How To Avoid the Biggest And Most Expensive RV Buying Mistakes

Avoid RV buying mistakes

Buying an RV can be very stressful. And nobody wants to make expensive RV buying mistakes.

The truth is that RVs are not like most other purchases that you will ever make. For instance, most people like to do some research before buying a vehicle or a house. And that’s a smart thing to do.

But an RV is actually both of those things. It’s a vehicle that goes down the highway. And it’s a home whenever you are camping in it.

So it calls for a special kind of knowledge to know what to look for when buying an RV. And most people just don’t have that kind of knowledge or experience at first.

And without knowing what you should be looking for, it’s so easy to buy a rig that has hidden problems. Of course, that can lead to every RV owner’s nightmare – a money pit!

So let’s talk about how you can avoid those kind of RV buying mistakes and make a good RV choice instead.

RV Decisions That Need To Be Made

Before you even start the RV buying process, there is a need to make some important decisions.

For instance, which type of RV is best suited to you and the way you like to travel and camp?

Would a motorhome like a Class A, B or C fit you best? Or maybe you would do better with a towable like a travel trailer or fifth wheel.

Then you need to decide if you will buy a new or a used RV. There are advantages and disadvantages both ways.

Also, how much maintenance and upkeep can you afford after buying the RV? Some rigs are just more expensive to care for than others.

Then when you find an RV that you really like, how do you know whether you are actually getting a good deal or not? It’s easy to spend more money than you should if you aren’t prepared.

And of course, should you get an RV inspection on every rig that you are considering? If not, when should you bring in the RV inspector in the buying process?

Expensive RV Buying Mistakes

There are lots of RV buyers that make a purchase without really knowing what they are getting. And unfortunately, that’s an expensive way to buy!

It costs more on the front end when you actually buy the rig. And it continues to cost more afterward in the form of expensive repairs on hidden problems.

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And when you don’t buy the kind of RV that fits you best, you may be changing rigs again soon. In fact, some buyers go through 3 or more RVs before they finally figure out what they should have purchased first.

If you add up all of the unnecessary money spent in these areas, it can be many thousands of dollars. And the vast majority of those expenses can and should be avoided.

So is there a common sense method of RV buying and RV inspection that puts the odds on your side? That helps you avoid the most expensive RV buying mistakes?

The good news is that the answer to those questions is YES!

How To Get An RV Buying Blueprint

As a certified RV inspector, I see examples of all of these RV buying issues that I have previously mentioned regularly.

So I have written a plainspoken guide to RV buying and RV inspection that many have found helpful.

It’s called “How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit”, and it’s an ebook that you can download.

Watch my YouTube video about “How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit here

In the ebook, I first explain how to choose the right RV for your needs. This is a crucial step to make sure that you get the RV you want right away.

The ebook also has several links to videos I have made that explain the various RV types in detail. And I cover the pros and cons of each kind of RV too, as well as who should buy them.

There are also videos on whether you should buy a new or used RV too. This is a big decision for most newer RV buyers.

And I explain the best way that you educate yourself about RV prices. This is important! Because armed with the right pricing information, you can get a great deal on your next RV.

So all of this information is really a blueprint for how to buy an RV the right way. And none of it is hard or difficult to understand.

In fact, I have tried my best to make sure that the tips and information in the ebook is understandable by even RV newbies.

But now we get to one of the most important parts of the RV buying process – the RV inspection.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

You Can Perform A Pre-Purchase RV Inspection

One of the biggest issues with RV inspections is knowing when to bring in the RV inspector in the buying process.

That’s because if you pay for an RV inspection for every rig that you look at, that can get expensive fast! Especially if you don’t find the right RV for you right away!

Of course, getting an RV inspection by a pro is one of the best ways to avoid RV buying mistakes. So what’s the best way to handle this issue?

My recommendation is to learn how to perform a pre-purchase RV inspection of your own. And that is one of the best advantages of getting my ebook!

Get my RV buying and RV inspection ebook guide now!

I show you step-by-step how to inspect some of the most expensive items on an RV that you are considering. And none of the personal inspection process is too technical for the average RV buyer.

So the pre-purchase inspection helps you know that the main components of the RV are functioning correctly. It therefore means that you can now seriously consider that RV for purchase.

And to help make the personal inspection even easier, I also provide you with a checklist to use as you go. So as you proceed through the inspection, you can record what you find on each part of the RV.

This becomes especially helpful if you look at several rigs before purchasing. After a while of looking at lots of RVs, they just all seem to blend together.

It’s hard then to remember exactly what you saw on each RV that you inspected. But the checklist helps organize your thoughts on each rig and easily bring them back to mind.

Do You Still Need A Professional RV Inspection?

So if you know how to make a pre-purchase RV inspection of your own, do you even need a pro inspector?

Let me say clearly that my ebook inspection guide is not meant to replace a professional RV inspection. That is not the purpose of the ebook at all.

Instead, the pre-purchase personal RV inspection helps you narrow down the RVs that are worthy of consideration. It helps you weed out right away those could likely be an RV money pit!

With those unworthy rigs out of the running, you have clearly saved yourself lots of time and money. So you are already avoiding making serious RV buying mistakes!

Then just keep looking until you find the RV that fits your needs and passes your personal inspection. When you find that RV, it can be time to call in a professional RV inspector.

RV Gear

Why Do You Need A Certified RV Inspector?

My ebook will help you learn about how to inspect some of the most expensive parts of an RV. And the inspections can be done by almost anyone.

But RVs are complicated things. And many of the systems on an RV need to be tested thoroughly before purchase.

The tests that need to be performed are well beyond the ability of most RV buyers. So having a well trained RV inspector’s experience is a must in these areas.

NRVIA certified RV inspectors help you avoid RV buying mistakes

The RV inspector also will have the right equipment to inspect every part of an RV. All the way from the roof to the tires.

And the inspection that a pro will perform will be much more comprehensive and thorough.

There still may be things that the RV inspector finds that will need attention or repair. But in most cases, it will not be a deal breaker.

But by your personal inspection you have avoided calling in a pro on a rig that didn’t deserve a thorough inspection.

Avoid The Most Common RV Buying Mistakes

The biggest and most expensive RV buying mistakes are made by uninformed buyers.

They aren’t sure of what kind of RV they need or how much it will cost. And they know very little about how to spot an RV with hidden problems.

They choose an RV for purchase based mainly on the color, or the floor plan, not on its quality. Of course, appearances are important, but they shouldn’t be the sole reason for buying an RV.

With just a little knowledge imparted by someone who is a pro, the average RV buyer can make a great choice.

So be sure to get a copy of my RV ebook “How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit” now!

If you do, I will also make myself available to help answer any questions that you have about buying an RV. And I will help you through the personal inspection process if you feel that you need it.

As always, have safe and happy travels!

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