Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort – Our Review And Experience

Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort is located at 2110 Thousand Trails Blvd, Clermont, FL

Oh my what a wonderful RV park!!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time there as we stayed twice during our time in Florida this year.

And although this is a Thousand Trails Park, they also offer sites just by booking online.

For a regular site which includes electric water, and sewer, they start around $70 a night. However, if you want a 50 amp hookup, sometimes there is a $5 a night upcharge.

Of course, these charges do not apply if your site is reserved through the Thousand Trails system though.

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Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort Accessibility

First off, let’s just say that Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort is an easy park to get to. Located right off Route 27 in Claremont, it is a straight shot up US 27 after getting off I-4 at the Davenport exit.

During that 15 to 20 minute drive, you will pass many stores that could be extremely
handy for handling any purchases you may need to make while camping there.

There are Publix grocery stores, Walmarts, eating establishments, and many others. In fact, there is a Publix located at the next light on Route 27, right after your turn into the campground.

The entrance and the ability to navigate through this park is good for smaller RVs and also the big boys. We saw plenty of both and it was accommodating to everyone who came in. And you can’t say this about all RV parks.

Secondly, if you are looking for a location that is a short drive to sightseeing, including Disneyworld, this is your place.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located just a little over 12 miles from the RV park. So if you are a Disney fan, this is a super place to stay!

As far as other things in the area, there are way too many to mention. But let’s just say that it is the perfect place to visit the many things the Orlando area has to offer.

The RV Resort Features

But what is the Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort really like? Super nice! It is very large. They just opened a brand new RV area in late November, and now there are well over 1,000 sites.

When we first arrived at the guard shack, we were greeted by a very friendly and helpful employee. They made sure that we had a little direction on how the park is laid out.

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This is important because the park is BIG, really BIG!! But the staff is eager to help so that you can head in a direction that would be the most helpful for you.

And we have to say that the sites in this park are generally well laid out. Of course, there is definitely an older section of the park.

But they are working to upgrade the older sites with more gravel or even concrete pads. Even so, most of these sites are generally pretty level.

But let me tell you the new section of the park is really fantastic!!! It boasts asphalt roads, concrete driveway and pads, picnic tables and plenty of room between sites.

Campsites in the new section of the RV resort

And the newer section also has spots that back up to trees and even a couple of ponds.

In fact, we came in the day after they opened this section of the park. And we got a beautiful spot right on a pond!

Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort pond

We Enjoyed The Beauty Of This Park

We enjoyed the sun setting over the pond and sand hill cranes strutting through our site. And there was even gopher turtles with habitats that are protected by the park employees.

It was such a restful relaxing place to stay, and we loved it!!!

There is also a beautiful lake that you can walk down to that has a fishing pier. And there was a bench that we enjoyed daily at the end of that pier.

Sitting there, we were able to sit and drink up the beauty of Lake Hancock.

Fishing pier on Lake Hancock

And certain times of the day are very special there too. In the evening, we enjoyed the soft lapping of the lake. And the hawks and owls begin calling to each other.

It transports you to the way Florida used to be many years ago, quiet and restful. It was truly a beauty we enjoyed almost everyday.

The Park Staff Is Very Helpful

As always in Florida though, the weather is constantly changing. And we found ourselves facing a hurricane that was coming up the west Florida coast.

In fact, its path was right where we needed to drive for our next destination. And we became very worried to make the drive through that kind of bad weather.

So we decided to check with the park management to see if we could extend our stay until this bad weather passed by. Happily, they were more than happy to work with us, and within minutes our stay was extended.

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Their support was fast, efficient, and they were very understanding. You certainly can’t ask for more when you are dealing with a tense situation.

They solved our dilemma in no time. Thanks so much for all you did for us guys!!!

Thousand Trails RV Resort Amenities

But what about amenities in the park? While we were there, they had just finished upgrading the pool and the surrounding areas.

The clubhouse is big and has a well stocked camp store in it and a mail room that is like none we have ever seen. You can receive mail, UPS parcels, FedEx packages, and can drop off letters to be mailed as well.

It was really a well run operation. We were impressed because many RV parks and resorts don’t offer that kind of service. Even those in the Thousand Trails system.

The trash is located in only one area of the park. And a compactor is used to take care of the trash that a park this big generates daily.

It was a plus because noisy trash trucks were not running through the park in the early morning hours.

And sprinkled through the park are bath houses and a few laundry rooms that we used as well. We found them to be clean and neat.

However, we thought the laundry was a bit expensive at $3 a load for both wash and dry. If that is not for you, don’t worry, there are laundromats nearby that we understand are cheaper.

And there are other park amenities like mini-golf, bocce ball, shuffleboard, etc. And they are kept in good shape for your enjoyment if you wish.

Connectivity At The Resort

Being that the park is in a fairly urban area, cell phone coverage was certainly very good. Both T-Mobile and Sprint worked well, and our AT&T hotspot brought in a very strong signal.

There is wifi in this park, except in the D section. And they make sure you are aware of this before you head out to find your campsite.

Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort – Our Conclusion

There is just so much good to say about this park. Frankly, we wish all Thousand Trails parks were run like this one.

We have to say that Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort is maintained very well overall. And they also continue to upgrade and improve the park on a regular basis.

Their staff is friendly and accommodating. And they work hard to help take care of the wildlife in the park. That was truly unique, and we appreciated their efforts in this area.

RV Gear

Would we return to Thousand Trails Orlando???? In a heartbeat.

So the next time through the area we will definitely take some time to stay at this park again.

Our rating…4.8 stars!!! Thanks to Thousand Trails and the staff for an awesome stay both times we were there!

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