The Best Class A RV – Who Makes The Best Quality RVs?

The best Class A RV Brands

The best Class A RV – who are the brands or manufacturers that make them?

And more specifically, who are the ones that are considered generally to produce the best quality?

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A commonly asked question is “If I’m going to buy an RV, which brands should I be considering?” 

It’s a good question. But understand that if I give you an answer, it’s only my opinion.

So remember, when you get into these kind of subjects, it’s very subjective.

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How I Determined The Best Class A RVs

The following opinions I’ll be sharing are based on going through lots and lots of RVs.

I mean I have seen a lot of RVs and I have inspected a lot of RVs. I have also done a lot of research about RV’s too.

And online you can access many RV forums where there’s a lot of great RV information.  

Also, I read a lot of RV reviews too. And I have been able to actually talk with numerous RV owners on my travels.

That’s a rich source of information about RVs as well. In these discussions, I’ve learned how their RV was built. And whether folks are satisfied with them or not.  

So that’s what my opinions are based on. And this whole list that I’m going to present today is basically just my opinion. 

Now you may disagree with it completely. And that’s fine because we all have our opinions. 

But what I’m providing here is just based on my experience as an RV inspector.

Now there’s a few things that I want to cover before we actually launch into the list.

That way you can understand what I’m actually doing with the list.  

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Best Class A RV – Gassers VS Diesel Pushers

First of all, you’ve got to understand that when we’re comparing Class A motorhomes you have to kind of separate it out between gasoline engine Class A’s and diesel pusher Class A motorhomes. They’re really different vehicles.  

The manufacturing  process is different. And what they’re including and what they’re not including is different on each one and so on.  

So I’m going to break them out between gas Class A RVs and diesel pusher Class A’s.

Comparing Class A RV Motorhome Price Points

The next thing is that you cannot fairly compare Class A RV motorhomes that are at a wide range of cost points.  

For instance, suppose you buy a Class A RV motorhome that’s about $150,000 new. 

Then you can’t honestly compare that with a similar type of Class A that costs three or four times more.  

Why? Well, as you know in life, you generally get what you pay for. And for that extra money, you really should expect to have a higher level of materials used.

And it should have a better fit and finish as well. Also, you also should expect to receive better customer service.  

All these kinds of things are what should go along with spending more money.  

So with that in mind, I am going to separate out the brands by higher end or higher cost brands, mid-range brands, and then lower-cost brands. 

That way we’re making a fair comparison between the manufacturers as to what they’re intending to sell you.

The Best Class A RV Motorhome Over Ten Years

Now one other point is that things have changed a lot in this industry over the last 10 years. I mean a lot!!!  

And there are some Class A RV manufacturers that were around 10 years ago that aren’t even in business anymore. 

So a Class A RV manufacturers list from 10 years ago would be very different from today.

Also there are others that have changed dramatically over that period of time.  

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

With some manufacturers, their quality has gone downhill. And with others the quality has actually improved over that time.  

So I’m going to break out the list between motorhomes that were built 10 years ago and those that are being built today. 

That way if you’re a new buyer, you’ll get a nice list of good quality brands and manufacturers for today.

And if you’re buying used, you’ll have something to refer to on companies from years past. And the kind of quality RV that they produced then.

All right, since I’ve laid the groundwork for all that criteria, let’s get into the list itself. 

Best Class A RV – Used Diesel Pushers From 10 years ago

We’re going to start with the used diesel pusher section of the Class A motorhome.  

These are the big boys so it’s a good place to start. And we’re going to go back to my Class A RV manufacturers list from 10 years ago first.

And 10 years ago, what if you were buying a higher end Class A diesel pusher? 

Well, the brands with the best reputations then for quality included Country Coach, Tiffin, and Newmar.  

All were very well made units. And if you look at many of those today, they look almost like brand new if they’ve been cared for.

In the mid-range we’re going to give the nod to Winnebago. They have a very big fan club and following. 

Let’s now look at used diesel pusher Class A’s from 10 years ago on the lower end. 

And there’s a couple of manufacturers that have a lot of fans. That is Holiday Rambler and Jayco

So if you’re looking for a more economical used diesel pusher from 10 years ago, those are good choices.

Best Class A RV – Diesel Pushers Today

Best Class A RV brands - diesel pushers
A diesel pusher RV

Now let’s bring it up to today. Well, things have changed a lot in the diesel pusher category today.

RV Gear

What we’ve seen is kind of a skewing of more of the brands toward the higher end.  

They’re leaving that mid-range and lower end sort of open more these days.  

So on the higher end today for diesel pusher motorhomes, my recommendation would still be Newmar and Tiffin. 

In the mid-range, I’m going to give Fleetwood a nice thumbs up here.

And then on the lower end, Jayco could be a good choice for a diesel pusher motorhome. 

All right now, let’s move from diesel pusher motorhomes to gassers or gasoline engines.  

Best Gas Class A RV from 10 years ago

Let’s go back again 10 years ago to start with. And on the higher end of gas Class A RVs.

A gas powered RV
Gas-powered RV

Here we can give the nod to Tiffin, Newmar, and Monaco. These are all very good coaches in this category.  

In the mid range category, Winnebago.

Also, I’m going to add another one that you may not have heard much about, Triple E. Their coaches were built well and they have a very loyal following.

What about the lower end for used gas Class A RVs?

