Downtown Riverside RV Park – Our Full Review And Report

Downtown Riverside Park review

Downtown Riverside RV Park is located at 250 S. Locust St., in North Little Rock, AR.

This 61 site park located right in the heart of North Little Rock, Arkansas was such a great little find. And we really enjoyed the short time that we spent here.

You would think that being downtown, it would be difficult to find and navigate to. But that would be wrong on both counts.

This RV park is located at exit 141B off the I-30. And it is very easy to exit off the highway.

The directions you receive from the park when you book your reservation makes it extremely easy too. In fact, the roads that lead to the park have wide enough turns for even big rigs.

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Downtown Riverside RV Park Features

When you arrive at the park, they offer a gated, secure campground that sits right on the Arkansas River.

Yes, this park sits right on the Arkansas River and I mean right on the river. There are spots that back right up to the river bank and the view is just lovely.

They also have 14 pull through sites. So if you have a large rig or you just don’t want to disconnect your tow vehicle, you can do that.

All of the sites have 50 amps and full hookups. Many of the sites have concrete pads and all seem to be extremely level.

Even though all the sites have full hookups, they also offer a dump station too if needed.

And they have onsite laundry facilities and restrooms for those RVers that may need them. But just an FYI, the only type of camping they do not accept is tent camping.

With all of this, the nightly cost for this campground is still very reasonable. Depending on which site you want, the sites range from $25-$35 per night. And they offer several discounts too, including Good Sam.

Downtown Riverside RV Park Surroundings

As mentioned, this park is located right on the river with beautiful views. But be aware though that the park itself is not fancy.

Downtown Riverside Park during the daytime

It is more like being in a large parking lot rather than a campground. But you can walk over to the pavilion or river bank, and look at the beautiful skyline of Little Rock.

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Or you may enjoy watching the boats that make their way up and down the river during the daytime.

But the real beauty of this location comes at night though, when all the lights come on. The bridges that span the river nearby are lit with many different colored lights. And they are spectacular.

Downtown Riverside Park at night

The bridge lights change regularly with different colors, making it a beautiful site to see in the evening and night.

One of the bridges that crosses the river is a pedestrian only bridge. It is called the Clinton Pedestrian Bridge.

You can walk or bike across the bridge whenever you want. It is well kept up and lined with some beautiful flower boxes. And there are several places to stop and look out over the river.

It ends on the other river bank which leads to many shopping areas and restaurants in downtown Little Rock.

Things To See And Do In The Area

If you like hiking, there is a very easy trail that surrounds this RV park called the Arkansas River Trail.

It is a prominently marked 15 mile trail, and you can walk or bike as much or as little of it as you like.

Also not far away are some historical areas and museums and for those who like a bit more adventure. And there is a great sunset kayak tour for those who enjoy being on the water.

The last thing that we want to mention is connectivity. Being right in the middle of the city, it is not hard to get cell reception for your phones.

The RV park does offer free Wi-Fi but we honestly do not know how good it is. We hooked up with our AT&T hotspot and had great reception though.

Our Rating For Downtown Riverside RV Park

So how would we rate this small RV park since it is located right in the middle of a reasonably large city???? We would give it a 4.8 rating.

The only thing that could be improved would be the parking lot feel. But you have to remember that the park is in the middle of a city.

It’s not located in the countryside or a forest, so we would say that overall it is a great park for its location!!!!

We would definitely go back because it was very enjoyable, unique, and a great price!

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I hope you enjoyed this review. Have safe and happy travels everyone!

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