RV Roadside Assistance – The Top 5 Choices

RV roadside assistance

This article is about the top five RV roadside assistance programs that I can recommend for you.

First of all, what is roadside assistance for RVs anyway? And why would you need it? I mean after all, doesn’t your RV insurance cover that?

Well, RV insurance is mainly just for collisions on the highway. And for liability that might result out of someone being injured in that collision.

Also it’s for property issues, like theft and things like that.

But what if your tire goes flat while you’re going down the highway? Or what if you have a mechanical issue of some type that strands you on the side of the road?

Well, this is where RV roadside assistance plans come in handy. They are able to give you the help you need to get where you need to go to get those problems resolved.

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What Do RV Roadside Assistance Plans Cover?

Now all RV roadside assistance plans generally have certain basic features. And you’re going to see them repeated from plan to plan.

First of all, they’re going to provide some kind of towing service for your RV if it’s disabled.

Now the details about that towing service may vary widely. And you’ll see what I mean as we compare the plans later on in this article.

Also, they’ll usually provide some form of tire service for flat tires. But again the details may vary as you will see.

But what if your battery gives out and you can’t start your RV? Well these plans provide assistance there as well.

Or what if you run out of fuel? Well, they will actually bring fuel to you at your location.

More Beneficial Plan Features

And here’s a good one. They’ll also provide winching services that can get you out of being stuck in most cases.

Now why would you need winching? Well, sometimes folks are in a campground or they’re camping at an RV Show where it’s grassy.

Suddenly it rains hard and they get stuck in the mud while trying to leave.

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So in that case, you can call a truck out to winch you out and get you on your way quickly. And with an RV roadside assistance plan, it’s all covered.

In addition, these plans usually offer locksmith services. And that’s great for those of us who seem to lock our keys inside of our RV at times.

Also, most plans are going to give you some form of trip interruption provisions. These can cover costs that you might incur while your RV is being fixed.

For instance, suppose you had a mechanical breakdown and you got towed to a nearby repair facility.

And they tell you that it’s going to be about four or five days before they’ll have the work done.

Well, you’re probably going to need food during that time. And you’re going to need a place to stay while your RV is being repaired.

There are also other various costs that could be associated with that situation.

So trip interruption provisions help you cover those costs. And that’s a nice thing to have!

Now let’s go ahead and get started covering the top five RV roadside assistance programs.

These are the ones that I’m going to recommend for your consideration.

And number one on the list is Coach-Net. Now this plan is going to be the most expensive out of the ones we’re going to cover in this article.

However, let me say this – they are also one of the highest rated by their members too.

The plan is going to cost about $179/year for a towable no matter what kind you have.

And $249/year for motorhomes. Again, no matter what motorhome it is.

They’re going to provide towing with no limit on the mileage, and that’s a great feature.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

But they’ll also provide you with a mobile mechanic to come out where you are if you choose that instead.

And they will allow you up to two thousand dollars for trip interruption costs. So that’s a nice amount for coverage in that situation.

Coach-Net roadside assistance stats

All right, let’s move on to number two. And that’s AAA, and their roadside assistance plan for RVs.

Now this is a very popular one. And that’s because so many people already have their vehicle covered by AAA.

So they just add on the RV coverage well. And the RV Plus plan is going to be about $140/year. Their RV Premiere plan will be about $210/year.

And on the Plus plan, you are limited to 100 miles of towing. On the Premier plan you get 200 miles of towing instead.

Now remember, most of the others we’re going to cover here have unlimited towing. So this could be an issue for you.

You just need to think about what you might need and what you are comfortable with.

Now they also provide for trip interruption too. But their provision for the Plus plan is $1000 and on the Premier plan it’s $1500.

The AAA plan stats

Now let’s move on to number three on the list of the best RV roadside assistance plans. And that is the Escapees club membership.

Yes, Escapees is a club where almost any RVer can join and enjoy the benefits.

And one of the things they offer is a roadside assistance plan in the club membership.

So the membership itself will cost you $49.99/year. And then the roadside assistance plan an extra $109/year.

So roughly right around $160/year for a roadside assistance plan for almost any RV.

Apparently now their towing provision is again unlimited. And they also will provide a mobile mechanic to come where you are if you choose that instead.

RV Gear

Also, they give you up to $1200 for trip interruption costs too.

And finally, there’s a lot of other member benefits that go along with an Escapees membership.

So you really need to go through those. And see if those benefits would work well for you or not.

