The Top 3 Used Class C RV Motorhomes You Should Buy

Best used class RVs

In this article we’re going to be talking about the top three quality used Class C RV motorhomes that I can recommend as an RV inspector.

Of course, there’s lots of reasons to buy a Class C RV. But here’s an important question. Which one should you buy? And should you buy it new or used?

Well the truth is that you can save a lot of money if you buy a Class C RV motorhome on the used market.

Because you’ll save all the initial cost of a new Class C. And you’ll save on the depreciation as well.

Also, if you buy it more than a year old, most likely by that time all the little bugs and problems that came out of the RV factory has been resolved.

So there are good reasons to buy a used Class C motorhome. And this article is about my list of what I consider to be the top three quality manufacturers and models of recent used RVs.

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Now we’re only going to go back about 4-5 years in the used Class C motorhome market in this article. So let’s go ahead and get started.

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What To Expect In Full-Size Class C RVs

And we’re going to start with the full size Class C’s first. Now the full size Class C’s are very popular. And they are the ones that most people think about when they think about Class C RVs.

So here’s a general rundown of what you can expect to see in a full size Class C. Usually it’s going to be somewhere between 24 and 32 feet in length.

And you’re usually going to see them on a Ford chassis. The most common chassis models that are used are either the E-350 or the E-450.

And because it is a Ford chassis, it’s probably going to have a Ford engine in it. And that means it could be the V-10 that’s been used for years in RVs. Or in recent times, the new V-8 engine that Ford is putting out.

A Class C RV motorhome chassis
A Class C RV motorhome chassis

And usually in that size of Class C RV motorhomes, you have about five to seven different floor plans that you can choose from.

Also, there’s more area in these full size Class C’s. So they will sleep anywhere from six to ten people. That means it’s a really good choice for families then.

So what recommendations do I have for buying the best used Class C RV motorhome? One that’s a full size?

Well there’s three manufacturers I’m going to cover in this article. But only two are actually putting out full-size Class C’s.

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My Full-Size Class C RV Recommendations

And the first one on my recommended list is Winnebago. In fact, when people think about Winnebago, I think in their mind they see a Class C RV.

That’s because Winnebago and a Class C is almost synonymous in the minds of many people.

And there’s been a model that Winnebago has put out for many years now. It’s really solid and reliable. It’s the Minnie Winnie. And this is a model that I can highly recommend to you in the full-size Class C market.

Used Class C RV - Winnebago Minnie Winnie
Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Next up on my list is Entegra. Now most people probably think Entegra just makes Class A RVs. But that’s not true.

In fact, they put out some nice Class C’s as well. And my recommendation is that you consider the Entegra Odyssey. It’s a very fine full-size Class C RV that’s well made.

Used Class C RV - Entegra Odyseey
Entegra Odyssey

What To Expect From Smaller Class C RVs

OK, now let’s talk about the smaller classes. These are the ones that are really getting popular now.

There’s a very hot market for them these days. They look almost like vans in many ways. And they’re generally built on a Mercedes chassis.

I personally feel that these smaller RVs should be called a Class B plus. But since many people refer to them as small Class C RVs, I will include them here.

They’re usually only about 25-26 feet long. And they come with a diesel engine. That’s something a lot of people like because it gives them a little bit better fuel economy.

Now there’s usually only about four to five floor plans to choose from though. And it won’t sleep quite 10 people in most cases. But you can usually get six to sleep in the smaller Class C’s without too much issue.

So what makers, manufacturers and models do I recommend in this smaller Class C or B+ category?

My Smaller Class C Recommendations

Well, once again Winnebago is a good brand to consider. They make the Navion in this size category. And again it has a Mercedes chassis that a lot of people are looking for.

Winnebago Navion
Winnebago Navion

Next up is Entegra. They also make a smaller Class C. And I’m going to recommend the Qwest in their lineup.

Entegra Qwest - used Class C RV
Entegra Qwest

Finally, I’m going to add Tiffin into this mix. And you may be thinking that Tiffin only makes Class A RVs. Well believe it or not, they also make a Class C model too.

It’s a very good small Class C that’s built on the Mercedes chassis. And it’s called the Wayfarer.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

If you find a used Wayfarer Class C RV, it could very well be a good choice for you. Especially if you’re looking for a smaller used Class C RV motorhome.

Tiffin Wayfarer
Tiffin Wayfarer

Well, that’s my list of the top three brands and models of used Class C RV motorhomes. Both full-size and smaller.

Now is that all the quality recently used Class C’s that are out there? Oh no! In fact, Winnebago and Entegra build more models than just the ones I covered here.

And any of those models would be a very good choice too. Because those companies build a good quality product when compared with their competition.

Now Tiffin only builds the one Class C RV at this point. But Winnebago covers a wide range of Class C RVs. And any one of them would be a good choice too.

How to buy a used Class C RV the right way

Best Used Class C RV Motorhome Guidebook

But there are also other fine RV manufacturers in the used Class C market too. In fact, I have made a thorough list of all of the recently used Class C RV motorhomes that I recommend.

This list is useful for buying a used Class C RV from the past 4 years or so.

And that list is found in my guidebook that you can view here. It’s a very thorough listing of all of the Class C brands and models I recommend.

Used Class C and Super C guidebook
Used Class C and Super C guidebook

The guidebook will help you:

1 – Know who the best quality manufacturers are in the Class C and Super C segments of the RV industry

2 – Rank those top quality manufacturers in order

3 – Compare the models of used Class C and Super C’s against one another by price

4 – Get the most important facts about each RV model to compare with others in their price range (all price ranges are covered)

Each model is linked to their own web page where even more information can be gathered (a time saver)

And you will be able to contact me and ask any questions you like about the buying process for recently used Class C RVs.

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You can also download my guidebook on smaller Class C motorhomes, or what I call Class B plus RVs here


I hope you enjoyed my list of the top 3 used Class C RV motorhomes.

But do you have any recommendations for a quality used Class C RV motorhome that you would like to recommend?

If so, please leave it in the comments below this article. I would love to hear what you have to say!

Have safe and happy travels my friends.

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