Lake Conroe RV and Camping Resort – What To Know About It

Lake Conroe RV park

Lake Conroe RV and Camping Resort is located at 11720 Thousand Trails Road in Willis, TX.

This Thousand Trails RV park is about 50 miles north of Houston, TX.

It is easy to access as it lies very close to Route 830 which comes directly off Interstate 45 between Conroe and Willis, TX.

The park is very easy to drive to with any size RV you want to bring there. Easy Off-Easy On is a very good thing when it comes to the RV lifestyle. 🙂

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Lake Conroe RV Park Features

So what is this park like? Well it is a nice size park that has 360 sites and sits right on the edge of Lake Conroe.

This is especially nice for folks that have boats and like to access the water for fishing or water sports.

It is also nice that it is open year round. But because of that it also has many annual residents, as you can imagine.

Once there, we found that we had a decent selection of full hookup RV sites though. Even ones that had 50 amp electrical service.

Please be aware though that if you choose 50 amp service, there is a $3 upcharge per night.

It seems that most of the Thousand Trails parks in Texas charge a little more for 50 amp service.

We found that most of the sites in the older section of the park were dirt or gravel. But they do have a newer section that had cement pads.

Those were very nice, but as you can imagine, were hard to get.

We didn’t have a difficult time getting level ourselves. But there were a few that would definitely have been more of a challenge.

And that would be especially true if you have a larger rig.

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Roads In The Lake Conroe RV Park

The roads in the park, except in the newer section, were typical Thousand Trails park roads.

Many of them were uneven and had fairly large holes that needed to be filled in.

You just have to be careful navigating those roads. But they definitely can be driven with no big issues other than that.

Costs For Staying At Lake Conroe RV Park

So how much is the cost of this particular park? Well, obviously if you are a Thousand Trails member it is $0/night.

But if you choose to book it any other way, this park would run you about $62 a night.

And if you want to stay a week it would average out to about $53 a night.

Also if you choose a 50 amp site, don’t forget the $3 a night upcharge.

If you wish to do that, the staff is very accommodating and friendly and will help you any way they can.

The RV Campground Amenities

Alright, what do you have for amenities at this park? Well you definitely have the usually ones.

Things such as a pool, playground equipment, volleyball, horseshoes,etc.

And you also have the boat launch area for your boats, a couple of ponds, and for your furry friends, a dog park. All of these amenities seem to be in good shape too.

There are also a number of bath houses throughout the park. Most of these, although older, are clean and in decent shape.

Obviously the bath house in the new area is up to date and very clean and tidy.

It seems that they are putting money into updating these bath houses, so this should get even better with time.

There are also two laundry room areas and both have clean appliances and are reasonably priced.

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Also one other unusual perk is that they offer a carwash, and an air and vacuum station on site. What a nice little plus!

Lake Conroe RV Park’s Surrounding Area

So is this park located in an area where you can get access to supplies fairly easily? That is a resounding YES! In fact, this is a very strong plus for the park.

It is located on a lake and it is very quiet and peaceful. But just 15 minutes away to the north on I-45 is Willis, TX where there are a number of restaurants.

And if you wish to go grocery shopping, there is a Kroegers there too.

But if you want to go the other way on I-45, Conroe is about 15-18 minutes away to the south.

And that is even a larger township which has two Walmarts, two HEB grocery stores, and a Kroeger’s too.

They also have a lot of box stores that we are familiar with. And that way, you can get just about anything that you want there.

It also has many restaurants. Either chain, regional or mom and pop ones. So you can find almost anything you want there.

All in all, there is much to access so you can provision and continue on your RV travels.

Or you can also just stay there for a while and not worry about running out of supplies.

A Great Area For Getting RV Repairs Done

One other thing to note, especially if you are a snowbird or full-timer. And that is that in the brochure for Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, they list 6-7 local mobile RV techs and detailing services.

Also not too far away are at least 3 large RV parts stores. So suppose that you are in need of getting some work done on your RV or need to pick up RV parts.

Well, this would be a great place to be able to do that.

Lake Conroe RV Park Internet Connectivity

With regard to internet service, the campground does offer free wifi.

We did not make use of it though as we were able to have easy internet access through our AT&T hot spot. And also through our T-Mobile phones.

RV Gear

So we found that internet connectivity in the area was able to take care of our needs just fine.

Our Conclusion

Well then, how would we rate Lake Conroe RV Resort? We would give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Why? Well, first off the roads could have been improved so that there were not so many holes and ruts in them.

Also grading some of the sites to be a bit more level would help everyone to have a better experience at the park.

And once again, as is true in most Thousand Trails Parks, we wish there were not so many annual members.

They of course, had the best sites throughout the campground.

But if that wasn’t the case, folks who are weekenders or RVers traveling through the area would have more site choices.

But we know that they are putting more money and work into the park.

And hopefully, when some of the buildings are updated more, it will make it even nicer.

So all in all, it was a decent park to be in, especially on a lake. And it is a park that many would enjoy spending time in.

Have safe and happy travels everyone!

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