The Best Travel Trailer Brands – My Top 3 Recommendations

This article is about my recommendations for the best travel trailer brands. The ones that you should be be considering now in 2023.

Of course, travel trailers are by far the most popular RV. And that’s because in many cases they’re the most affordable RV too. But they also fit into people’s lifestyle a lot easier as well.

Suppose you have a larger SUV or a passenger truck that you use for your daily driver. Well then, a travel trailer is going to fit in really well with what you already have.

Also, if you’re thinking about getting into RVing on a more permanent basis, travel trailers are a great place to start to get used to RVing itself.

Now when you start looking at travel trailers, you’re going to see that there are an incredible number of brands and models to choose from.

It’s really a crowded field. So the question is, how do you know which brands produce the best travel trailer quality? The ones that you want to buy?

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Travel Trailer Brand Quality

Well, it’s interesting to note that quality doesn’t stay level in this segment of the RV industry though.

So very often, you’ll see brands have some years where they make really good quality RVs. And then other years where their output isn’t so great anymore.

And that means that it’s important to stay up with what brands are making the best travel trailer quality now.

In other words, the best travel trailers for the money.

So that’s what this video is all about. It’s about the top three travel trailer brands that I can personally recommend for you. Especially within the last three to four years or so.

A good question though is what am I basing my decisions on? Well, there’s three big things that I use as the basis for my list.

And number one is build quality. That’s something that as an RV inspector I pay a lot of attention to.

But the second is customer service too. Yes, you want build quality before the sale. But you also want to know that you’re going to get support after the sale too.

And finally, the third point is resale value. Because you want to be able to sell the travel trailer later on and get a reasonable amount back out of it.

So let’s go ahead and cover the top three best travel trailer brands that I can recommend for you.

The Best Travel Trailer Brands – Pick #1

And number one on the list is Grand Design. Now Grand Design may seem like they have been around forever.

And that’s because they’re so ingrained in the RV culture now.

But the truth is, they’ve only been in business for about 10 years or so. But in those 10 years they have made tremendous strides.

Today they are known for producing some of the best travel trailer quality RVs. And they are also known for exceptional customer service after the sale.

They have also won numerous industry and consumer awards over the last 8 years or so.

So give them real consideration as one of the best travel trailers for the money.

Now the models that you want to look for are first of all, the Transcend. And generally speaking, the Transcend allows you to buy at the lower end of the market.

Grand Design Transcend
Grand Design Transcend

Then the Imagine fills the slot in the middle area of the travel trailer price range.

Grand Design Imagine
Grand Design Imagine

And finally, the Reflection is more in the higher end of the newer and used travel trailer market.

Best travel trailer brands - Grand Design Reflection
Grand Design Reflection

When you go online to RV trader, you can look for the range of costs for new Grand Design travel trailers.

And they can start anywhere around the low 30s, and go all the way up to the low 90s.

So that is a wide variation of costs within just one brand. In fact, you’ve got almost any price range that someone could afford.

And of course, you can save a lot by buying a Grand Design RV that is just a few years older.

So if you’re considering a travel trailer RV, Grand Design has got a lot to offer most buyers.

The #2 Pick For Quality Travel Trailers

Now let’s move on to number two on the list. And that is Northwood RVs.

Northwood is well known for making true four season RVs. And that means they build their products with quality materials and methods.

Now they are not a large quantity builder though. So you might have a little more challenge even finding Northwood travel trailers.

But when you do, the quality is apparent right away. And they also have a lot of very loyal customers and fans who are also really vocal about their support for the company.

In addition, they are known for making true four season travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Now let’s take a look at their models to buy. And there’s two main travel trailer models that Northwood puts out at this point.

The first one we’ll cover is the Arctic Fox. And that’s the travel trailer model that they’re probably most well known for.

Best travel trailer brands - Northwood Arctic Fox
Northwood Arctic Fox

But there’s also the Nash, and it is well worth your consideration as well.

Northwood Nash
Northwood Nash

And if you look on RV trader, the costs are going to run anywhere from the mid 30’s all the way up to the mid 80’s for new Northwood travel trailers.

So once again, you’ve got a wide range of prices to choose from with Northwood RVs too. And you can save by buying a few years older as well.

And whether you’re buying on the lower end, in the mid range, or the higher end, there’s something good that Northwood has to offer you.

The Best Travel Trailer Brands – Pick #3

Now let’s move on to the third brand on my list of the top three travel trailer brands. And that is Lance Campers.

Lance is one of the fastest growing RV builders in the current market.

And I have to say that they make exceptionally higher quality travel trailers than the majority of the competition in their price range.

In fact, they make some of the best travel trailers for the money that you can find.

So really consider Lance if you’re looking in the travel trailer segment.

