RV Warranties – Do You Really Need Them Or Not?

RV warranties - do you need them or not?

RV Warranties. There’s a lot of opinions about them out there. Both pro and con. But this article is going to cover whether they are needed or not.

First of all, lets ask, what is an RV extended warranty anyway? Well, it’s a name that’s been given to something that doesn’t apply the way it should.

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RV Warranties And Insurance

Think of it this way though. RV warranties are really RV repair insurance.

Now let me ask you this. Do you have auto insurance? Or do you have health insurance?

Do you have insurance on your RV so that if you got into an accident or collision it would be covered?

Well why do you have those kinds of insurance? And why do you pay those premiums? Nobody likes paying premiums, do they?

Well, when you have any form of insurance, your monthly premium is a monetary loss that you are accepting. And you’re accepting that small loss every single month.

Why? To protect you from a catastrophic loss. Such as a really big expense. One that could really put a dent in your finances. Or even wipe you out all together.

What Is Insurance For?

So let me ask this. If at the end of the year you have not gotten into an accident in your passenger vehicle that cost more than your premiums that you paid for the insurance, did that insurance fail you?

Or at the end of the year, if you didn’t go into the hospital and have a major surgery that cost many thousands of dollars more than what you pay for premiums for your health insurance, did your health insurance fail you at that point?

Well, no we don’t look at it that way, do we? Why? Because what insurance is designed to do is give us peace of mind in case such an event does happen.

It provides us with less anxiety and worry financially speaking. And I think you’d agree with me that we’ve got enough things to be anxious about and worried about in today’s world.

So it’s really good to have some things that lower the level of anxiety and worry. And insurance is what can often do that.

Are RV Warranties Worth The Cost?

Now insurance, and this is really important, is not an investment. We must understand that. That’s what your monetary investments are for.

Insurance is actually a hedge or a protection, like a fence or wall, around your investments. And around the money that you have saved. Because it’s protecting you from big losses that could really wipe you out financially.

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So is RV warranty coverage or extended warranty coverage worth it then? Well almost everybody has insurance for their RV. Usually collision insurance for traveling down the road.

And if you don’t have that, then you’re really asking for some problems and trouble.

Well here’s the truth. You are much more likely to have a large RV repair bill in the thousands of dollars, than you are to have a collision in your RV.

And it’s not if, it’s when, you’re going to have a major RV repair bill. RV’s are expensive! They’re not cheap!

They are much more expensive than a passenger vehicle. Or almost anything else that you’re going to drive. So it makes sense to have protection from those very large repair bills.

What Do RV Warranties Cover?

Now let’s talk a little bit more about some other practical aspects of RV warranties. And answer some questions about it.

First of all, what do RV extended warranties cover? Well, they can cover pretty much what you want them to cover.

So if you want to have almost everything covered, there are comprehensive policies for that.

However, suppose you have a higher risk level. And there’s certain things that you’re okay with accepting not having coverage for.

Well, there are warranties and programs that can allow you to save some money. And they exclude some things out of the warranty coverage.

Do RV Warranties Cover Everything?

The next question is, does it cover maintenance items like tires and brake pads and things like that? No, it doesn’t. Because that is your responsibility.

But what RV extended warranty coverage is for, is for breakdowns or repairs. Things that fail, something along that line. That’s what they are there to care for.

Will they pay for labor as well as parts? That’s a good question. A lot of people think they just pay for the parts. But no, they’ll pay for both labor and parts. Although there’s usually a deductible.

Again we’re talking insurance here. And we’re all familiar with what deductibles in insurance are. So there’s a deductible that you cover first. And after that the warranty takes care of both parts and labor for you.

Where Can You Use An RV Extended Warranty?

Where can you use these RV warranties? Well the good news is that in most cases you can use them at almost any licensed RV repair facility across the U.S.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

Now let me say this. I have an extended warranty on my RV, on my 2004 Newmar diesel pusher. Yes siree!

I have an extended warranty on it, even though it’s really almost 20 years old. In fact, especially because of that. Why? Well, once again my friends, it gives me peace of mind.

Now I have used the warranty several times already. But you know what? Even if I didn’t, it would give me peace of mind.

Because when you have a diesel engine in an RV, especially diesel pushers, if anything goes wrong with that engine, like a catastrophic failure, well then you better get your wallet out.

RV warranties can help with expensive diesel engine repairs
RV diesel engine

It’s going to be tens of thousands of dollars for you to repair that. So I feel much better having shifted that risk to the insurance company instead.

Now I’m hoping that my engine never has any problem like that. I’m hoping that there’s nothing major on my RV that’s going to break down. Something that’s going to require thousands and thousands of dollars.

But I have the peace of mind if that happens. Then I don’t have to come up with a huge expense out of my pocket. And that is a good feeling to have.

Where Can You Buy RV Warranties?

Now the final question is, where can you get an RV extended warranty? You’re going to see a lot of extended warranty companies advertising. But let me make a recommendation.

I personally support Wholesale Warranties. They have a great reputation, a stellar reputation, among RVers and the RVing community.

And so I feel that they are a company that’s going to deal with you right. And help you find what’s good for you. What’s going to make you pleased with their service.

Now Wholesale Warranties doesn’t just sell one warranty, their warranty. Actually what they do is they shop for you.

They have several companies that they choose from. Companies that they feel are the ones they can trust for their customers. And all of these companies that they use are rated “A” by A.M. Best.

Now what does that mean? Well, A.M. Best is a ratings service for the financial strength of insurance companies.

So if a company that provides insurance is rated “A”, it has the very best financial stability. And that’s the only kind of company that Wholesale Warranties will do business with.

They’re not doing business with fly-by-night companies. Or shysters. Because they have several companies to choose from.

RV Gear

And they can find a warranty that meets your needs. That meets the criteria that you’re looking for.


So my personal recommendation is to talk to Wholesale Warranties. See what they have to offer. You can’t lose anything by just talking to them.

See what the cost is that’s involved. Is it something you can afford? Is it something that you feel is worth peace of mind?

For me, an RV extended warranty is definitely worth peace of mind. And especially in motorhomes I feel that’s the case. But you can make your own decision.

Have safe and happy travels!

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