236, is for folks with no pets. And both of these two sections can accommodate RV’s of any size.

These campsite prices run $43.51/night. And if you want waterfront, the price is a little more at $48.03 including tax.

These sites have either 30 or 50 amp electric and water. But there is no sewer hookup, as is the case with most of the state parks in Florida.

They do have two very nice dump stations that can take care of those needs though.

Fort DeSoto Campground Sites And Reservations

One word of caution about Fort DeSoto Campground though ….book early. They fill up fast!!

Our experience is that they have a very pleasant office staff. They are actually Florida park rangers, who are extremely helpful.

And the campground also has a camp store where you can pick up a few things, including firewood.

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At certain times of the year, it also has a little snack bar in it too. And it even has chairs on the porch that overlook the water.

What are the sites like? Well, they are dirt sites. And most of them are fairly level. But they do have some pull-through sites too.

They are definitely nestled in native Florida foliage and each one gives you privacy. The ones on the water are gorgeous. But as you can imagine, are a little more difficult to secure.

The ability to navigate the park is easy, even if you have a bigger RV. The roads leading to the park are very spacious and it is easy to get to the campground.

Fort DeSoto Campground Amenities

The park doesn’t have many amenities though. It has a couple of small playgrounds. And of course, bath houses with showers. They are older but clean.

But quite honestly, with the ocean as your backdrop to this campground, you don’t need much else. That being said…let’s talk about Ft. DeSoto Park.

Fort DeSoto Campground - lots to see and do nearby
Lots to see and do nearby to Fort DeSoto Campground

Things To Do Nearby

The park itself is just wonderful!!!! It is 1136 acres of unadulterated Florida land with beautiful wildlife and landscapes.

It has 5 interconnected islands or keys. And two of these have ferries that you can take, so you can explore them.

There are beach plants, mangroves and 328 species of birds, plus much more wildlife.

And there are 7 miles of oceanfront. About 3 miles of which are white sandy beaches with designated swimming areas.

There is also one beach that is a dog beach, if you have a furry friend who likes the water.

Anything else in this park??? Definitely!!! There are pavillions to picnic at. And two fishing piers (must have a fishing license), a snack bar and a souvenir shop.

Why a souvenir shop? Well, this was a fort at one time. And the fort is still there to explore along with a small museum. So yes, you can find a little bit of history at this place too.

Boating And Hiking Opportunities

There are also places to launch your boat if you desire, to explore the area or fish. In fact, there is a really cool 2 1/2 mile canoe trail, if you like to canoe or kayak.

There are also trails that can be used for biking or walking. And local businesses rent wind jammers and other aquatic equipment too. That way you can enjoy your time on the ocean.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

If you want to just get into the park, it is only $5. Of course, if you are camping in the campground, your entrance fee to the park is included.

Fort DeSoto Campground – Shopping Nearby

What is nearby for provisioning? Well, there is a Walmart about 10 miles away. But there are plenty of other grocery stores in between too.

Publix is a huge grocery chain in Florida and they are just about everywhere. But there are also hardware stores and big box stores as well. So there is not a problem provisioning.

Local Restaurants

What about places to eat? Well, you are near bigger cities and eclectic townships.

So not only do you have the normal chain restaurants. But plenty of Mom and Pop restaurants that are unique to the area.

And if you want seafood, just throw a rock. They are just about everywhere you go. So you can please any taste and everyone will be happy with something close by.

As far as things to do….you are on the ocean. Plenty of water activities, botanical gardens, etc. And just hanging out on the beach enjoying the shelling and the sunshine.

The area offers way too many things to even mention. But if you visit the area, you are sure to find something to do!!!!

Our Conclusion

So how would we rate the area and the Fort DeSoto campground? The surroundings is an absolute 5 stars. This is just a very nice part of Florida to visit.

How about the campground??? Well, we would give it a 4.5 stars. The campground area itself is very serene. And the beauty it brings for everyone to enjoy is outstanding.

The facilities we would give a 4 star rating. It is a little older and could use some updating and there are not a ton of amenities.

But once again, given the area, you don’t need much. Especially when you are staying at a beautiful place right on the ocean.

So all in all, you may definitely want to put this on your agenda if you are visiting the St. Petersburg area.

Thank you Fort DeSoto for the lovely stays we have had there. We look forward to many more!

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