Verde Valley RV & Camping Resort – Our Complete Report

Verde Valley RV Resort Review

Verde Valley RV & Camping Resort is located at 6400 E. Thousand Trails Road in Cottonwood, AZ.

This campground is open year round and is located in a very picturesque area of Cottonwood.

It’s not far from Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome, and of course Phoenix, AZ.

In fact, it is located about 10 miles off I-17 after exiting the interstate at exit 287 and going west on Rte 260.

You will drive through some breathtaking countryside on your way to go to the campground.

In fact, the road is very easy to travel to get to this campground. And you should have no problems navigating even in a larger RV.

As you arrive and go through the Ranger’s station, you will immediately notice the unbelievable view from the entrance.

Click here to view a map of Verde Valley RV Resort And Campground

Verde Valley RV Resort – The Park Itself

This 340 site park located on about 300 acres of property winds down into the Verde Valley.

And the park is split up into different sections as you drive the winding road. There are beautiful views around almost every turn.

A note of warning though. They keep a strict watch on your speed. And the limit is 5 mph.

But frankly, you probably wouldn’t want to go a whole lot faster anyway.

This park is part of the Thousand Trail membership program. But you can also book outside this program.

And if you do, the sites for full hook ups and 30 amp electrical service run around $50/night.

Now, if you want 50 amp hook ups, there is an upcharge of $5 to $10 a day. But this is dependent on which camping area you are in.

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The newer areas near the top of the campground cost more than the ones closer to the bottom.

Verde valley RV Resort – Campground Features

They also seem to have a reasonable amount of sites for people who are traveling through.

Although there are some year round residents, it does not seem to be the majority of sites.

It is a popular park, though, so it is wise to book ahead if you want specific dates.

As mentioned, the park itself is really in a beautiful area. And the sites for the most part seem to be fairly level.

But most will definitely be on grass or dirt. There are some gravel sites, but they, as you may expect, are taken very quickly.

The Campground Staff

The personnel are OK. They did not seem to be extra helpful. And they are definitely quick to tell you if you are over the speed limit.

That can be a bit irritating. But you usually do not have a lot of interaction with them except for checking in, etc.

So if you just bear in mind the speed limit, there should be no big problems with the staff.

Verde Valley RV Resort Amenities

How are the amenities in the park? Well, they seem to be kept up and clean.

We can’t speak about all the activities because of the COVID restrictions that were in place when we were there.

But it does seem that they usually have plenty of things taking place when things are normal.

And hopefully that will all be back to normal in a short period of time.

The bath houses seemed, although being older, to be in decent shape and fairly clean.

The one thing they do not have on premises is a laundry room.

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There is a large, very clean laundromat in Cottonwood though. So keep that in mind if that is something that you need to take advantage of. (The name of it is Super Clean Laundry)

Verde Valley RV Resort – The Surrounding Areas

What is there to do in the area? Lots of things. The town of Cottonwood itself is located about 8 miles away, around 15 minutes from the RV park.

It has a picturesque Main Street with lots of Native American wares. And there are antique shops, and tourist shops that would interest just about anybody.

And just a little beyond that, or about 30 minutes from the park is Jerome, AZ.

The drive to Jerome is just breathtaking. And when you get to the town itself, it has lots of small stores.

You will find artist galleries, parks, and even a gold mine that can be explored too. And with gorgeous views all through the town.

And if you want a little something to eat, a cafe overlooking the mountains and valleys awaits you. You just can’t go wrong taking a trip to Jerome.

Visiting Sedona

But if you go in the opposite direction, just about 25 miles, or around 35 to 40 minutes away is Sedona, AZ.

Almost everyone has heard of Sedona. It’s famous for its beautiful red rocks.

Also the crystal blue sky, dark green pine trees and lots of beautiful vistas.

Along with that, there are many small stores that sell their wares. And there are fantastic cafes and eating establishments almost everywhere.

Just outside of the township itself are beautiful state parks. For instance, Slide Rock State park.

It offers picnicing and rocks to slide down into beautiful water holes. And there are hiking and rock formations all through that area too.

You can even go on Jeep rides off-road in the Sedona area. Which is an amazing experience if you have never done it.

As you can see, Sedona is a place that if you are staying that close, you just don’t want to miss. It’s absolutely one of our favorite places to go.

RV Gear

Verde Valley RV Resort Shopping Opportunities

But are there any stores close by that are easily accessed in order to pick up provisions? The great news is YES!

Right on Route 260 on the way to Cottonwood is a Walmart, a Fry’s grocery store, and a Home Depot. These are just 6 miles or about 10-11 minutes away.

Also, right in Cottonwood itself is a Safeway. And right outside is a Tractor Supply Store and an Ace Hardware.

So you can pretty much get anything that you want within about a 15 to 20 minute drive. Not too bad!

Internet Connectivity

The last question is, how about connection to the outside world while in the park? How is the WIFI?

Well, this is the only part that could be a little disappointing.

If you are in a part of the park that has a higher elevation it definitely is better than being down in the valley.

We were down in the valley and were using our hotspot and cell booster.

And as a result, we were able to get internet. Although most of the folks around us could not.

Our neighbors also told us that the park’s WIFI was not very good either.

Now we hear that they are in the process of improving the WIFI in the park.

And if they do, I’m sure many folks will be really pleased about that. But while we were there, it was almost nonexistent without a cell booster.

Verde Valley RV Resort – Our Conclusion

So how would we rate our experience at Verde Valley RV & Campground?

Well, the surrounding area is an absolute 5+. The beauty and the accessibility to everything is just wonderful.

How about the campground? We would probably give it a 3.8. Why?

Although the park itself is very pretty, the staff could be more accommodating.

And we wish they were not so crazy about that 5 mph speed limit.

The fact that they use radar guns to track you seems a bit overly excessive to us.

The amenities, although OK could be improved on a bit. And the WIFI connectivity, which so many people need nowadays needs improvement.

That does seem to be a work in process at this point though.

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Would we go back to the park? That would be a definite YES.

It was a great place to stay to enjoy the beauty of Northern Arizona.

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