RV Wash And Wax In Under An Hour

All RVs get dirty! They are usually outside where the sun and elements can do a lot of harm to the RV exterior. And it doesn’t happen quickly, but over time dirt and contaminants can do a lot of damage. So how do you make sure that you keep a clean RV? How do you add RV paint protection that will last? And how can you perform an RV wash and wax simply and easily in under an hour? Let me show you how!

Waterless RV Wash And Wax

In recent years a lot of advancements have been made in automotive cleaning products. That’s good because in the old days RV cleaning was a chore. You needed a bucket of soap, a soft brush or wash mitt, a ladder, and a water source. Oftentimes the water source was a pressure washer and that had its own set of hazards for your RV exterior.

So for hours, it was up and down the ladder, washing and rinsing the RV. After that you had to dry the excess water on the rig to prevent water spots. And then waxing your RV probably meant applying a wax by hand or machine. And that job could take several hours on its own. No wonder a lot of RVers have procrastinated RV washing and waxing. It’s just such a huge investment in time and energy!

But now, modern products allow RV owners to wash and wax their rig at the same time. And it can even be done without water! This may sound very strange to some, but these products contain special ingredients that make it possible. These ingredients s encapsulate dirt and grime on the RV and lift it off the exterior surface. Then you can use high-quality microfiber towels or mops to remove the contaminants without scratching the RV. Many professional auto detailers are using these kind of products in their business now. And they are very happy with the results!


Also, keep in mind that many RV campgrounds do not want you to use their water to wash your RV. So if you are a full-time RVer, this makes it very hard to clean your own rig the old-fashioned way. But these new RV cleaning products make it easy to complete an RV wash and wax job in just minutes!

Click on the image below to find out how these new RV detailing products work and then read the thousands of positive reviews.

Wash Wax All Waterless RV Wash And Wax

RV Detailing Without Ladders

One of the most tiring aspects of RV detailing has always been going up and down a ladder so much. This is because RVs tends to be very tall, some well over 10 feet high. So cleaning the top of the rig could be a real pain!

But the newer RV detailing products mentioned above can relieve a lot of that extra effort and pain. That is because there is an RV wash system that allows you to wash and wax the RV entirely from the ground. It’s a pole system that is made by the Aero Cosmetics company. It has been used in the airplane industry for years to clean dirty planes from the ground.

In fact, all of their products have been used to clean airplanes for years, even on Air Force One according to the manufacturer. And it has been necessary for their products to meet the requirements of the aviation industry. So they are far beyond what is usually used for detailing RVs and cars. And the pole system makes using these products super simple and easy!

Click on the image below to find out more about the pole system from Aero Cosmetics. It is one of the main ingredients that lets you wash and wax an RV in under an hour! And check out the 5 star reviews too.

Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wash And Wax Mop Kit with Bug Scrubber

RV Paint Protection that Lasts

RV wash and wax products keep our motorhome looking great.
I use this RV wash and wax method on my own motorhome. It always looks great!

I use all of the products listed above on my own RV and it always looks great. It also is well protected from the elements. But if you want to take RV paint protection to the next level, try applying a synthetic wax as well.

Once again, applying the synthetic wax is very easy if you use the right product. The one I use is a spray-on sealant that is made by Meguiar’s. If you use the pole system and the microfiber mops from Aero Cosmetics, it’s a breeze. It will only take about 45 minutes or less to apply to a clean rig with that system.

This product also advertises that it will protect your paint up to a year. Of course, that depends on how you care for it in between applications. And because you are using the Wash Wax All product, it really can last that long. This because Wash Wax All just layers additional wax protection on the synthetic wax instead of stripping it off with chemicals. So your rig will be constantly protected from the elements. And it will have a slick shine that you can feel!

Click the image below to find out more about the synthetic wax treatment from Meguiar’s.

Meguiar's Ultimate Fast Finish synthetic RV wax
Duane demonstrates how to use the Aero Cosmetics pole system
Duane introduces the Meguiar’s Ultimate Fast Finish synthetic RV wax

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