Harbor View RV Resort & Campground – Our Honest Review

Harbor view RV resort and campground review

Harbor View RV Resort & Campground is located at 15 Harbor View Circle, Colonial Beach, VA.

This small Thousand Trails campground has 144 sites and is located in a very historic area of the country.

It is open from the first of April through the end of November. And it’s a fairly easy park to get to.

It is located not too far off Route 3 (Kings Highway) which can be easily accesssed from I-95.

And the roads to get to this park are very easy to navigate for any size RV.

Inside the campground itself, it initially looks like the park would be hard to navigate for a larger rig.

And although it’s not super easy to do, it is definitely do-able for bigger rigs. So that should not stop anyone from trying out this RV park.

Click here for the Harbor View RV Resort And Campground map

Harbor View RV Resort Campsites

The sites themselves for the most part are fairly level. They have a concrete patio pad in many cases.

And that allows you to put a few things out and enjoy your time there.

There is 30 amp service with full hookups. FYI, 50 amp service is available at many of the sites too. But it is on a first come, first serve basis.

What is the price of these sites if you are not part of the Thousand Trails system?

They run $53 a night. And if you stay for a week instead, it averages out to about $46 a night. Of course with Thousand Trails it is $0/night.

Harbor View RV Resort Amenities

What kind of amenities are in this park? Well, for one thing, they offer a beautiful pool area.

They also have a fairly decent mini-golf course and beautiful green fields to play different sports.

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There is also a nice playground for the kids. And of course, the typical horseshoes and basketball.

The bath houses, although a little older are clean and functionable.

And the laundry room is small but the park is small too, so it works out fine. It is also clean and tidy.

The Marina Next Door To The Park

The area right in and around the park is really great for walking, for those exercisers out there.

The RV park itself is pretty and well shaded with a beautiful little pond in it.

But if you head out of the park and cross the street, there is a delightful little marina there.

And you can walk down to and be right on Mattox Creek. It’s actually quite a large creek.

If you follow that creek in a boat, it will eventually flow into the Potomac River.

The views from the marina are beautiful, especially at sunset. So it’s a great little walk that is unique to this Thousand Trails Park.

Harbor View RV Resort Internet Access

How about connectivity here? Well, the RV park itself offers no WIFI.

But being in a fairly populated area there, it was easy to connect to our hotspot through AT&T.

And others were using Verizon and T-Mobile with good success too.

Historical Sights Nearby

But as we mentioned, this RV park is in quite a historical area of the country.

In fact, within a fairly short drive you can see many historical sights. And quite a few are very informative and interesting.

George Washington’s birthplace is just 6 miles from the campground.

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There is also Fredericksburg, which of course contains a famous Civil War Battlefield.

But also other battlefields, such as Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania. And these are located only about 35 miles away from the RV park.

There is also a famous Civil War cemetery in Fredericksburg too.

Of course, there are many shops and museums that take you back to that time period too. So it’s a great place to spend some time.

Actually Washington, DC is only 70 miles away and the same with Richmond, VA. And as you know, there is plenty to see in those cities too.

Harbor View RV Resort – Local Restaurants

As far as places to eat in the area, there are lots of mom and pop restaurants to be found.

For instance, one place we ate was called the Battlefield Restaurant near Fredericksburg National Cemetery.

But there are also all the well known chains too. So no lack of eating establishments.

Things To See In The Surrounding Area

A little closer is a lovely little town of Colonial Beach. What a beautiful little township with marinas, a beach next to the Potomac River, and quaint shops.

You’ll love the New England style beach homes, and small eating establishments.

It’s an enjoyable town to take a drive around, or park and walk through. And that is located only about 10 miles from the RV park.

If you go a little beyond the turn off to Colonial Beach it will take you to King George.

This is a little bigger town with many chain restaurants and shopping areas.

Also, on the way to King George there are state parks to explore and enjoy. King George is located about 17 miles from the resort.

Harbor View RV Resort – Local Shopping

As you can see, there is much to see. But how about places to shop and provision. Well, right around the resort it is very limited.

RV Gear

But about 8 miles away is a place called Halls Super Market. You can pick up groceries there but it is a bit higher prices.

A couple miles more down the road is a Food Lion though. This is a bit better priced.

And not too far from that is a hardware store if you have a need for items like that.

To have more variety though, you would need to go to King George.

They have a Walmart and a Food Lion and many more box stores. And if you want access to everything, Fredericksburg would be the closest place.

There is a Walmart, Food Lion, Weis, and many of the stores we all look for to take care of our needs there.

Our Conclusion

So how would we rate Harbor View RV park? The area we would rate as a 4.5 star. There was much to see and enjoy.

The only negative was that a good part of it required a bit of driving. But hey, if you’re on vacation, then no issue there.

The resort we would give a 3.8 star. It was a bit small to get around in. Typical roads with some potholes, etc.

And it is a little far from being able to get reasonably priced groceries.

The park itself could be upgraded just a bit. We also think it would be nice to offer their customers WIFI. Because this is something that many people appreciate.

All in all, it was a very nice experience and we would not hesitate to go back.

Thank you for a nice visit Harbor View!!!!

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