RV Wash And Wax In An Hour – The Rinseless Way

Wash and wax your RV in an hour - the rinseless way

Yes, you can wash and wax your RV in an hour or even less!

In an earlier blog post I explained how washing and waxing an RV is possible using no water, no buckets and no ladders. Here is that article to read.

But some RVers have a hard time accepting that waterless RV washing is safe. They feel that they must be scratching the exterior surface of the RV.

Of course, if you follow the directions in that article, no damage will be done to your paint, gel coat or fiberglass surface.

But in this article I will show you a different way of accomplishing the same thing, this time using SOME water.

I’ll show you how using about 3 – 4 gallons of water on a typical RV will do the job just fine. It will both clean and wax your RV and best of all it’s really easy and fast!

Watch my video about how to wash and wax your RV the rinseless way

So let’s get started!

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What Is An RV Rinseless Wash?

Rinseless washing has been in use for autos and trucks for some time now. But for some reason RV owners have just not picked up on it yet.

An RV rinseless wash is possible because of advanced cleaning products on the market these days. These products have lubricating polymers that surround the dirt and grime and lift it slightly off the surface.

Then using a high quality microfiber towel or mop, you can wipe off the residue left by the cleaning solution. And since wax is part of the solution too, you can leave a nice coat of protective wax behind.

It is called “rinseless” because there is no need to use a water hose to rinse the surface after application.

The product that I have used for quite a while is made by Optimum Polymer Technologies. It is called Optimum No Rinse (ONR) Wash & Wax.

Many professional detailers use this product on even high-end vehicles. And it is completely safe for any auto exterior surface if used correctly.

Using this product you can quickly and easily perform an RV wash and wax that will leave your RV clean and shining like a diamond!

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RV Wash And Wax Tools Needed

To wash and wax your RV you will need only one bucket. And a two gallon bucket will do just fine.

You only use an ounce of ONR in a two gallon bucket, so it’s very economical to use. And usually only two buckets of product are needed for me to wash and wax my 40 foot diesel pusher.

After you have your cleaning solution ready, you will need a very soft bristle application brush.

And it should be placed on a telescoping pole that will allow you to reach the top of the RV sides.

You just dip the brush in the solution, and then apply it to the RV. Don’t scrub or rub hard. Just a gentle application will suffice.

Once you have covered an area with ONR, you then remove the residue with high quality mop heads on a telescoping pole.

And the pole system I like to use for this is made by Aero Cosmetics. The pole easily adjusts to any height for an RV. And the head swivels to match curvy RV contours.

But most importantly, the mop heads are made of high quality materials that will allow you to perform a rinseless wash without surface damage.

There are links to all of these tools listed below here.

Optimum No Rinse Wash And Wax

Soft Wash Brush With Telescoping Handle

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Mop And Telescoping Handle Kit

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How Often To Wash And Wax Your RV?

Since it only takes me about an hour to perform an RV wash and wax on my RV, I tend to do it fairly often.

I know that many RV owners don’t wash and wax their RV very often. This is because they use the old methods that are very difficult and time consuming.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

And don’t we all have a tendency to put off the chores that we don’t like doing very much?

Or it could be because they tend to use professional detailers instead. These professionals do a great job, but they also charge hundreds of dollars each time.

So RV owners often use them only once or twice a year. But this is not enough in most cases. Would you feel good about only washing your car or truck once or twice a year?

The system I am showing you in this article does require an initial investment in the pole system and tools needed. But from there on the cost is minimal.

As a result, I often wash and wax my RV about once a month. I like to always have plenty of wax protection on my coach so it constantly looks great.

I also tend to alternate between a waterless wash using Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All product and a rinseless wash with ONR.

You don’t have to do it this way though. It’s just a routine that I have adopted on my RV.

Either product will do a great job on your RV’s exterior!

Extend The UV Protection On Your RV

The wax contained in either Wash Wax All waterless wash or ONR rinseless wash is good. But it only lasts for a couple of months or so.

However, your RV will probably be exposed to the sun’s UV rays constantly if it is in use a lot. And UV damage is one of the worst factors that can harm an RV exterior.

So how to combat this problem? I like to extend the UV protection on my RV by using a synthetic wax product as well.

The product that I like to use is Meguiar’s Ultimate Fast Finish in the spray form. It is touted on the can as providing paint protection for up to a year.

I’m not sure that I would completely buy into that completely. But I can say that it appears to do a great job if applied every six months or so.

And the good news is that it can be applied using the same mop and pole system that I use for the Wash Wax All product. Simply spray it on the mop head and apply with the wet side, and then wipe smooth with the dry side.

So every six months I clean and wax the coach with either Wash Wax All or ONR. Then while it’s clean I extend the protection with Ultimate Fast Finish.

RV Gear

It has worked very well on both my RV and my towed vehicle, a 2011 Honda Civic.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Fast Finish

(These are affiliate links for the product on Amazon. It does not cost you any extra to buy the product using my affiliate link if you choose to do so)


Almost anyone can use the products and tools that I have mentioned above for a high quality RV wash and wax.

It’s not hard or difficult. That’s because the pole system makes it so easy. You can typically stand in one spot and cover a large area of the RV at one time.

If I take plenty of breaks and sit down for a while I can do my entire motorhome in an hour and a half. But if I stay at it, it’s only an hour.

If your RV is smaller than my 40 footer, it will take you even less time.

So why pay the professional detailers hundreds of dollars a year for an RV wash and wax job when you can do it simply and easily yourself?

Have safe and happy travels my friends!

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