Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground – A Great Place To Stay?

Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground review

Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground is located at 12962 S.225 W. Clinton, IN.

This beautiful campground is located just over the border of Illinois in Indiana. It is only open from 4/23 to 10/24 in the year.

It has 290 acres of property and offers 134 sites. And it boasts 11 lakes in which to fish and there are pretty little hiking trails to access all these lakes. It truly is in a beautiful part of Indiana.

This campground is part of the Thousand Trail system but you can book it online otherwise.

View a map of the Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground by clicking here

Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground Features

The RV sites run about $60 a night. And all the sites have just been updated to offer 50 and 30 amp service with full hookups.

That’s a great plus for sure!!!! They also offer the Good Sam discount and they have a number of tent sites available too.

Another great feature is that access to the park is pretty big rig friendly.

In fact, when we came in during May of 2021 there was work being done on one of the main roads coming in.

But we called ahead and the campground told us how to get there quickly and safely for a rig our size. We appreciated their help and had no issues accessing the park.

Please be aware though there is one route which the GPS may try to route you on that has only a 13’6″ bridge clearance.

So if you have a larger rig, just call the campground and they will help you out if you need it.

As you can see, the folks at this campground are extremely helpful and friendly. And they accept packages and text you to notify you of their arrival. And in one case they even delivered them to our door.

The groundskeepers do a great job keeping everything mowed, trimmed and well kept in the park. So the park is always beautiful, and pleasant to view.

Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground Campsites

With that being said, the roads in the park are typical Thousand Trails roads. That means that they are constantly filling in the holes with gravel.

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But honestly, with the rains they have in the area, it is a constant fight to keep the roads in good shape anyway.

Most of the sites in the park are fairly level. The biggest problem is that they do not have a lot of selection for travelers coming through.

Instead, most of the sites tend to be seasonal or annual guests, and as usual they have the best spots.

But we have to say that they seem to take of their sites and so they are nice to walk by. It would definitely be nice to have a bigger selection of campsites for Thousand Trails members though!

The Campground Amenities

How about the amenities? When we were there, it was mid-May and so the pool was not open yet. It looked to be a smaller pool but it was clean and ready to be used.

The bathhouse we went in near the pool area was definitely updated and very clean. And the laundry room was large with 4 washers and dryers, reasonably priced, good size folding area and clean.

Many of the other amenities such as mini golf, horseshoes and the playground definitely needed updating. They are not in real good shape.

We truly did enjoy all the wildlife in the area though. The birds were just amazing!!!

Fishing is great at Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground too!
Fishing is great at Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground too!

There was Canadian geese with babies, cardinals, lots of robins, yellow tanagers and a really cool bird we had never seen. It’s called a Killdeer which nests on the ground and has a unique way of protecting their eggs.

There were plenty of turtles, bunnies, squirrels, and lots of fish too. Everyone seemed to respect the wildlife and so it was nice to have them surrounding you.

The Park’s Internet Connectivity – A Problem

Here is a big issue with the park though….the internet. It was almost nonexistent. We have T-Mobile phone service and barely got a signal.

Just down the road though in Terre Haute, we got 5G. A few miles in the other direction in Paris, IL though, we couldn’t get T-Mobile or AT&T at all.

So cell service and internet access was very limited. People in the park said that even at the main areas where wifi is provided it is very sketchy.

We used both AT&T and our T-Mobile hotspots with very poor service to none on both cell services. And this was true even though we used our cell booster to improve connectivity.

One cell carrier would work one day and then stop. So we would have to switch to the other that barely worked until it stopped working.

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This is not a major problem if you do not need internet access for work. But if you do, you might want to give this park a long, hard look.

Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground’s Surrounding Area

How about surrounding areas for seeing things or for provisioning? Well, Clinton, IN is about 10 minutes away.

They have a super small Walmart neighborhood store, a small Save-A-Lot and an IGA. The township is very small and quaintly located at the edge of the Wabash River.

We did not get a chance to do much in this town but it looks like a pleasant place to walk around.

We did go over to Paris, IL. It is about 15 miles away, or about a 20 minute drive. It is located in Illinois so be aware they are an hour behind EST, in case you have an appointment there.

Paris has a fairly well-stocked Walmart Superstore. They have a Save-A-Lot also. And we ate at a little cafe called the Main Street Cafe.

It was reasonably priced and had very good food. We enjoyed it and we would go back again in the future.

The town itself is just a bit bigger than Clinton but just as quaint. The courthouse area was just a gorgeous building with pretty grounds.

The last place to mention that is fairly close by is Terre Haute, IN. This is one of the larger towns in the area and about a 30 minute ride away.

They offer just about everything from Walmart to Kroegers. Lowe’s, Harbor Freight, and most of the other big box stores are there as well.

So if you can’t find what you want in the smaller nearby towns, you most likely could find it in Terre Haute.

Things To Do Around Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground

We ate at cute little diner in Terre Haute called the Coffee Cup. And we had one of the best omelets we have had in a long time and it was very reasonably priced.

We would definitely go back to the Coffee Cup again. Not even a question about that!!!

As far as things to do in the area, we did not venture too far. Honestly, our weather was very inclement and so we spent much of our time inside.

We did search online though and did not see a lot of attractions nearby. But the beauty of the area and the acres of farmland made it a great place to drive around.

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Our Park Rating And Conclusion

So all this being said, how would we rate Horseshoe Lakes RV campground? We probably would give it a 3 out 5 rating.

Why only 3.5? Mainly due to the lack of selection of campsites, and many of the amenities need to be updated. And of course, the biggest problem was trying to get internet connectivity.

All that being said, it is truly a pretty campground. And we would not hesitate to return. But we would make it a shorter stay because of our need for solid mobile internet connectivity.

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