Super C VS Class A – A Head To Head Comparison

Super C vs Class A motorhomes

In this article we’re going to be talking about Super C VS Class A diesel pusher RV’s. And these days Super Cs are becoming a lot more common.

We’re seeing them more and more on the road. And there’s more manufacturers making them. But the thing to understand is that Super C’s are really in a category all by themselves.

A little while back I made a video on comparing Class C RV’s to Class A RV’s. And I got a little bit of feedback on that.

You can watch the video on Class A vs Class C RVs here

People said, “Hey you didn’t include Super C’s”. Well that’s because Super C’s really don’t belong in the general Class C category.

They’re a whole different animal altogether. They’re really more like Class A’s because of their size. And because of the power that they have.

In fact, many Super C’s these days are being built on a commercial type truck chassis. Like Freightliner and Volvo and that kind of chassis. So they have a lot of strength and power.

Watch my video about Super C vs Class A

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Super C vs Class A – Why Compare Them?

Now the RV we are going to compare them to today will not be the Class C, but the Class A instead.

And the Class A that we’re going to compare them with today is not the gasser Class A either. Because it doesn’t really fit.

To compare gasoline engines to diesel engines and what they can do, would not make a very fair comparison. So we are going to make the comparison between the diesel pusher Class A’s and Super C’s.

And the first thing to recognize is that both of them have some things in common. For instance, they both are essentially at the very high end of the RV market.

Yes, both Super C’s and diesel pushers offer a lot of options and luxuries. Things that you just can’t offer in other RV’s because of the weight that they can carry around. So in that respect they’re very similar.

But let’s go ahead and get into the comparison now. So we’ll start off with the pros of the Super C when compared to diesel pushers.

Super C vs Class A – Towing

And the number one pro is that the Super C’s towing capacity is amazing. My goodness, they can tow some serious weight.

Most Class A diesel pushers are probably going to max out around 10,000 pounds for towing. But when you’re talking about Super C’s, they can go 20,000 to 30,000 pounds. Sometimes even much more.

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So if you’ve got a big heavy trailer that you’re pulling with your RV, well then a Super C is a really good choice. It’s ready for towing!

Another Pro – Getting In And Out

Now the second pro is that you have driver and passenger doors on the Super C. And a lot of people like that.

Many RVers don’t like to have to get up and go through the living area to get out of the coach. Or they don’t like to have just one side access point.

So in the Super C, each person has their own door to get in and out. And a lot of people feel it’s a little easier getting in and out with those front doors too.

Super C vs Class A – Safety Features

The third pro is there’s more safety features, generally speaking, in the Super C. Especially when compared to Class A diesel pushers.

For instance, in Super C’s there’s a lot of airbags most of the time. So
you have that advantage in the event of a crash.

These days Class A’s still aren’t catching up very well in that particular area for safety. But then there’s also that big front engine that goes out in front of the RV too in the Super C.

So if you have a head-on collision, there’s a lot of RV engine to go through
to finally get to the driver and passenger in the front.

Now in a Class A, that’s one of the issues for safety. That the driver and passenger are right there where that front end collision takes place.

So a lot of people just simply consider the Super C to be more safe. And especially so in a front end collision.

Comparing Engine Placement

Now the next pro is the access to the engine. And the fact is there’s a lot more room to work on engine related issues in Super C’s. Especially compared to Class A diesel pushers.

Once again that’s because that big old engine is right out front. Just like most commercial truck engines are. And so the mechanic can easily get
right to any part of the engine.

Super C RV with the engine up front

That is not the case with many Class A diesel pushers though. In fact, in a diesel pusher, you often have to go in the back bedroom and lift up the floor in order to access the engine and get in there to work.

Then mechanics often are laying on their stomach trying to work on that engine. And it’s really tight.

Because of that there’s a lot of diesel mechanics that just will not work on Class A diesel pushers. But having the diesel engine right out in the front there, they’re happy to work on that. So that’s definitely a pro!

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Super C vs Class A – Repair Facilities

Now the next pro is something very closely related to that. And that is there’s simply more diesel shops to work on Super C’s. Mainly because of the engine being out front and easy to access. And that’s a big plus.

There’s a lot of shops that will not even accept diesel pushers at all. They just consider it to be not worth their time and effort.

But if you find a diesel repair shop that works on commercial trucks, well then the chances are that they’ll work on the Super C’s also. So it is a real advantage.

What About Sleeping Arrangements?

Now the last pro that we’re going to mention is for families. And that is there is extra sleeping arrangements in the Super C.

Remember it’s a “C”. So it’s got that iconic front that comes right out over the cab. And that’s a great area for a bed for kids.

Super C front end cap sleeping area
Front end cap on a Super C – a great sleeping area

So if you have a family, it’s a good thing to think about. If you need more room for sleeping area, the Super C has the advantage there.

Well those are the pros of Super C RVs in a Class A vs Super C comparison.

Now let’s talk about the cons of Super C’s when we compare them to Class A diesel pushers. Because there’s never anything that is absolutely perfect for everyone.

Super C vs Class A – Ride Comfort

So the first con that’s very often mentioned, is the ride comfort in Super C’s. Now to be fair, they’re getting better and better about it.

