Our Review Of Gulfview RV Resort In Punta Gorda FL

Gulfview RV resort review

GulfView RV Resort is located at 10205 Burnt Store Rd. in Punta Gorda, FL

This RV Resort is part of the Thousand Trails/Encore Resort system. And a campsite can be reserved through them for up to a two week stay.

However, a reservation can also be made at Gulfview RV Resort outside the Thousand Trails system. And when you do, the RV camping rate runs between $90 to $100 a night.

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Gulfview RV Resort Features

The campsites at this park all have 30 or 50 amp hookups with water and sewer as well.

One reason why the price is a little higher than some is most likely the close proximity to Punta Gorda and also Fort Myers, FL.

It is a small park with only 197 spots, and there are long-term residents here. But there are plenty of spots for those of us who come in for shorter stays too.

A typical campsite at Gulfview RV resort

The good news is that it is a very easy RV park to access. In fact, it is only a few miles off I-75 right outside of Punta Gorda.

The access roads to the park are very easy to drive. And there is plenty of room for even a big rig on the major roads all around it.

The park itself has pretty easy roads to navigate and are all paved. The sites themselves are not paved or concrete though, unless you pay for an elite site.

Most of the sites are just grass and some of them are definitely harder to level your rig on. And this is especially true if you have a larger rig.

Drainage Problems At The Park

Unfortunately though, drainage in the resort is not as good as in other parks we have visited.

For instance, we arrived right in the middle of a tropical storm, and found the site they had assigned us to was flooded.

And someone else had parked their vehicle in the campsite too. So even if it had not been flooded, we would have had no place to park our car.

And unfortunately, because of the inclement weather, we could not get in touch with the office to get another site.

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So we found an empty one that was not quite as flooded and set up there for the night. Then we had to settle the matter about our assigned spot the next day.

I’m happy to say that it all did work out fine. But as you can imagine, it was stressful coming into all of that in the middle of such bad weather.

I have to admit that the office was helpful to a point. But we didn’t feel that they were exceptionally supportive at all.

Meanwhile, it took almost 3 days for the park sites to start to dry out and we were just very thankful we did not get stuck.

So if you plan on going to this park during the rainy season, just be aware of the possibility of flooding.

Gulfview RV Resort Amenities

With that being said, the park itself is very clean and well maintained. The bath house and laundry room were all clean and up to date. And the prices to do laundry were very good.

They also have a real nice pool and shuffleboard area. But what was really lovely was the club house near the back of the park.

There is where we found a bocci ball court and a boat ramp to put your watercraft into a nice sized creek that ran by the park.

The little boat dock had a couple of benches to sit and watch the creek and water fowl. And it provided enjoyable views at sunset.

The boat dock at Gulfview RV resort

Around the clubhouse area, there were beautiful trees that shaded a very nice veranda. It was a pleasant spot with plenty of tables and chairs and was extremely quiet and peaceful.

Shopping And Other Things Close By

This park is also close to most places that many people go to get their provisions. About a mile and a half down the road is a Publix grocery store. And about a half mile after that is a Walmart.

Also, next to the Publix is a Home Depot if you need any kind of maintainence things.

On the corner by the Home Depot is a main road that is called the Tamiami Highway. And if you go to the left on that road, it will lead you to other areas where there are restaurants and shopping areas.

So this is a really good place to stay if you want to be close to things like that.

Sights To See In The Area

There are, of course, beautiful sights to see in the area too. Since you are right near the coast on the western side of the Florida peninsula, you can access beaches nearby. And of course, Florida beaches are beautiful.

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Not far away is the Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park. Here you will find places to hike and launch your boat, and just enjoy some of the flavor of what older Florida is like.

We also enjoyed going to the Peace River Wildlife Center which is about 5 miles away.

It had some beautiful rescue birds that are native to the area. And they do a great job of taking care of them and explaining about how these birds normally survive in the area. It was extremely informative.

Another place that we visited in Punta Gorda is the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center. If you love animals and nature, we can highly recommend it as well.

It was a very unique sanctuary which helps preserve big cats. So you will see lots of lions, tigers, and even ligers.

All of the animals appear to be well cared for. Of course, they have other animals too, but they especially like to work with these magnificent creatures.

So as you can see, there is quite a bit that surrounds the area here.

Internet Connectivity

Because of it being in such a populated area, access to TV stations was not hard. And you can get cable in the park for an extra charge.

We did not notice if they had free wifi available because we access the internet by means of our AT&T hotspot.

But we had no trouble getting internet connectivity and T-Mobile worked well for our phones too.

I’m sure a quick phone call would tell you about their wifi if they have it though.

One other perk in the park was that a propane truck comes through once a week. So we were able to fill our propane tank without moving our RV, which made it very easy.

Our Conclusion About Gulfview RV Resort

So how would we rate this park??? Well, we probably would give it at 3.8. Why??

Mainly two reasons. First, the staff could definitely have been more helpful when things were very stressful on our arrival.

Secondly, because the sites were somewhat uneven, and definitely should have better drainage.

RV Gear

All in all though, the park was in a great area and we want to thank everyone there for a nice visit.

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