Well, here we are going to give the nod to Holiday Rambler and Jayco.

Now let’s bring everything up to today. And what do we find today in the gasoline section of this category?  

Best Gas Class A Today

Looking at the higher priced models, Newmar and Tiffin still are building a very good gas Class A RV. 

And we are now going to include Winnebago again. Because Winnebago’s been moving that price point up over the last ten years.

In the mid-range, we are going to include Entegra in that category.

And on the lower price point end, we’ll give a nod toward Jayco.

Now these are my opinions about the quality that each one of these manufacturers is producing.  

Is This All Of The Best Class A RVs?

So are the Class A RV motorhomes that I have mentioned so far all that I can recommend?

Not at all. There are several more brands and manufacturers that I feel are worth considering seriously.

RV repairs - don't pay for them

That’s why I created a guidebook for Class A RV motorhomes. For both new and used RVs.

In the guidebooks I list all of the Class A RV manufacturers and brands that I recommend as an RV inspector.

And you can download my guidebooks at the links listed below (click on the image).

The best new Class A RV motorhomes to buy
The best new Class A RV motorhomes to buy
The best used Class A RV motorhomes to buy

What If You Disagree With My List?

But now let me say a few things here in regards to this list that I’ve laid out here. 

As I went through that list, you might have disagreed with a lot of it.  

In fact, maybe you got a lemon of an RV from one of these manufacturers that I just recommended. 

Just let me remind you that lemons can be had from almost any brand in the RV industry.   

All I’m giving you with this list is a list of manufacturers that are generally well received.

And it’s agreed upon by many that over time, they produce a quality product.  

So don’t be angry if you got a product that wasn’t really what you would expect from one of these manufacturers. It can happen in any brand.

Should You Only Buy RV Brands On My List?

Also, I want to mention here that this does not mean that you should only buy a Class A RV that’s on my recommended list.   

And it doesn’t mean that you can’t consider ones that aren’t on my list.  

This is just helpful information that I’m providing for you. It’s just what many people agree are the best Class A RV manufacturers.  

And if you start RV shopping with the best class A RVs in mind, it’s a big help in the buying process.

Because you are putting the odds on your side that you will get a quality RV. One that will last for many years on your RV travel adventures.

A Word About Gas Class A RVs From 10+ Years Ago

Now what if the RV you’re considering is more than 10 years old? 

Well then, actually the priority shifts in this case. More from the quality of the brand to the quality of the maintenance that’s been performed.

In other words, how did the RV owners care for the RV during that period of time?   

Yes, in the early life of an RV, the brand makes a lot of difference. But as time goes by, it’s not so much about the brand itself.  

I mean it’s always a consideration. But a more important question becomes what that owner did with the RV to keep it in good condition? So please bear that in mind.

The Overall Best Class A RVs

Finally, did you notice that in the brands list there were three manufacturers whose names kept coming up repeatedly?  

I’m sure you caught it. Yes, that is Newmar, Tiffin, and Winnebago.  

And there is a reason for that. Suppose you pressed me for the best brands in the Class A RV industry.

Then I would probably say that I feel that these three manufacturers, consistently produce a higher quality product. More so than most other brands. 

Don’t Forget The RV Inspection

Regardless of whether you are considering a new or used Class A RV, get it inspected before you buy.

RV inspection
Get an RV inspection before you buy

This is a critical step in the RV buying process. One that you don’t want to skip.

How To Buy Class A RVs The Right Way

That’s because any RV can have hidden problems and issues that you don’t know about. And these hidden issues can cost a lot to repair later on.

So call in a certified RV inspector and have them go through the RV from top to bottom.

And when you get the report afterward, you have the best snapshot of the condition of that RV. Then you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not.

Even if it is a new diesel pusher Class A, I still recommend the RV inspection. Why?

Because RV builders, even Class A RV manufacturers, are shortcutting quality control procedures these days. Even some of the best brands are doing it.

The RVs are still made with great overall quality. But they can have issues that need to be repaired.

And if you don’t catch them before you buy the RV, it may takes weeks or months to get them fixed under warranty.

But an RV inspection avoids all of that frustration and aggravation. It alerts you to the issues that need attention before you take ownership.

Then you can have the RV dealer fix the problems while the RV is still on their lot.

And that means that you get the RV you paid for on the very first day you take it home.

New and used RV buying guidebooks

I have also created guidebooks for buying either a new or a used RV. And these guidebooks explain how to find the right RV for your needs.

Then they show you how you can pre-inspect an RV first to make sure it’s worthy of consideration.

And anyone can follow the pre-inspection guide and checklist. It’s really simple to do.

Then, if it passes the right criteria you can call in the professional RV inspector. And the report they give you will be thorough and complete.

The information in these guidebooks will save you lots of money, frustration and time in the buying process.

Here are the links to the guidebooks (just click the image):

Used RV buying guidebook
My guidebook for buying used RVs
Mu guidebook for buying new RVs


So suppose you choose to buy an RV from one of these brands that’s on my list?

Well then, you’re just simply putting the odds more in your favor for getting a high quality RV.  

And that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great RV from another manufacturer.

But you’re going with the flow, when you jump in there and purchase from the good quality manufacturers.

Well, I hope what I’ve covered here today has been helpful.

I hope it will give you something to think about the next time that you consider buying a Class A RV.

Have safe and happy travels my friends!

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