And if they are a good fit, this could be a really good plan for you to consider.

Escapees roadside assistance stats

Now, let’s go to number four on the list. And that is the Good Sam RV roadside assistance plan.

Good Sam has three plans to offer. And they start with the standard plan at $129/year. Then there’s the Platinum plan at $159/year. And finally, the Platinum Complete plan at $239/year.

It must be said that they have offers to get you in initially at much less cost.

But the quoted figures are what it’s going to cost from the second year on.

Now the standard plan is really just for towable RVs. And you’ll realize that if you read the fine print on the plan.

Then the Platinum plan and the Platinum Complete plan will add on fifth wheels and motorhomes.

So keep that in mind. You have to watch what they’re offering to cover in each plan.

Now they also give you unlimited towing and a mobile mechanic choice as well.

But I do have to say that I have seen some very reputable RVers say that they’ve had trouble with Good Sam towing. Especially when they had a large rig.

So that may be some consideration if you have a large rig like a Class A diesel pusher.

But I recommend that you should talk to Good Sam first. And make sure that they’re going to be able to handle the size rig that you have before you get the plan.

Now as far as trip interruption costs are concerned they’ll provide you up to $1200 for your costs.

The Good Sam plan stats

One Other Thing I Need To Mention

Now one more thing I need to mention here about Good Sam. Because I have had this plan for the first few years of our full-time travels.

And in that time, I have gotten marketed like crazy from this company. They have constantly been in my email box with one offer or another.

So if you don’t like that, this may not be a plan that you want to be part of.

All right, let’s move on to number five on the list and that’s the FMCA plan.

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FMCA stand for the Family Motor Coach Association. And they offer a club membership as well.

So you get the membership at $60 the first year. and $50 every year thereafter.

Then you can add on roadside assistance to your membership for 129/year for towable RVs. Or $159/year for motorhomes. And that covers pretty much any RV you may have.

They also provide unlimited towing and mobile mechanic services too. And their trip interruption provision is up to $1500.

Just like Escapees, they have other membership benefits too. So you need to go through the member benefits and see whether they work for you or not.

FMCA roadside assistance

The RV Roadside Assistance Plan That I Have

OK, those are the five plans that I feel are the best to choose from.

And I have had the Good Sam RV roadside assistance plan because I really believe in it.

I believe in being prepared by having one of the best RV roadside assistance plans in place before it’s needed.

In fact, the bigger your rig gets, the more important it really is for you to have some kind of RV roadside assistance.

But as far as we are concerned, I did not like Good Sam’s marketing me to death.

So I decided to cancel the program for that reason. And now we are using the Coach-Net plan instead.

Yes, it is the most expensive plan among this bunch that I have recommended.

But the reason for my choosing this particular plan is because we have a large rig.

And they seem to be well suited toward big rigs from the reviews I have read online.

My Final Thoughts On RV Roadside Assistance

Now the final point I want to mention is that in all of these plans the details vary from one plan to another.

I’ve just hit the highlights today in this article. But if you’re going to get really serious about roadside assistance, here’s what I recommend.

Find a couple of plans that you think could work well for you and then dive into the details. Make a serious comparison between the two.

Find out what they really do and do not offer for your situation. And don’t be surprised that the costs may vary from one state to another in some cases.

So my final admonition is that before you buy, read everything very carefully. That way you know what you are getting.

But I highly recommend a quality RV roadside assistance plan to be fully prepared on your travels.

Have safe and happy travels my friends!

2 thoughts on “RV Roadside Assistance – The Top 5 Choices”

  1. Interested in a good roadside assistance and towing coverage. We do have one now, but I am not completely sure of its value. We have a 2004 beaver Marquis that we purchased in Jan. We drove it to CA in March. Put it into Sac Rv Repair in April and had every service done and our Aqua Hot Replaced. It has 78,000 miles. We are not youngsters anymore having rv ed for over 30 years. I want something pretty much guaranteed to not leave us sitting at the side of the freeway. We are retired. Both from Placer County Sheriffs Dept. in Auburn CA. Good driving records. Please send the different plans you have available and cost. Thank you

    1. I made a video on the various roadside assistance plans that are in common use and the pros and cons of each. You can watch it here – https://youtu.be/maFYjE1tGKY I personally changed my roadside assistance plan last year and am now using Coach-Net. But you will have to decide what you think will work best for your particular needs. BTW, I love Beaver RVs and almost bought one myself. Safe and happy RV travels to you!

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