Now as far as the models are concerned, they go about things a little bit differently.

They don’t give their models names. Instead they give them model numbers.

Best travel trailer brands - Lance Campers
Lance Campers

So the numbers range anywhere from 1475 up to 2465. And there’s a lot of models in between too.

Now as far as the cost is concerned, on RV trader you’re going to find that most new Lance travel trailers are going to run between the low 50’s up to the mid 90’s.

So not quite as large a range of prices on Lance travel trailers. But the range is still large enough that most people could find something they can afford.

But once again, choose a Lance product that is just a few years old to save lots of money.

Reminders About Buying Travel Trailer RVs

Alright, that’s the three brands and models that I wanted to recommend to you in this article. Brands known for making the best travel trailer quality products.

Number one, Grand Design. Number two Northwood. And number three Lance.

I specifically chose these three brands to represent higher end, mid-range, and lower cost travel trailers.

Now are these RV brands perfect? Am I saying that there will never be problems with these brands and models?

Absolutely not! There is no brand or model of RV out there that is perfect. And these days, that is especially so.

Remember that RVs are still being made generally by hand. So there can be a great variation in the sustainability of the quality level in a brand.

That means that you can get a lemon in almost any RV brand out there.

But these brands of travel trailers are going to put the buying odds on your side. That most likely you’re going to get a very good RV.

Also, I have only covered the top three travel trailer brands here in this article.

More Of The Best Travel Trailer Brands

But I have created a guidebook to buying newer and used travel trailers that can be even more helpful.

And it provides all of the brands and the models that I recommend for your consideration. Not just the top three, but all of them.

And I list them in order as far as quality, customer service, and resale value are concerned.

Although it covers travel trailer brands up until 2019, the recommended list still applies even for the best new RVs now. Not much has changed during the Covid pandemic.

So just click on the image below to download my travel trailer guidebook.

Now what if you have a favorite travel trailer brand, that you’re convinced builds a quality RV? But I didn’t mention it on my list in this article.

Well, don’t get shook about that. It probably means that you’re going to see it on my full list in the travel trailer buying guidebook.

OK, now the last points I want to make here is actually a couple of things.

RV Inspections On Newer RVs Too?

Number one. As always these days, before you buy a new RV or a slightly used RV, make sure that you get it inspected by a certified NRVIA inspector.

Why? Because RV factories are turning out products these days that really aren’t up to snuff in many cases.

Even some of the better RV manufacturers have struggled to consistently produce quality RVs during Covid.

So brands known for some of the best travel trailer quality methods have been affected.

And RV dealers are often not fixing those problems before you buy it. So get an RV inspection before the whole buying process is ended.

And then once that inspector gives you the punch list of all the RV’s problems, do not take delivery of that RV until all those issues are fully resolved.

Now if you’ll do that, the odds are even greater that you’ll get a good RV.

And you’re going to eliminate a lot of the frustration and irritation that so many new RV buyers are experiencing these days.

My 5 Step RV Buying Success Process

Finally, let me also recommend that you consider getting my buying and inspection guides for new and used RVs.

Now these guides are not about the best RV models and brands like the one I mentioned above.

Instead, these two buying guides specifically focus on the RV buying process itself.

One is for buying new RVs. And the other is for used RV buying. They will show you how to find the right RV for your specific needs.

Then they will provide you with a proven system for buying RVs that really works.

And here is an overall illustration of my 5 step process for successful RV buying:

My 5 step success process for buying the best travel trailer brands

My guidebooks go into lots of detail about how to pre-inspect an RV you are considering. And that way you can determine whether it’s worth going to the next step or not.

I even provide a handy checklist with instructions on what and how to pre-inspect on each RV.

After that, the next step is to call in a professional RV inspector. But only on the RV that is your best candidate overall among the ones you have found.

So if you use my new or used RV buying guide along with my best travel trailer brands guidebook, the odds are really on your side to get a great RV.


Armed with the information in this article and my guidebooks, buying the right travel trailer is much easier.

And you can avoid all the frustration and regret that many RV buyers are experiencing now.

Oh and one more thing. When you buy any of my guides, I make myself personally available for help.

Yes, I will be happy to help answer any question you have about RVs or RV buying. Either by email or phone call.

So let’s work together and make sure that you get the travel trailer you deserve.

One that will bring you on many happy adventures for years to come!

Buying A Used RV – My Top 5 Tips For Success

In this article, we’re going to be talking about buying a used RV. And the top five things that you need to be looking for in the buying process.

Of course, buying a used RV can be very scary for a lot of people. That’s because nobody wants to buy an RV that is somebody else’s problem.

You know what I mean, an RV money pit with hidden problems in it. That’s every used RV buyer’s nightmare.

But if you follow a few simple guidelines, you can put the odds on your side that you’re going to get a great RV. And at a much better price than buying new.

