Gettysburg Farm RV Campground – Lots To See And Do

Gettysburg Farm RV Campground

Gettysburg Farm RV Campground is located at 6200 Big Mount Road in Dover, PA.

What a unique and totally enjoyable park this is! And it’s located only about 30 minutes from the historical town of Gettysburg.

This RV park gives you a total feeling of being out in the country. But without being far from most things you want to visit and enjoy in the area.

Getting to the park is very easy and is definitely big rig friendly. Some corners are a little tight for a large motorhome, but still very doable.

This park is part of the Thousand Trails campground system and has a total of 249 sites.

And as a Thousand Trails member you can stay here for $0/night.

As is often the case, it can also be reserved outside of the system for about $69 a night. And weekly costs average out to about $60 a night.

Click here to view the Gettysburg Farm RV Campground map

Gettysburg Farm RV Campground Features

This campground is very friendly to big rigs. We easily navigated this park with our motorhome.

It’s true that the roads were dirt and gravel. But they seem to often come around and fill in the holes that develop because of rain, etc.

Although there are some seasonal guests, they leave plenty of sites for travelers. And we truly appreciated that.

They have one large section of the park with full hookups including both 50 and 30 amp sites.

And there is another section that has full hookups with just 30 amp service.

They also have a section down by the river that has 30 amp and water but no sewer.

If that is where you wish to be though, they provide a honey wagon for sewer service.

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It operates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s for free. You just have to be sure to sign up ahead of time.

Also, we noticed that most of the sites were fairly level. So as you can see, they try to make it comfortable for just about everyone that comes in.

And this park also has a very welcoming staff who try to make your stay enjoyable.

Gettysburg Farm RV Campground Amenities

The onsite camping store carries a variety of goods that could come in handy too.

They even serve ice cream by the scoop and we found many took advantage of that perk.

The amenities are good for the most part. The miniature golf is kept up and in nice shape.

The basketball courts, playground area, the horseshoe pits, and the pool were all good too.

There are a few things that could use improvement though. And one is the bath houses.

Just now, they finished renovating one bath house. And it is beautiful.

The other two are badly in need of some updating though. And we assume these facilities will be updated sometime in the near future. At least we hope so, because they need it.

During our stay at the park though, the laundromat was closed for maintenance.

But there is a decent laundromat in town that you can go to if you need to. However, not having one onsite during our stay was a little disappointing.

The Best Part of Gettysburg Farm RV Campground

The grounds of the RV park are kept up well. There are beautiful flowers, unique farm equipment, and well mowed and manicured green spaces.

The best part of the whole campground, though, is the animals. We enjoyed them so much! And if you have children, they will enjoy them too.

They have goats, a llama, alpacas, chickens, peacocks, a pig, cows and horses. And they sell feed at the camp store to feed them.

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One of our favorite horses at Gettysburg Farm RV Campground
This is Tucker – one of our favorite horses at Gettysburg Farm

We especially loved the three horses…Danny, Tucker, and Ring. When we came by the barn, they always came right over to be fed and enjoy a pet.

Also, Theodore, the Jersey cow was super friendly too. It was so much fun feeding them and watching the children interact with the animals too.

Internet Connectivity

But for many of us who work on the road, the question is – how was connectivity??? Well, we had very good connections through AT&T.

In fact, we enjoyed good download and upload speeds. If you do not have your own hotspot though, the campground offers complimentary wifi near their buildings.

And you also can connect through a private internet provider that they offer. But of course, there is a charge for that.

We didn’t use that service ourselves. But we didn’t hear of anyone complaining about not being able to have connectivity of some sort if they wanted it.

The Area Around Gettysburg Farm RV Campground

So then, what is there to see in the area? Well, what can we say???? You are right near historic Gettsburg!

There is so much history to be seen in this area. While there, we visited the Seminary Ridge Museum, and the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center.

Both had so much information and were extremely informative. After those, you can also take the Gettysburg Battlefield Self-Guided Driving Tour.

If you do, it will make all the information that you learned come to life. And we thoroughly enjoyed that!

But maybe you want to do other things in Gettysburg. And if so, there are many unique stores with goods that would be peculiar to that time period too.

If you are into specialty shops, it could make for an enjoyable day just doing that.

Local Places To Eat

And, of course, there are plenty of places to eat. There are many different cuisines with outdoor as well as indoor areas to eat.

We ate at the Lincoln Diner in Gettysburg which had decent family style food for a good price.

And we also enjoyed a place called Hunts Battlefield Fries & Cafe.

RV Gear

They served amazing fries, good burgers and excellent chopped beef cheesesteak sandwiches. We would definitely go back.

We also ate at a place called the Appalachian Brewing Co. It offered an outdoor Beer Garden and many Pub style foods. Again, we thoroughly enjoyed it and would go back again.

One thing to be aware of though …. in the township itself. And that is that parking in town is at a premium.

In fact, the on-street parking can tend to be a bit expensive. So just be aware, so you can prepare for that.

Shopping Around Gettysburg Farm RV Campground

How about places to provision? Well about 5 miles away there is a small township of East Berlin.

And in that town there is a Weis supermarket. You can get just about anything you want there.

They also have gasoline that was a good 10 cents less per gallon than many of the other places around.

And if you need more stores than that, right on the outside of Gettsburg is a Walmart. And many of the bigger box stores.

So you can always go there for those things. Again, Gettysburg is about 30 minutes away, so it is not a very long drive to do that if you need to.

Our Conclusion

As you can see, we were very happy with the area and campground. So how would we rate the RV park?

Well, the area was a definite 5. So much to see, and all the little towns and farms in the area were absolutely beautiful.

As for the campground – we would give it a 3.8.

As we mentioned, some things need some attention. But to be fair, they seem to be being addressed.

The whole environment was delightful though. This is our second visit here and we will definitely be back!

Thanks to our hosts for a great two weeks in Gettysburg!!!!

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