The Best RV Wash And Wax (takes less than an hour)

Wash and wax your RV without water or ladders

This article is about the best RV wash and wax system that I know of.

And its about how you can wash and wax your RV in record time. In fact, in many cases in under an hour like me!

Now, all RVs get dirty! They are usually outside where the sun and elements can do a lot of harm to the RV exterior.

And it doesn’t happen quickly, but over time dirt and contaminants can do a lot of damage.

So how do you make sure that you keep a clean RV? And how can you add RV paint protection that will last?

Also, how can you perform an RV wash and wax simply and easily in under an hour? Let me show you how to do all of these things!

Watch my video on how to wash and wax an RV in under an hour

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The Old Way To Wash And Wax Your RV

In recent years a lot of advancements have been made in automotive cleaning products.

That’s good!. Because in the old days RV cleaning was a real chore. You needed a bucket of soap, a soft brush or wash mitt, a ladder, and a water source.

For hours, it was up and down the ladder, washing and rinsing the RV. A lot of hard work that tires you out.

Of course, sometimes the water source was a pressure washer and that had its own set of hazards. If you use too much pressure, you can do some damage real fast.

After the washing is finished, then you had to dry the excess water on the rig to prevent water spots. Which means that you are going up and down the ladder to cover the same areas on the RV again.

And then waxing your RV probably meant applying a wax by hand or machine. Just that job alone could take several hours.

And, you guessed it. To apply the wax, you have to go back up and down the ladder again for waxing your rig.

No wonder a lot of RVers have procrastinated RV washing and waxing. It’s just such a huge investment in time and energy!

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But now, modern products allow RV owners to wash and wax their rig at the same time. And it can even be done without water!

The Best RV Wash And Wax – The Waterless Way

Clearly the old way to wash and wax an RV was a tough job. And no doubt that is why you can see lots of RVs traveling around that need more exterior care.

Thankfully, there are modern products that are in constant use in the auto and RV detailing industry that are changing everything.

These products contain special ingredients that make it possible to wash and wax your RV without the use of water.

These special ingredients encapsulate dirt and grime when applied to the RV. And they lift it off the exterior surface.

Then you can use high-quality microfiber towels or mops to remove the contaminants without scratching the RV.

Of course, there are many who just can’t seem to accept that anything can safely replace the old soap bucket and water method.

But the science behind these new auto and RV cleaning products is sound.

In fact, many professional auto and RV detailers are using these kind of products in their business now. And they are very happy with the results!

What Are Your Options For RV Cleaning?

Keep in mind that many RV campgrounds do not want you to use their water to wash your RV these days.

So if you are a full-time RVer, this makes it very hard to clean your own rig the old-fashioned way.

Often, it means that you either pay a small fortune to have an RV detailer who uses the old methods to do the job for you.

Or you could take your chances by putting your RV through a commercial truck car wash instead.

If you use the RV detailing service, you may easily pay $500 – $1000 or more to get your rig washed and waxed.

If you use the truck wash instead, you take your chances that damage may be done to your RV during the wash process.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

And there is often no long-lasting protection applied afterward. Unless you pay dearly for that as well.

And then there is the option to just bite the bullet and do the hard and difficult job yourself. But finding the time and place to do that can be challenging.

Not to mention that it will be a physically intensive job to take on.

On the other hand, these new RV cleaning products make it easy to complete an RV wash and wax job in just minutes!

The Best RV Wash And Wax – Wash Wax All

Now you know more about the newer wash and wax products for RVs. So here is a product that I use a lot on my 40 foot diesel pusher motorhome.

It’s called Wash Wax All. And it is the simplest and easiest way to wash and wax any RV. And you can use it anywhere.

Wash Wax All RV products
Wash Wax All RV products

By using Wash Wax All, you don’t have to worry about offending your RV park or campground. Because you aren’t using any of their water!

And the product does exactly what it says. It applies a layer of wax at the same time that it removes the dirt and grime from your RV.

So you only have to go around your RV once to both wash and wax a motorhome or RV.

Just click on the link below to find out more about how Wash Wax All works.

And then read the thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. Many of them from RV owners themselves.

Clearly, there are a lot of satisfied customers using the product and getting good results. Just like me!

Click Here To Learn More About Wash Wax All

(This is an affiliate link for the product on Amazon. It does not cost you any extra to buy the product using my affiliate link if you choose to do so)

The Best RV Wash And Wax – Without Using Ladders

One of the most tiring aspects of RV detailing has always been going up and down a ladder so much.

RV Gear

This is because RVs tend to be very tall, some well over 10 feet high. So cleaning the top of the rig could be a real pain!

But there is a way to wash and wax your RV entirely from the ground. With no need for ladders at all!

It’s a pole system that is made by the Aero Cosmetics company. And they are the makers of Wash Wax All too.