Table of Contents

So let’s go ahead and get started. And the first thing we want to talk about is that when you’re going to get any RV there’s a few things you need to do first.

For instance, you need to make sure you get the right length RV for your needs. Also, you need to make sure that it’s the floor plan that you really like.

And of course, make sure that you get it to fit your budget too. But we’re not going to cover those things in this article.

Instead, we’re going to go from there and talk about the top five things that need to be done to make sure you get a good RV. One that you can count on.

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Buying A Used RV – Tip #1

And number one on the list is to buy a good RV brand. Now why do you need to do that?

Well if you do, the odds get much better that you’re actually going to get a quality RV. And that’s because it was originally built with good quality and good quality materials.

So you need to be able to identify the manufacturers out there that build good quality RVs. Especially in the segment of the industry that you’re buying in.

And then make sure that you look for those brands while you’re searching for a used RV.

Click here to view my guidebooks on the best RV brands

Tip #2 For Buying A Used RV

Now for the second point on our list. You need to look for maintenance and repair records on the RVs you’re considering.

This is really important. But a lot of the time, folks never even ask for these kind of records at all.

However, it’s good to get maintenance and repair records that you can go over and review.

Why is that important? Well, it’s a good sign that the owners have been recognizing that an RV needs to be repaired and maintained.

And if they can show you those records, it indicates that they cared about that RV. That they have been caring for it well. And that’s a good thing!

But service records also lets you know what has been done on the RV so far in its life. And that can be useful to know in many ways.

So try to get an RV that has maintenance and service records.

Buying Used RVs – Tip #3

Now number three is really critical. And that is to check all of the joints and the seals on that RV.

And I’m not talking about just the side joints or the ones that’s easy to find.

No, you need to get up on that RV’s roof too. And if you can’t do it, then get someone you know that you can trust who will go up on the roof for you.

Either you or they will need to examine the joints and seals on the roof as well.

Because what happens if the roof joint sealant has begun to crack and get holes in it?

Or maybe something scraped it off as the RV went under a tree. Or a tree branch could have punctured the rubber roof.

These are places where water can get into your RV. And that means that you could have a serious water intrusion problem developing.

Buying a used RV - check the roof joints and seams
Roof joint sealant with cracks – a water intrusion issue

Remember that water intrusion is the number one enemy of RVs. It can break down your RV before you know it, requiring costly repairs to fix.

So get up there and look at all those roof joints and seams. You want to see everything covered with sealant. And you want that sealant to be in really good shape.

Other Places To Inspect

But of course, don’t just do it on the roof. Come down and examine the side joints of the RV too.

Especially where the front cap and the rear cap attaches to the RV. Most of the time, there’s a big joint there and you need to check that sealant too.

And don’t forget about the RV windows either. Because that’s another place that a lot of water intrusion can take place.

So look very carefully at the sealant around those areas as well.

Buying A Used RV – Tip #4

Now let’s move on to tip number four. And that is to try to figure out how well the owner has really cared for this RV.

You can do that by inspecting certain areas of the RV. Because there’s certain things to look for that gives you some insight into whether that owner has really been looking after the RV or not.

And one of those areas is the battery compartment. You might see batteries that are filthy dirty like nobody has been cleaning them.

Maybe they have corrosion on the connections and battery cables. Well, that’s an indication somebody is not looking after that electrical system in the RV.

RV battery connection corrosion
Battery connection corrosion

Next take a look in the RV’s water bay. I often look in there and find it’s dirty, filthy, and not organized in any way. Well, what does that say?

It says that this is an owner that’s not really looking after things on their RV.

Next look at the exterior walls of the RV. Are they faded and cracked? Does it look like they haven’t been washed in a while?

Once again, that’s an indication of the level of care that RV has been given.

And if you see problems in these areas, my recommendation is to proceed carefully. Because what else has that RV owner not been maintaining that you can’t see?

Of course, maybe they have taken care of the more important things on the RV.

But my experience is that if they’re not caring for the smaller things, they usually don’t care for the bigger things on their RV.

RV Buying Tip #5

Now number five is about tires, and the age of RV tires. I mention this because I see a lot of used RV buyers lose money in this area.

Now if you’re buying a car, you look at the tire tread, right? And if the tread looks good, that’s about as far as you go.

But that’s not the case on RVs. That’s because RV tires age out before they wear out.

So be sure to look at the date that each tire was manufactured. And the tire’s manufacture date is right on the sidewall of the tire. It’s a four digit code usually in an oval.

The two first digits tell you the number of the week that the tire was manufactured. And the last two digits is the last two digits of the year that it was manufactured.

This tire was made the 34th week of 2018

So if you see a tire date that has 3520 on it, that means it was manufactured in the 35th week of 2020. Now why is this important?

