Wilmington RV Campground – Lots To See In Ohio From There

Wilmington RV campground review

Wilmington RV Campground is located at 1786 State Route 380 in Wilmington, OH.

This RV campground is situated literally about 5 minutes or so off of Interstate 71 at exit #45.

Yes, amazingly this is a Thousand Trails park located this close to an Interstate!

It’s so nice to be able to access it so quickly and have such good roads to get to it, even if traveling in a large RV.

The dates of operation for this RV park is mid-April until closing at the end of October.

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Wilmington RV Campground Features

We thoroughly enjoyed this park for a number of reasons. As was mentioned it is very close to the Interstate, so easy on, easy off.

Secondly, the staff here is very friendly and accommodating. When we arrived they were helpful in directing us to the area where they have a few 50 amp sites.

And then they let us know which ones were available so we could pick one of them.

But they only have about 9 sites, and a couple of them have seasonal residents in them. So, getting a 50 amp site with hookups can be challenging. They seem to have plenty of 30 amp sites available though.

Another reason this park was so nice is that it seems to be kept up well. For instance, they have a lot of grounds onsite and yet they keep them mowed, trimmed and looking good.

Most of the sites themselves are fairly level. So even if you have a larger rig, you should be able to level up fairly well.

Wilmington RV Campground Amenities

The amenities in this park are good overall. In fact, they have a large swimming pool that seems to be enjoyed by many in the park.

And their mini-golf course is small, but in decent shape. Their laundry room and rest rooms are clean, but showing the signs of aging.

They definitely could be updated. We noticed they had many activities planned, that if you are so inclined, you could definitely join in and be a part of.

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As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a Thousand Trails Park. But it can also be booked outside their system for about $69-$70 a night for full hook-ups.

There are 169 sites, but once again, quite a number of them are seasonal or annual sites. 50 amp sites are very scarce, but 30 amp seems to be much easier to get.

Wilmington RV Campground Connectivity

They also offer WIFI near their ranger station and clubhouse that you can access for free.

But we were also able to use our hotspot to bring in AT&T cellular internet with good download speeds. And our signal from T-Mobile for our phones was adequate too.

So if you have to work remotely, you can definitely do so in this park with your own equipment.

Wilmington RV Campground Surroundings

How about things to do in the area? Well, this is a beautiful part of Ohio. There are many farms, lots of rivers and wildlife preserves.

And there are plenty of state parks around too, which are gorgeous. You can also enjoy waterfalls just off the roads you are traveling on that you can stop and see for free.

An example of this was the beautiful waterfall nearby at Indian Mound Reserve that was even easily accessed by wheelchair. Just gorgeous!!!!!

There are also lots of lovely, quaint eating areas such as Clifton Mill in Clinton, OH. They have good food, especially their pancakes, and beautiful surroundings to enjoy.

Clifton Mill Restaurant in Clinton, OH
Clifton Mill Restaurant in Clinton, OH

Not far away in Yellow Springs, OH is Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm. They have delicious ice cream featured there!

But also two mini golf courses, a driving range, batting cages, and adorable goats and cows. A really fun place for kids of all ages.

And just up the road from the RV park is a place called 73 Grill, that offers good food for a good price.

Are their places to go to get provisions nearby???? Yes, Wilmington is less than 10 miles away and offers a Kroegers, Walmart, and hardware stores.

Some Great Eating Spots In The Area

There are also your usual fast food restaurants, but in downtown Wilmington there are more Mom and Pop places to check out.

We have to mention that we ate at a place called the Kava Haus. As you guess, great coffee but also fantastic panini’s.

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In face, it was one of the best sandwiches we have had in a long time. Reasonably priced and family owned. Very accommodating. We would go back ANYTIME!!!!

There is even a local farmers market on the weekends in the center of town. And, if you are into flea markets, there is a big one called the Caesar Creek Flea Market that is open every weekend.

And the good news is that this just touches on a few of the things that can be done in the area.


So, where do we rate this park on the scale of 1-5???? We would give it a 3.5. Why?

Mainly because the amenities need to be updated some, but the big thing is …. the lack of 50 amp sites. And many of the sites, as is true in most Thousand Trail parks are taken by annuals.

But the park is pretty and well kept up. And it’s in a beautiful part of Ohio. So we would definitely return.

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