Lake Texoma RV Campground In Texas – Our Review

Lake Texoma RV Campground

Lake Texoma RV Campground is located at 209 Thousand Trails Drive in Gordonville, TX.

This RV campground is located less than 10 miles from the Oklahoma border. And we have actually visited this campground twice in the last year.

That’s because it fits really well into our travel plans each year.

Being located in the upper part of Texas, it is in the greener, hillier section of the state. Instead of the dry and flat area of lower Texas, which is a welcome change for us.

This RV park is also part of the Thousand Trail system, but once again can be booked outside of that system for about $69 a night.

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Lake Texoma RV Campground Features

They offer both 30 and 50 amp service and water and sewer. But please be aware that to upgrade to 50 amps you need to pay an extra $3 a day. This is true whether you are a Thousand Trails member or not.

But the campground is not age qualified. So it is open for use by families.

The park itself is very easy to get to, with well traveled roadways that almost any rig can navigate. Even the road to get to the park is well paved and easy to drive.

But, be aware that when you get into the park, the roads are not as well taken care of. The first time we stayed at the park, the potholes were really, really bad.

We had to be very careful while driving with our rig on them. But our second time through, we find they have filled most of the potholes, and that’s a good thing.

However, the roads would definitely be much better if they went the one extra step and repaved them.

Lake Texoma RV Campground Amenities

The park itself, we have to say, is just like the roads. It could definitely use some updating!

A little money being put into it would definitely make things much nicer. The bath houses and clubhouses have some obvious repairs that need to be done.

And although clean, these areas are showing their wear. The pool and laundry room seem to be in pretty good shape though.

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Although the pool and hot tub are clean and well kept, the mini golf and playground area definitely need work. In fact, most of the amenities in the park are just a bit run down.

The RV sites themselves seem to be cleared of brush fairly well, and for the most part a rig can be leveled on them.

A sample campsite at Lake Texoma RV Campground

But there are quite a few campsites that are not being used and haven’t been for a while. So you can begin to see these spots having mother nature begin to take over.

Our Campground Impressions

As with most Thousand Trails parks, there does seem to be many annual and seasonal sites through the park. But all of the residents we encountered have been very friendly.

Depending on the time of year, the campground can be quite busy. Our first visit in June of last year found many more people in the park.

But in early May this year, not so many. Instead it was very quiet and peaceful.

One wonderful plus to the park is that you can bring your boat and access Lake Texoma privately. This can be done through the back end of the park.

And there are plenty of nice views from the lake that all will enjoy for sure!

The front desk personnel have always been friendly and pleasant to talk to when we arrived. And they respond to any requests or questions quickly and have made both our stays pleasant.

The Surrounding Area

The area itself around Gordonville seems to be able to provide whatever you require to make your stay pleasant.

There are two small cities about 30 miles from the RV Park. One is Gainesville, and the other is Sherman. We have gone to both. But we have explored Sherman more than Gainesville.

We know Gainesville has a Walmart and Home Depot right on route 82. It may have other stores also as we know it has many of the restaurants chains that you commonly see.

So I am sure that they support other grocery stores as well. But we know for sure that Sherman has a Walmart, Albertsons, Kroegers, and a Sam’s Club.

It also has many of the big box stores and both Home Depot and Lowes. And there is a Camping World in Sherman if you are in need of any of those kind of supplies too.

Restaurants Nearby Lake Texoma RV Campground

Lots of restaurants can be found in Sherman too. Most of the chain restaurants are there, but also some mom and pop places with very good food options.

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We went to a place called MG restaurant that is located in Sherman. It has been around since the 80’s and is built on a 50’s theme and located in an renovated gas station. Very cool!!!!!

Burgers were great and their home made red velvet cake to die for. Reasonably priced too. Would definitely go again.

About 15 miles away is the town of Whitesboro. It’s a very small town but they do offer a local grocery store called Brooks Brothers.

And it’s not too badly priced for being the one and only in this area. It also has a McDonald’s, Whataburger, Pizza Hut and a BBQ restaurant.

But we thoroughly enjoyed a restaurant on Route 377 between Whitesboro and the RV campground called Catfish Haven.

The catfish was delicious, but what was really outstanding was the homemade pies that the owner’s wife makes. Some of her recipes are 100 years old. They were sooooo
good. Thanks for a great meal, Catfish Haven!!!!

How About Internet Connectivity?

Of course, what we all want to know about RV camping is how about internet connectivity???? Well, the RV park only offers WIFI near specific areas, such as the clubhouse, etc.

So other than that you do have to provide your own internet. We only know about T-Mobile and AT&T which is what we use. And in this area, T-Mobile seems to be very sketchy.

Even our cell phones found it difficult to make a solid connection. But AT&T seemed to work just fine, so we were able to have good internet connectivity all the time.

Our Conclusion About Lake Texoma RV Campground

So the bottom line is, how would we rate Lake Texoma RV Campground? We would probably rate it about a 3 out of 5. Why?

The park could use quite a bit of sprucing up in many areas. And the amenities could definitely be better.

On the other hand, all is clean and it is a fairly central spot to enjoy the quiet and beauty of nature. But all the while it is still close to everything that would make your stay here comfortable.

So would we come back again? Yes. For us it provides everything we need.

We don’t require a lot of park amenities to be happy, so they don’t really impact us. But looking at this park from what many people expect in a campground, it could use a bit of improvement.

All in all it is an average park that someone would enjoy if they want a rustic, yet comfortable stay.

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