It’s because most RV tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires every five or six years.

So let’s say that you find that those tires are four years old. Well, that means you’ve got a big expense coming up to replace all those tires at one time.

And you need to know about that! You don’t want to buy the RV and then suddenly realize you have to replace all those tires.

It costs thousands of dollars in many cases. And you may not appreciate that until after you have bought the RV.

So check the tire dates before you buy any used RV.

More Tips For Used RV Buying

Okay, those are my five top things to look for when buying a used RV. Now is that everything you need to inspect before buying?

No way, not even close! So if you really want to know more about how to buy a used RV, I’ve created a guidebook for that.

It’s all about buying used RVs. And it will list not only the things we covered here in this article but much more as well.

It reveals many of the more expensive items that you need to be checking.

That way you can make sure that the RV you’re looking at is even worthy of consideration.

Click here for my used RV buying guide

Then the guidebook will help you learn how to narrow your search for RVs. From several to the very few that will really be the best to choose from.

Now once you’ve done all of that, I highly recommend getting an NRVIA certified RV inspector to go through that RV thoroughly.

Do this before you buy any used RV out there. And make sure that it is an NRVIA certified inspector that looks at the coach.

Don’t just hire somebody who’s going to charge you a couple hundred dollars and go through some quick checklist.

Instead, you want an inspector that’s going to go from top to bottom of that RV.

And their going to make sure everything in that RV is in the condition it should be in. That way you’ll know what you’re buying!

What About Older Motorhomes?

Now what if it’s a 10 year old or older motorhome? Then I also recommend that you do a fluid analysis as well.

Watch my video on motorhome fluid analysis

An analysis of the engine, the radiator coolant, and on the transmission fluid too.

But don’t forget the RV’s generator if it’s a diesel powered unit. Analyze it’s radiator coolant and oil as well.

You need to check those fluids because it will tell you a lot about what’s going on with the mechanical components of that RV.

And the older the RV is, the more important it is to get a thorough fluid analysis performed.


Now if you follow the guidelines that I’ve provided here in this article, here’s the good news.

You really can expect to get an RV that you will not only love, but also won’t be an RV money pit.

And you can avoid the pain of regret that so many used RV buyers experience.

The Best RV Brands – For Motorhomes And Towable RVs

What are the best RV brands? Of course, that is what RV buyers want to know before they buy an RV.

And there are lots of brands and manufacturers in the RV industry these days. So how do you know which of these RV builders to choose from?

Well, this article is going to give you a list of some of the best RV brands in every category. And that includes Class A, Class B and B+, Class C, Super C, Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers.

I am a certified RV inspector and I am going to let you know what the RV pros know.

And that is which brands are known for both quality and great customer service. In other words, which RV brands you should buy!

Table of Contents

Of course, it’s good to understand first that RV quality is relative. That is, it is relative to products from other RV manufacturers. Not products in other industries.

So here is a video where I discuss new RV quality and what it really means:

Now, let’s move on and discuss some of the best RV brands and manufacturers. The best RV builders in each type of RV.

In fact, I’ll give you the brands that I recommend for the higher end, the mid-range and lower cost RVs in each RV type.

So let’s go ahead and get started with the most popular motorhome. The Class C.

The Best RV Brands – Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are usually built on either a Ford E350 or E450 chassis.

And they are usually easily recognized by the outcrop over the RV’s cab in front. This is the area that is often used for extra storage or sleeping.

A typical Class C RV
A typical Class C RV

And a Class C RV is well positioned in size between the larger Class A and the smaller Class B.

So let’s take a look at some of the best quality manufacturers of Class C RVs now.

Class C Brand #1

On the high end of the Class C market is a company called Coach House RV.

Now, they are not a high production RV builder like the others I will mention below. But they are well-known for very high quality products.

They build a Class C shell that is a one-piece unit made from fiberglass. And the larger ones are then placed on a Ford E450 chassis.

The RV itself has a very luxurious look and feel. But you can only buy them direct from the factory.

So here are my Coach House Recommended Class Cs:

  • Platinum

The cost for this Coach House Class C starts around $175K – $200K.

You can view the Class C models that Coach House offers here

Class C Brand #2

Jayco is one of the largest manufacturers in the RV industry. And that often does not bode well for build quality.

But Jayco has been able to maintain an excellent balance between high production and high quality.

And that is a feat that I wish other RV builders could copy.

In fact, they produce some very fine Class C RVs in the middle price range.

Of course, the company was bought by Thor in 2016. But it appears that there has been no major interference in building RVs the way they are used to.

So here are the Class C models I can recommend from Jayco:

  • Greyhawk
  • Redhawk
  • Redhawk SE

The MSRP starting price range for Jayco Class C RVs is between $110K – over $160K.

