RV Mice – Learn How To Get Rid Of Them For Good!

If you haven’t had RV mice problems so far, consider yourself very fortunate. Chances are that somewhere down the line you will face having to deal with these unwanted guests.

And it’s important to understand that having mice in your RV is not just irritating or a nuisance. No, they can really do some serious damage to your RV quickly.

This is because mice chew on almost everything in an RV. They love to chew on pipes, wood, clothing, furniture and paper goods of any kind.

But for some reason they seem very attracted to electrical wiring.

So just think about how much expensive damage to RV wiring can be done by mice behind your RV’s walls. Or even in your engine compartment if you have a motorhome.

This kind of damage can cost thousands of dollars in RV repairs. And of course, a lot of frustration and irritation as well.

So this article will help you devise a plan to eliminate RV mice issues as much as possible. Let’s get started!

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How To Prevent RV Mice

RV mice problems are most prevalent while an RV is in storage. This is because mice are looking for food and shelter. And your empty RV is just what they need to make a cozy home.

And since humans aren’t around, it seems to be the perfect place for them to set up shop for a while.

So the first action to take against having mice in your RV is to put prevention measures in place to keep them out. After all, it’s a lot easier to keep them out in the first place than have to remove them afterward.

Prevention Steps To Take

So here are the steps to take to prevent a mice infestation:

  • Look under your RV and try to plug up any holes or gaps that you can find where they might get entry. Remember they can get in with just a 1/4 inch gap. So push steel wool into the gap and then seal it further with expanding foam.
  • Remove all food when in storage other than canned food. They can even chew into plastic containers so remove anything other than what is in a can.
  • Many RVers have used strong scents and smells to keep them out. Scents like peppermint oil soaked cotton balls, Irish Spring soap bars, mothballs, and even dryer sheets. You may have to experiment to find the right combination for your area, but many have found these to be effective. Just remember to replenish and renew the scents often.
  • Predator pee has also been used to good effect by some RV owners. Especially bobcat and coyote pee. Mice recognize the scent of their predators and usually vacate the area.
  • LED rope lights under the RV at night has also been effective for some RVers. It’s well known that mice don’t like well lighted areas, so they seem to avoid RVs with lighted underbellies.
  • If you have an RV motorhome, keep the hood open when stored. This lets light and drafts into the engine compartment and mice will probably avoid nesting there.

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Full-time Travel And RV Mice

If you are a full-time RV traveler, you are less likely to have to deal with mice in your RV.

This is because mice would rather be in an area where humans aren’t around. And since you are on the move, that can also be a deterrent to them setting up long-term living arrangements in your rig.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen if you are a full-timer. We have had to deal with mice ourselves on one occasion.

So you need to have a plan not only to prevent RV mice, but also to remove them if necessary.

How To Remove RV Mice

Here are a few methods that have proven to be effective in getting rid of mice in your RV:

  • Mice killer or poison has proven to work against a mice infestation. The only caveat is to remember that mice can take the poison back to their nest behind the RV walls and die there. That means they are out of your reach, and the smell can be pretty bad for a while.
  • Glue traps have also been good mice control products. You put bait on the pad and when the mouse steps on the pad to get it he gets stuck there. He can’t go back to his home behind the walls. But you have to be vigilant about checking the glue traps regularly to dispose of them.
  • Humane mouse traps are another way to try to catch mice and remove them. And if done right, there is no real harm to the mouse. They are baited into a plastic container where they are trapped. They have food and air holes to breathe. But again, you must check the traps regularly to remove the mouse before he dies.
  • The good old-fashioned spring loaded mouse trap is by far the most effective way of eliminating an RV mice infestation. So if things start getting out of control because the mice are breeding rapidly, it may be your best choice overall.

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If you find that you start to have an RV mice problem, don’t panic. But don’t be complacent either.

You need a plan of action to get them out of your RV as soon as possible. And then, do your best to prevent them from coming back.

The suggestions in this article have been proven over time to be very effective. But some work better than others.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

The key here is not to waste any time doing something to remove the mice from your RV. So choose your plan of action and start putting it in place as soon as possible!

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