Our Timothy Lake South RV Campground Review And Guide

Timothy Lake South RV Campground is located at 2043 Allegheny Lane, in East Stroudsburg, PA.

This is a pretty campground located in the midst of the Poconos Mountains. And it also has a sister campground nearby called Timothy Lake North.

Both of these campgrounds are located in the Thousand Trails system. But as is the case with most of Thousand Trails campgrounds, it can also be reserved outside the system too.

There are 312 sites located in the Timothy Lake South campground. And it is tailored more for big rigs and people who enjoy a little quieter style of life.

Timothy Lake North has smaller sites for the most part though, and tends to attract those who like a more party style experience.

If you wish to reserve these sites on line, the last rate we checked was $97 a night.

Click here to see a map of the Timothy Lake South RV Campground

Timothy Lake South RV Campground Features

The available campsites include either 30 or 50 amp electric, water and sewer. If you want cable or wifi, it is available, but at an extra cost.

We stayed in the Timothy Lake South RV campground, so this article is about our experience camping there.

We found the road to the park was definitely navigable but big rigs need to be a bit more cautious. This is because the roads leading to the park tend to be a bit steep, narrow and windy.

The roads inside the park were pretty good though. So we feel that you can definitely get around easily no matter what size rig you have.

If you have a bigger rig, just exercise a bit more caution because of some potholes and lower hanging branches.

The sites themselves were somewhat narrow but tended to be level enough so that even larger RVs could level out.

The park personnel were helpful and nice for the most part. But there was one particular middle aged lady there who tended to be a bit on the nasty side though.

She answered all your questions, but made you feel like you were bothering her the whole time. We were there during Covid and were masked and trying to social distance. But she kept backing up from us and trying to get away.

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Not great customer service when you are trying to find out what is and is not allowed. If you re-asked a question, you could tell she was very irritated. So we tried to avoid her and talk to the other personnel, who were much more accommodating.

Timothy Lake South RV Campground Amenities

How about the amenities? Well, this tends to be an older park. And that means that all the bathhouses, clubhouses and laundry room could use a little updating.

They are all clean but a little money would be well spent bringing them up to date. We heard that they have started doing this in the North campground. But we did not use any of those facilities to verify that though.

Just an FYI, if you are staying at either of the campgrounds, you are able to use the facilities at both campgrounds.

We have to say that the pool at Timothy Lake South RV campground was very clean. And they also had a playground and shuffleboard area too.

Overall, it was a very pretty campground to walk around in. And the seasonal visitors seemed to keep their campsites up for the most part.

But what we enjoyed most were the beautiful deer that we would often see as we walked the streets of the park.

The Beauty Of The Surrounding Area

What really drew us to this area though is the incredible beauty of the surrounding area. There is plenty of nature to see, including gorgeous hiking trails and some phenomenal waterfalls.

For instance, there is a place nearby called Bushkill Falls. Of course, this is an attraction that you have to pay to get into. But the price is not outrageous and it is so worth every penny.

The beautiful falls and well kept trails are just a great way to spend some time in nature. You can relax and breathe in an area with pines and maple trees that scent the air.

There are also many other trails and waterfalls nearby that you do not have to pay for though. One that we really enjoyed was Raymondkills Falls. The hike was not long and the reward of the falls at the end was so worth it.

Waterfalls near Timothy Lake South RV Campground
A nearby waterfall

This whole area is part of the Delaware Water Gap, and so there are many offerings like this throughout the area.

Shopping And Restaurants

What about places to shop and eat? Those are around too. In fact, there is a township not far away in East Stroudsburg that offers stores to pick up groceries, etc.

We also got a bite to eat at a diner on the main road about 10 to 15 minutes from the campsite called Mullers Diner. The food was good and the price was reasonable.

However, we really fell in love with a place in the township of Delaware Water Gap, PA called Village Farmer and Bakery.

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It offered a hot dog and slice of homemade apple pie for $2.95. And you could take it outside to their picnic tables and eat right next to a little creek called Cherry Creek.

It was so relaxing to enjoy our inexpensive but delicious meal, with the sound of the water nearby. And we also took home some of their homemade goodies.

They had a farm stand outside the shop with delicious veggies that we took advantage of too.

The good news is that there are many other places around like this too. And the area has good places to get dinners that are more mom and pop style and specialize in certain cuisines.

Really the area has a great variety of restaurants for almost any taste. It appears that just about everyone should find something they like.

Internet Connectivity

Now for the last thing….connectivity. Well, this is a very problematic issue in the area. Everyone in the campground had a difficult time no matter what carrier they had.

It appears that the cell towers in the area get overwhelmed when they have so many visitors in the area. Soo they throttle you back at certain times of the day.

This seems to happen especially in the evening, and your connectivity is so slow it is even hard to get emails.

That being said, it does not seem to be the fault of the campground, but the area cell towers instead.

Of course, this is an irritation, but we eventually learned to work around it. Mostly by doing our internet activity during the day when internet speeds were better.

It is something that could be difficult to work with though. Especially if you have a job
that is sensitive to having internet access over extended periods of time.

Our Timothy Lake South RV Campground Rating

So how would we rate Timothy Lake South Campground? We would give it a 3 to 3.5 rating.

Summed up… the area is a 5, but the campground itself could be given a little TLC. Some of the personnel could be a little friendlier too, and the connectivity could be greatly improved.

All the buildings and amenities need to be updated and the foliage could be trimmed up a bit. This would allow a little easier movement throughout the campground.

So it would not be our first choice to go back to, but we would return, especially if a few of these issues were addressed.

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We truly enjoyed the Poconos area though!!!!!! We will always remember the beauty we were able to experience there!

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