You can see the Class C motorhomes that Jayco offers here

Class C Brand #3

Winnebago is one of the oldest RV builders in the US market. And they are well-known for their Class C offerings.

In fact, the name Winnebago is almost synonymous with motorhomes in the minds of the buying public.

They don’t build many true Class C models these days though.

Instead, it seems that they have turned much of their attention more to the Class B+ category instead.

But their Class C motorhomes should not be ignored. And they are also relatively affordable for many RV buyers.

So here is a list of the Class C models from Winnebago that I can recommend:

  • Minnie Winnie
  • Spirit

The MSRP starting price for Winnebago Class Cs is around $135K.

You can view the Winnebago Class C models by clicking here

More Class C Brands And Models

There are more Class C brands and models that I can recommend for consideration.

So if you would like to see my full list of quality RV builders, download my guidebook by clicking the image below.

More Top RV Brands – Super C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are very popular with the buying public. But some wanted a more luxurious Class C with even more power.

And so, the Super C segment of the RV industry was born.

A typical Super C RV
A typical Super C RV

These rigs are built on a commercial truck chassis like Freightliner and are powered by a sizeable diesel engine.

So because of the extra diesel power, they often sport lots of amenities and luxury appliances.

Usually a lot more than their regular Class C brethren.

And towing power often takes a big jump with Super C RVs too.

So let’s take a look at some of the best Super C manufacturers in the industry now:

Super C Brand #1

Newmar is well-known for producing some of the best Class A RVs around.

But in recent years they have also entered the Super C category as well. And their Super C RVs fit in well with other offerings from Newmar too.

Now the models that Newmar produces in this segment are fairly expensive. But they are also made with a lot of quality and precision.

And here are the Newmar Super C models I recommend:

  • Supreme Aire
  • Super Star

The starting price range for Newmar Super C RVs ranges from $475K to more than $700K.

You can view the Super Cs from Newmar by clicking here

Super C Brand #2

Dynamax has been building high quality Super C RVs for more than 20 years.

They have an excellent reputation in the industry for solid RV construction methods too.

And many feel that Dynamax Super C motorhomes are some of the best looking rigs as well.

So here are the Dynamax Super C RVs that I recommend:

  • DynaQuest XL
  • DX-3
  • Force
  • Europa

Dynamax sells their Super Cs in a starting price range that goes from a little over $300K to the mid $400K’s.

Click here to see the Super C models from Dynamax

Super C Brand #3

Nexus is a smaller RV manufacturer that focuses exclusively on Super C RVs.

They have only sold their product factory direct until just recently. But now you can buy their products from RV dealers as well.

And they stake out the lower cost of the Super C market. But they are also well known for building quality products for the money.

Here are the models of Nexus Super C motorhomes that I recommend:

  • Ghost
  • Rebel 4X4
  • Wraith

These Nexus models usually sell in a starting price range between $210K and $280K.

Click here to view the Nexus Super C lineup

More Super C Brands And Models

There are other brands and models of Super C motorhomes that I can recommend as well.

And if you would like to see the complete list of Super C builders that I recommend, just click the image below to download my guidebook:

The Best RV Brands – Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Class A diesel motorhomes are the touring kings of the RV world. And they are made for traveling long distances in comfort and style.

But they are among some of the most expensive RVs to buy as well. So it pays to get a brand that is going to serve you well.

Best RV brands - diesel pushers
Typical Class A diesel pusher

And when we look at the Class A diesel pusher segment of the RV industry, there are quite a few brands to choose from.

But not all of them are equal in terms of quality and customer service after the sale.

So here is a list of some of the best diesel pusher motorhome brands according to price:

Diesel Class A brand #1

On the higher end of Class A diesel pushers is Newmar. And this is a company that has been in business for over 50 years.

Along the way they have racked up numerous industry and consumer awards. And the brand name is synonymous with quality in the minds of many.

Newmar diesel pusher models include:

  • King Aire
  • Essex
  • London Aire
  • Mountain Aire
  • New Aire
  • Dutch Star
  • Ventana
  • Kountry Star
  • Canyon Star

The starting price range for these well made touring coaches goes from the mid $300K’s to over $1.5 million.

So there is plenty to choose from. And Newmar offers something to please almost any Class A diesel pusher buyer.

Click here to view the Newmar line of diesel pushers

Diesel Class A Brand #2

Winnebago is another one of the best RV brands in the diesel pusher category. They too have won lots of industry and consumer awards.

But they tend to build diesel pushers that are mainly targeted to mid-range RV buyers.

Once again, this company has been building RVs for a very long time. Over 55 years!

Their diesel pusher models include:

  • Journey
  • Forza

The starting price range for Winnebago diesel pushers ranges from $350K – $450K.

