The Best Class A RVs To Consider Buying Now

The Best Class RVs To Choose From

In this article we’re going to be talking about the best Class A RVs. And the models that I can recommend to you if you’re looking for a Class A motorhome.

Now I made a video just a little while back about Class A brands. The ones that I felt were of the highest quality when compared to their competitors.

And that was a very good video. A lot of people said that they really enjoyed it.

But this article is a little different. Because we’re going to go further. We’re not just going to give you the brands that are probably at the top of their field.

But we’ll also cover the models within those brands broken down into price groups. So let’s get started on that.

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My List Of The Best Class A RVs

You know, everybody has an opinion on this kind of subject. So my list that I’m going to reveal today and share with you may not match your list.

In fact, you may not agree with mine at all. And that’s okay. This is just the list of models of Class A motorhomes that I feel are the best from my experience.

From the research that I do online. From being an RV inspector. And also from talking to others in my travels. And I do that a lot.

So let’s take a look at this field of Class A motorhomes. And there’s a couple of things we’ve got to keep in mind.

A Couple Of Reminders About This List

Number one. You cannot truthfully compare diesel motorhomes with gas powered Class A motorhomes. They’re really two different animals.

So we’re going to break it out into two categories – diesel pushers and gassers.

And now the second point we need to make before we get to the list. That it’s not fair to compare Class A motorhomes in different price ranges either.

Because once again these coaches are really a whole different kind of animal from each other. Also, you generally get what you pay for in

So if you pay more, well then you should expect to get a little bit better building materials. Better fit and finish. And should receive better customer service and all those kinds of things.

So in understanding all that therefore, my list is going to be broken out into price points. Doing this makes it a little more fair.

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And that way we’re making an honest comparison of the different coaches. So with that said, let’s go ahead and get started on the list.

When we look at Class A motorhomes, let’s go right to the top of the list. Let’s start with the diesel pushers.

The Best Class A RVs – The Top Of The Line

In fact, why not go to the very top of that list with the luxury diesel pushers? So we’ll start with diesel pushers that start at $500,000 and go up from there.

Now, when we do, let’s start with the perennial favorite. And I’ve got to tell you, I really love this company. Because they put out a great product and have done so for many decades.

And that is Newmar. In fact, Newmar is almost synonymous with Class A motorhomes. It’s what they do. And they do it very, very well.

So in the $500,000 plus category, let’s start right around the bottom of
that price range. And that would be with the Dutch Star.

But then there’s also the Mountain Aire, the London Aire, and the Essex. And then if you really want the top of the line, the King Aire. These are all fabulous rigs.

So if you’re going to spend that kind of money, don’t miss looking at the Newmar Class A diesel pushers.

But Newmar has had a stiff competitor for decades. And it’s really good to see this kind of competition in this field.

That competitor is Tiffin. Now Tiffin has an unbelievable following. People just love Tiffins because of the quality products that they put out.

And for the customer service that they have delivered for years. Now
in this $500,000 plus category, I can recommend the Allegro Bus.

It’s has been around for years and years. And also the Zephyr. These are both just fabulous coaches to choose from.

The Best Class A RVs – More To Choose From

Now to round out this luxury section of the field, we also can add Entegra. Now Entegra hasn’t been around quite as long as Newmar and Tiffin has in the RV field.

But they have made huge strides over the years. And they’re putting out a
really good product now. So you need to take a look at that brand too.

And there’s two over the $500,000 mark that you should consider. That is the Anthem and the Cornerstone.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

All of these rigs that I’ve just mentioned, if you buy one of them, most likely you’re going to be very happy with what you have purchased.

All three companies offer excellent support and are good in customer service. So I highly recommend that if you are looking in the $500,000 plus category, that you take a good look at these three manufacturers or brands.

The Best Class A RVs – In The Mid-Range

Now let’s move down into the $300,000 to $500,000 category for diesel pushers. This is where the vast majority of people are going to be buying their diesel pushers.

Not a whole lot of people can be looking in those $500,000 plus areas. So let’s start here again with the two big brands for Class A motorhomes.

The first being Newmar. And Newmar has a couple of offerings in this mid-range field. One is the Ventana and the second is the Kountry Star. And both are fine, well-built coaches.

Tiffin answers that, and they have three offerings. One is the Breeze, the other is the various R.E.D. or RED models that they put out.

And then there is the Phaeton. And the Phaeton has such a loyal following over the years. It’s so easy to see Phaetons almost anywhere you go.

When you talk to the owners of Phaetons, as I have through the years, most of the time they just can’t say enough about it. So, those are all very good models for you to choose from.

More Of The Best Class A RVs In The Mid-Range

Now from Newmar and Tiffin, let’s move to Entegra. And Entegra also offers some very good products in this mid-range category of Class A diesel pushers.

One is the Aspire. And the second is the Reatta. Both of these are very well built coaches too.

Now from there we’re going to move to Winnebago. Because Winnebago comes right in here in this mid-range section with some very good offerings.

The number one offering that you’ve probably heard of before from
Winnebago is the Journey. Again, the Journey goes back for years and years.

And it has a lot of loyal followers. So don’t miss that one. And they also offer the Forza as well.

From there we’re going to recommend also Fleetwood in this category. Because Fleetwood puts out a diesel pusher that has been built for many years too. And a lot of people love it.

That’s the Discovery and the Discovery LXE. The difference being that the LXE is a Discovery that’s over 40 feet long.