This pole system has been used in the airplane industry for years to clean dirty planes from the ground.

In fact, many of their products have been used to clean airplanes for years. Even on Air Force One according to the manufacturer.

And it has been necessary for their products to meet the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.

So these products are far beyond what is usually used for detailing RVs and cars.

And their pole system makes using these products super simple and easy!

Wash Wax All pole system
Wash Wax All pole system

Click on the link below to find out more about the pole system from Aero Cosmetics. It will explain all about the Wash Wax All RV kit that I use.

It is one of the main reasons that I can wash and wax my motorhome in under an hour!

But suppose you feel that you just have to use a more traditional method with water. What then?

Well, the kit below will have those kind of products for use with the pole system too.

Click Here For The Wash Wax All Pole System

(This is an affiliate link for the product on Amazon. It does not cost you any extra to buy the product using my affiliate link if you choose to do so)

Wash Wax All – For Cars And Trucks Too?

If you are a full-time RVer, there is a good chance that you also have a toad or a tow vehicle in addition to your RV.

So can these RV wash and wax products be used safely on them as well?

The answer is a big YES. These products work just as well on a car or truck as they do on an RV.

You probably won’t need the pole system for these smaller vehicles. But you can easily wash and wax the whole vehicle quickly anyway.

Just use the product itself along with high-quality microfiber towels. And it will leave a totally clean vehicle with a fabulous shine.

And the beauty of the Wash Wax All product is that it can be applied safely to almost any surface. On either an automobile or RV.

RV repairs - don't pay for them

So feel free to use it on the black-out trim, the windows, and the rubber seals too.

In fact, it applies a nice layer of protection on anything plastic or rubber and thus makes it last longer. It even works well on tires.

RV Paint Protection That’s Easy

RV wash and wax products keep our motorhome looking great.
I use this RV wash and wax method on my own motorhome. And it always looks great!

Because I use all of the products listed above on my own RV it always looks great. And it also is well protected from the elements.

But if you want to take RV paint protection to the next level, try applying a synthetic polymer coating as well.

It will enhance and extend the protection properties of Wash Wax All. And make the shine even more brilliant too.

Once again, applying the synthetic coating is very easy if you use the right product. And the one that I use is a spray-on paint sealant that is made by Meguiar’s.

Meguiars Fast Finish RV paint protection

If you use the pole system and the microfiber mops from Aero Cosmetics, it’s a breeze.

It will only take about 45 minutes or less to apply to a clean rig with the pole system.

How Long Will The RV Paint Protection Last?

The Meguiar’s product also advertises that it will protect your paint up to a year. I don’t personally believe that is correct when using it on an RV.

That’s because RVs tend to be exposed to the elements too much for RV paint protection to last that long.

But I do feel that it can extend the RV wax protection for at least 6 months.

Of course, that depends on how you care for it in between applications.

But because you are using the Wash Wax All product, it really can last that long.

This is because Wash Wax All just layers additional wax protection on the polymer coating instead of stripping it off with chemicals.

So your rig will be constantly protected from the elements. And it will have a slick shine that you can feel!

Click the link below to find out more about the synthetic wax treatment from Meguiar’s.

Click Here To Learn More About Meguiar’s RV Synthetic Wax Protection

(This is an affiliate link for the product on Amazon. It does not cost you any extra to buy the product using my affiliate link if you choose to do so)


I know that some of you are saying to yourself that it just can’t be this easy to wash and wax an RV.

So here is what I want you to do. Just read the thousands of positive reviews on the product first. They are right there for everyone to see on Amazon.

Clearly, I am not the only one who thinks that these products are wonderful.

You will also read reviews from other RV owners too. And many of them have the pole system from Aero Cosmetics as well.

I also encourage you to keep an open mind on the subject.

I agree that if we were just wiping the RV with dry towels and mops, we would do more damage than good.

But the use of these advanced cleaning products in the process is what makes the system safe.

And using high-quality microfiber towels and mops is very important as well.

The mops that come with the Wash Wax All system are specifically designed to work well. And they are very safe to use on the finish of your RV.

I hope that you will give this waterless RV wash and wax system a try. If you do, I think you will be very pleased and impressed.

I think it’s the best RV wash and wax method that you will find.

Have safe and happy travels my friends!

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  1. Can you use the spray on decals? I want to preserve my decals for as long as possible when baking in the hot sun. Or do I use one product on the decals and the other on the fiberglass? Thanks!

    1. The good news is that WWA can be sued on almost anything on a car or RV. It would be a great idea to use it on your RV graphics too. But I also recommend use of another product for your graphics that is a high quality UV inhibitor called “303 Aerospace Protectant”. It will help make your decals last a very long time if you use it on a monthly basis. And it’s simple to apply. Just wipe on. You can find it here –

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