You can view the Winnebago diesel pushers here

Diesel Class A Brand #3

Another great Class A diesel pusher builder is Fleetwood. They have been in the RV business for a whopping 65 years now.

Now they are not quite on the same level of quality as some other diesel pusher brands that I recommend here. But they are still worthy of consideration.

Especially if you are looking for a mid-range to lower cost diesel pusher RV.

Their price range goes from the low $300K’s to the mid $400K’s. And their models include:

  • Discovery LXE
  • Discovery
  • Frontier
  • Pace Arrow

You can view the diesel pushers from Fleetwood by clicking here

More Diesel Pusher Brands And Models

Of course, there are other brands and models of Class A diesel pusher motorhomes that I can recommend too.

So if you would like to see the complete list of diesel pusher builders that I recommend, click on the image below to download my guidebook:

Class A Gas Motorhome Top Brands And Models

Class A gas motorhomes are also great touring RVs that often come in smaller, more nimble rigs.

They don’t usually have the long list of luxury features that their diesel brethren do.

A typical gas Class A
A typical gas Class A

But they can still pack in a lot of the amenities that RV buyers want. And at a much lower price than diesel pushers!

There are lots of brands that should be considered in both diesel and gas versions of the Class A. Brands known for quality.

But I will again use the same manufacturers that I recommended above for diesel pushers. Because they also make great gas-powered coaches too.

So lets list the Class A gas coaches that I am recommending in this article now:

Gas Class A Brand #1

Newmar makes some of the best Class A diesel pushers on the market. But they also make some of the best gas-powered Class A’s too.

And that means you can buy Newmar quality for much less.

Here is a list of the Newmar gas Class A coaches that you should consider:

  • Bay Star
  • Bay Star Sport

The starting price range for these Class A RVs is from $200K – $250K.

You can view these gas-powered models at this link

Gas Class A Brand #2

Actually, Winnebago produces more gas Class A RVs than diesel pushers.

And they have models in their lineup that have been in production for decades.

These include:

  • Adventurer
  • Sunstar
  • Vista

All of these models are very affordable too. And their starting price goes from $175K to a little over $200K.

Click here to view the Winnebago Gas Class A lineup

Gas Class A Brand #3

Fleetwood also offers a nice lineup of gas Class A RVs.

And they have the widest range of price categories to choose from as well.

Their models include:

  • Southwind
  • Bounder
  • Fortis
  • Flair

These coaches starting price begins at around $150K and goes up to about $250K in price.

You can view the Fleetwood Gas Class A RVs here

More Gas Class A Brands And Models

There are also several other brands and models of Class A gas motorhomes that I can recommend.

To see the full list, just click on the image below and download my guidebook:

Diesel vs Gas Class A RVs

One of the most often discussed topics about Class A RVs is “diesel vs gas engines”.

And this is a good time to address that topic if you are looking for either a Class A diesel pusher or a gas motorhome.

Of course, there are lots of strong opinions on both sides. But I made a couple of videos to help you decide what is best for you.

So in the videos below I present both the pros and the cons of each kind of Class A RV. Because no RV is right for everyone!

You can watch those videos here:

I hope these videos were helpful for you. But now back to my recommended list of RV brands and models.

The Best RV Brands – Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are the smallest in terms of size for motorized RVs.

Typically, they are vans that have been altered to be used as an RV. And in most cases, there are no slides to expand the living space inside.

And they can also be the most expensive RV per square foot of living space that you can buy.

So let’s take a look at my recommended list of the best quality Class B builders and manufacturers. Here are a couple of those:

Class B Brand #1

Winnebago builds Class B motorhomes in a wide variety of price ranges.

They are one of the oldest US RV manufacturers in existence and they bring that experience to Class B RVs too.

Best RV brands - A typical Class B RV
A typical Class B RV

Also, industry reviews and customer feedback are very positive for Winnebago.

So they would be a good choice if you are in the market for a well-made Class B RV.

Here are some of the Winnebago Class B models that I can recommend:

  • Boldt
  • Revel
  • Travato
  • Solis
  • Solis Pocket

You will find that Winnebago Class B RVs are found within the $115K to $250K starting price range.

You can view the Class B models that Winnebago offers here

Class B Brand #2

Pleasure Way is based in Canada and they have been building RVs for over 35 years.

And they have won numerous industry and consumer awards during that time.

An interesting point to note is that they offer a unique 5 year warranty program. This covers anything in the RV that they make themselves.

Now let’s take a look at the list of recommended models for Pleasure Way:

  • Rekon 4X4
  • Plateau
  • Ascent
  • Ontour
  • Tofino

You can also expect to find Pleasure Way Class B RVs in a starting price range from $95K to $185K.

You can view the Class B motorhomes that Pleasure Way offers here

More Class B Brands And Models To View

As with the other types of RVs listed on this page, there are more brands and models that I can recommend for consideration.