RV Gear

So any of the Discoveries would be a good coach to look at and to consider. This is because Fleetwood does build a good product in Class A motorhomes too.

Now finally we’re going to round out this mid-range section of Class A diesel pushers. And that will be with the Holiday Rambler offerings.

One is the Navigator and another is the Endeavor. So consider them as
well, because they’re right here in this mix too.

Alright, so those are the diesel pushers. We’ve considered the cost of Class A motorhomes from $300,000 to $500,000. And then from $500,000 and up.

The Best Class A RVs – Gassers

So now we’re going to move to the Class A gas-powered motor homes. What we call gassers.

To do that we’re going to move down to the $200,000 to $300,000 category. And there’s an important reason for that.

And that is because you don’t have that big old expensive diesel engine in the mix anymore.

Of course, diesels are really known for pulling or pushing a lot of weight. And you don’t have that with a gasoline engine.

So there’s a reduction on the number of options and fancy things that go along with it in these gassers. And all of that brings the price down.

So now, instead of $300,000 and up, the $300,000 mark is kind of like the high water mark for gassers.

The Top Of The Line In Gassers

Now between the $200,000 and $300,000 price range, let’s again start with Newmar and Tiffin.

Because this is the place that you should start. These are the real cream of the crop of Class A gas powered motorhomes.

Newmar makes just one. And that is the Bay Star, in this particular price point.

The Bay Star is not the cost of their luxury diesel pusher line of motorhomes. But it is still a well-made Class A gasoline-powered motorhome. So be sure to take a really long look at the Bay Star.

But once again, Tiffin gives Newmar some very good competition. And that is with the Allegro Open Road.

In fact, Allegro’s go back for years and years, and have a great loyal following.

Tiffin’s Allegro Open Road is just a beautiful coach. And once again, well
made, with a lot of good quality.

More Gassers That Are The Best Class A RVs

But in this $200,000 to $300,000 category we can also add Winnebago.
Because Winnebago has a a model that they have also put out for years.

And that’s the Adventurer. They do a good job of building these Adventurer gassers.

But they also have another model called the Vista. And really, either one of these should be considered if you’re looking in that price range.

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Finally I’m going to recommend Fleetwood again. Because they have a model in the gas-powered category that is renowned in the RV field.

And that is the Bounder. There’s so many Bounder owners out there on the road. And they love their Class A gassers.

In fact, many Bounder owners just buy one after another after another. So
don’t ignore the Fleetwood Bounder in this $200,000 to $300,000 range.

The Best Class A RVs – The Economy Category

Now let’s talk about the economy section of Class A motorhomes. And that is the $100,000 to $200,000 category.

Believe it or not, we still have Newmar with us in that category. And that’s the model they build called the Bay Star Sport.

My friends, in this category that’s the first place you really need to look. And that is Newmar, if you want quality.

Now one thing I’m going to mention here though. And that is that when you’re in this category, the $100,000 to $200,000 category. Do not expect the same level of fit and finish that you’re going to find in the levels above this.

And especially, of course, in the diesel pushers. However, you may be surprised at just how nice the fit and finish can be on the Bay Star Sport.

Other Economy Gas-Powered RVs

Now let’s move from there and our next selection in this category would be Entegra. And Entegra offers two coaches in this economy section.

One is the Vision. And the other is the Emblem. Be sure to look at those as well.

Next let’s move on to Winnebago. Winnebago has the Sunstar. Which is very well worth a solid look as well.

And then, Jayco builds a couple of really good lower cost Class A gas-powered motorhomes. One, is the Alante. And the other you see a lot of is the Precept. Both of those are very well worth your time and your investigation as well.

Finally, we will give a nod to Forest River too. Believe it or not, for the
Georgetown. It is from what I have seen to be a very well made coach overall.

Again, don’t expect the fit and finish to be right up there on par with some of the others. But in general, all of the features of the coach should be very solid.

Well there you go. We’ve covered all the Class A diesel pusher and gasoline-powered models and brands that I feel I would recommend to you. Or at least, the best ones in their price points.

My List Of The Best Class A RVs

Now once again, this list is simply put together on the basis of what I’ve seen and what I have learned.

It doesn’t mean that you should buy only a product that I have mentioned on my list.

Or that if it’s not on my list, you shouldn’t buy it. No, there’s plenty of other really good solid Class A motorhomes that you should be considering.

What I would recommend is using this list as a starting point. And see if you can find something that pleases you in these brands and models.

Because then you’re putting the odds on your side that you’re going to get a good product.

One Final Word Of Caution

The last thing that I want to mention here as well is this. If you’re going to buy a new RV these days. And I don’t care what it is, Class A, Class B, Class C, or a towable, like a fifth wheeler or travel trailer.

The simple truth is this. It doesn’t matter almost what brand you choose. There’s going to be some quality control issues at the factory these days in many cases.

Then the RV comes out from the factory and goes to the dealer. And dealers are often not doing their pre-delivery inspections like they should either.

That’s because they just want to sell units. And because they’re selling them so fast right now.

So my point is this. Even if you buy any of these models that I’ve recommended today, I still suggest that you have an RV inspection done on it.

Even new models before you take delivery. Have it inspected and then take all the issues that are on the list that the inspector finds and get them fixed before you take ownership and delivery.

If you do that, then you’re probably going to be very satisfied with the RV that you receive.

Well that’s it for now. I hope what we’ve covered today has been helpful.

Have safe and happy travels my friends. Until next time…

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