So to view the complete list of quality Class B manufacturer brands and models, just click the image below.

That way you can download my guidebook on buying quality Class B RVs.

The best RV brands - Class B and B+ motorhomes

The Top RV Brands – Class B Plus Motorhomes

The Class B plus motorhome is really more of a marketing term than anything else.

And so it’s hard to actually define a B+ RV. But the best explanation is that it is an RV that is larger than a Class B and smaller than a Class C.

This type of RV was actually needed. Because a lot of people like the smaller, nimble Class B.

But the biggest complaint about it has always been the small amount of actual living space.

So some RV builders have decided to build an RV body on a van chassis platform made by either Mercedes, Ram or Ford.

A typical Class B+ RV
A typical Class B plus RV

And because the RV section of the rig is usually wider and often has slides, there is more usable living space.

So here is how I define a Class B plus RV. If the RV is not on a Ford E350 or E450 chassis, it is not a Class C in my opinion.

On the other hand, if it is on a van chassis, but has an RV body that is wider than a normal van, I classify it as a B plus RV.

Not everyone agrees with this assessment of RV types. But for the purposes of this article, it helps you understand what I mean by recommending B+ RVs.

And here are some of the brands and models of Class B+ RVs that I can recommend:

Class B+ Brand #1

Airstream is an iconic RV brand. And they have over 85 years of experience in building RVs.

They have been constantly recognized and applauded for the quality construction methods they use in their products.

Of course, this usually puts them firmly in the more expensive higher end category.

But their RVs are worth the extra money spent. At least in my opinion.

So here are the Class B plus models that I can recommend from Airstream:

  • Atlas

Clearly, they don’t provide a lot of choices in this B+ category. But the Atlas is well worth consideration at an MSRP price beginning at $290K.

You can view the Class B models from Airstream by clicking here

Class B+ Brand #2

Dynamax has been building high quality Super C motorhomes for many years.

And I included them in my list of Super C recommended builders earlier in this article.

But they also now make a Class B plus offering that is worth a solid look as well. And here it is:

  • Isata 3 Series

This model from Dynamax has a starting MSRP beginning at $180K.

You can view the Class B plus models from Dynamax here

More Class B Plus Brands And Models To Choose From

Of course, there are more brands and models in the B plus category that I can heartily recommend for consideration.

So just click on the image below to download my guidebook. And there you will find an expanded list of all of the Class B+ makers and models for research.

The Best RV Brands – Fifth Wheels

Now let’s start our look at towable RVs with the fifth wheel segment of the industry.

Fifth wheel RVs typically are the larger and more luxurious towable RV that you can buy.

A typical fifth wheel RV
A typical fifth wheel RV

And there are lots of pros and cons with fifth wheels as there are with any type of RV.

In fact, here is a video that I made comparing fifth wheels and travel trailers head-to-head:

Now lets cover the best brands and models of fifth wheels that I can recommend for you. And here they are:

Fifth Wheel Brand #1

Grand Design has only been making RVs for about the last 10 years. But in that time they have taken the towable market by storm.

The company has won numerous industry and consumer awards for the quality of their products.

And they are especially known among the RV community for their exceptional customer service.

Here are the models that I recommend for consideration:

  • Solitude
  • Reflection
  • Reflection 150

Grand Design fifth wheels can be found in starting MSRP prices that range from $66K – $107K.

You can find all of the Grand Design fifth wheel models here

Fifth Wheel Brand #2

Jayco has been building RVs for more than 50 years now. And they are in fact, one of the largest RV builders in the world.

It’s also interesting to see such a high production RV builder maintain reasonably high product quality as well. And Jayco does this very well.

They also build towable RVs that cover several price ranges. And this makes them more affordable for a larger number of people.

Here are the Jayco models that I can recommend for you:

  • Pinnacle
  • North Point
  • Eagle
  • Eagle HT

The starting MSRP price range for Jayco fifth wheel RVs is between $75K – $119K.

You can find all of the fifth wheel models from Jayco by clicking here

Fifth Wheel Brand #3

Northwood is not a high production RV manufacturer, but they are well worth tracking down.

They are well known for producing true four season RVs too.

Of course, many RV builders claim four season capability. But Northwood actually delivers.

And Northwood has lots of supporters and fans in the online RVing forums.

Here are the models of Northwood fifth wheels that I can recommend:

  • Arctic Fox Grande Ronde
  • Fox Mountain

The Northwood fifth wheel lineup ranges in starting prices from $55K – $75K.

You can view the fifth wheel product lineup from Northwood RV here

More Fifth Wheel Brands And Models

My list of recommended fifth wheel brands and models is much longer than you see here.

So if you would like to see the full list, just click on the image below to download my guidebook:

The Top RVs – Travel Trailer Brands And Models

Travel trailers make up the largest segment of the RV industry by far.

They are usually the most affordable RVs on the market. And the smallest ones can be towed by a wide range of vehicles.

A typical travel trailer RV
A typical travel trailer RV

And they are most often used by those who like to camp on weekends or take vacations in them.

But because of their affordability, they can also be laden with quality issues too.

So lets cover the travel trailer brands that I can recommend for your consideration:

Travel Trailer Brand #1

Once again, Grand Design gets the nod for travel trailer manufacturers on the higher end of the market.

Everything I said about Grand Design in the fifth wheel section above holds true here as well.

The company gets lots of positive reviews for their travel trailer products online. And this is especially so when you compare them to other brands.

So here are the models that Grand Design makes that I think you should consider:

  • Transcend Xplor
  • Imagine
  • Reflection

The starting MSRP price range for Grand Design travel trailers is between $35K and $70K.

You can view all of the travel trailer models from Grand Design here

Travel Trailer Brand #2

Another carry over from my list of fifth wheel towables is Northwood RV.

Once again, everything said about them above in this article is true here as well.

And when you view their products and compare them with others in their price range, the quality is clearly obvious.

So the models of Northwood travel trailers that I can recommend are:

  • Arctic Fox North Fork
  • Nash

Northwood travel trailers sell in a starting price range of between $40K – $65K.

You can view the Northwood RV travel trailer offerings here

Travel Trailer Brand #3

Lance travel trailers are identified in a unique way. Rather than being named, they are simply given a number.

So there are 11 travel trailer models to choose from in their lineup.

Lance is often recognized online as being a quality builder. And they lots of supportive fans of their products.

The Lance models of travel trailers that I can recommend are:

  • The 1475
  • The 1575
  • The 1685
  • The 1985
  • The 1995
  • The 2075
  • The 2185
  • The 2285
  • The 2375
  • The 2445
  • The 2465

These Lance travel trailers range in starting price from $45K to $95K.

You can see all of the travel trailer models from Lance by clicking here

How To Buy A New RV The Right Way

How to buy an RV the right way

Well, I hope you enjoyed my list of the best RV brands in both motorhomes and towable RVs.

But if you are in the market for a new RV, more is needed than just knowing which brands to buy.

These days, new RVs are coming from the factory with problems. And many of these problems need to be repaired before you take it on your first camping trip.

But how do you find the issues that need attention? And how do you get them fixed before you take delivery of the RV?

As an RV inspector I know how to answer these questions for you. And I have produced a guidebook that explains how to buy a new RV the right way.

What My Guidebook On Buying New RVs Will Show You

Now here is what my guidebook will show you in clear step-by-step terms:

  • How to find the kind of RV and the model that is just right for your needs
  • How to make sure that you get the best price possible for the RV you choose
  • How to make sure that all of the hidden problems and issues with any RV are found are fixed before you take delivery and before you use it the first time.
  • A checklist to use along with the guide that will easily step you through the most important things to check before you buy an RV 
  • How to get my personal help as a certified RV inspector in the buying process

So if you want to make sure that you get the new RV that you paid for from the first day of ownership, download my guidebook here:

This guidebook makes a great companion to any of the guidebooks listed above about the best brands and models to buy.

And that’s because you need to know which brands to choose to get the best quality RV possible.

But then you also need to know how to make sure it doesn’t have hidden problems too.

And you need to know how to buy that RV at the very best price possible.

So I suggest combining the guidebook for the type of RV you want with the new RV buying guidebook.

That way you put the odds heavily on your side to have the best new RV buying experience that you can.

And by getting any of the guidebooks listed above, you also get my personal assistance.

That’s right. I’ll personally help answer any questions you have about buying an RV. In fact, I’ll be there with you every step of the way if you like.

What About Used RV Brands?

Of course, this article is mainly about the better quality new RV brands.

But what if you want to look back a few years and save money by buying a used RV?

Then you might find this video that I made on this subject helpful:

And the good news is that I have created guidebooks for used Class A, Class C, Super C, and travel trailer RVs too. You can click on the images below to view them.

Used Class A buying guide
Used Class C and Super C guide
Used travel trailer guidebook for best rv brands

And you can combine my used RV buying guides with my guidebook on “How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit”.

Together they will help you find the right RV for you. Then make sure that it is a quality brand and that it doesn’t have hidden problems.

So just click on this image to find out more about my used RV buying guidebook:

My used RV buying guidebook


I really don’t know of any other RV buying guides like mine.

So I know that they will be helpful for you in your RV buying process.

And I’ll be ready to help you along the way too.

My wish for you is to be able to buy the RV of your dreams.

And enjoy new fun and adventures in it for many years to come!

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