But remember they are built on a commercial type truck chassis. So they tend to ride more like a commercial truck than Class A diesel pushers.

One of the things that everybody loves about diesel pushers is the ride. And generally speaking, they usually have higher quality suspension systems.

So with that nice air suspension system when you’re going down the highway, you’re just sort of floating as you go. And a lot of people like that.

So for ride comfort, we’ll give the advantage to the Class A diesel

A Comparison Of Living Area

Now the second con for Super C’s is that there’s less living area per length of the RV. Again, that’s because of that big old front engine out there.

With the diesel pusher, the engine is in the very back. And like we said before, it’s usually right up under the bedroom.

RV Gear

Because of the location, there’s not a lot of living space lost. But think about that front area in a Super C.

From the windshield forward on a Class C or a Super C. It’s just lost space as far as living area is concerned.

So if you want more living area for the size of your RV, well then, you’ve got to go with the Class A diesel pusher.

Super C living area
There’s still plenty of living area in a Super C

Super C vs Class A – Competition

Now the next con is that there’s not nearly as many Super C’s being manufactured as there are Class A’s. But again this is getting better.

There’s more and more manufacturers producing Class C’s. But the simple truth is, there’s nowhere near as many manufacturers for Super C’s. At least not as many as there are for Class A diesel pushers. Not even close.

That means therefore, that there’s not as much competition among dealers. Especially dealers selling the same model and so on.

You also will not find as many different floor plans with Super C’s as you can find with Class A diesel pushers. So that’s a consideration too.

What About Engine Noise?

Now the next con about Super C’s is about the engine being right up there with you. There’s a lot of things that could be both good and bad about that.

For instance, the engine being up front means you are going to experience some engine noise as you’re going down the road. Now, this noise is not necessarily going to be really obnoxious though.

But the difference is that in a diesel pusher, the engine is 35 or more feet behind you. And there’s a whole coach essentially between you and the engine.

So that’s one of the great features of Class A diesel pushers over a Super C. And that is the quiet and nice ride you experience as you’re going down the highway.

A lot of people really enjoy that quiet ride. So realize that in the Super C you’re going to miss a little bit of that quiet as you travel.

Super C vs Class A – Storage

Now the fifth con for Super C’s is that there’s generally not as much storage as you get in Class A diesel pushers. And again this has to do with the engine. Why?

Because if you put the engine up front, there has to be a drive shaft that comes through the RV. And it extends back to the rear wheels.

But when you do that, the drive shaft takes up vital storage area. Now in a diesel pusher you don’t have that issue. Because the engine’s in the back pushing the rig.

So then, there’s no drive shaft going in between the two axles. As a result, you have complete pass-through storage in many Class A diesel pushers.

So for the subject of storage space, we’ve got to say that Super C is definitely an improvement over regular Class C’s in storage. But they’re still not usually quite up to what many diesel pushers are able to offer.

Well, that’s the pros and the cons of Super C’s as compared to diesel pushers. Now let’s talk about who could benefit from buying either the Super C or the diesel pusher.

And honestly, there could be any number of reasons why people choose either one of them. But a couple of ideas came to mind for me in the Super C area.

Who Should Buy A Super C Or A Class A?

For instance, perhaps you’ve got a trailer with some really heavy stuff in it. Well then, a Super C has the advantage at that point because they can tow heavy things.

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The other person that could benefit from buying a Super C are those that have children. And it’s because they need more sleeping space than say a Class A usually offers.

Now, there are some Class A’s that have a sleeper bed that comes down over the front cockpit. But there’s not very many of them.

However, the Super C has that big sleeping area that comes out over the cab. And that can be big for folks that have families.

Now who would probably buy a diesel pusher? It could be for any number of reasons. But maybe a couple who really wants to enjoy a quiet, nice, soft ride on the highway. Well then, the diesel pusher will certainly do that.

Also those who want as much living space as they possibly can get. They just really like elbow room and want as much living space as possible.

In that case, the Class A diesel pusher will work best for that scenario.

Class A RV Manufacturers

So which Class A RV manufacturers build a quality motorhome? One that you would want to buy?

Well, the good news is that there is quite a list of very good manufacturers of Class A motorhomes.

And here are three of the best Class A RV manufacturers that I can recommend:

  • Newmar – they have been building quality motorhomes for over 50 years now. And they are unique in the RV industry because they build both Class A and Super C motorhomes. This is a company that is renowned for their attention to detail and quality.
  • Tiffin – they are another one of the great brands of Class A motorhomes. They have been building quality motorhomes for 45 years. And the Tiffin family name is synonymous with high quality workmanship.
  • Winnebago – they have been building motorhomes since 1966. So they have certainly learned a thing or two about how to build them during that period. They are one of the premier Class A manufacturers of motorhomes. And they are almost always included in any list of the top 3 Class A RV manufacturers.

So are there any more Class A RV manufacturers that I can recommend? You bet there are!

In fact, I created a guidebook that lists all of the best manufacturers of Class A motorhomes. And provides information on the models that they sell as well.

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The best manufacturers of Class A motorhomes guidebook
My Best Class A Motorhomes Guidebook

Super C RV Manufacturers

Now it’s time to discuss Super C RV manufacturers. Who are the best Super C brands that are known for building a quality product?

Well again, there are several Super C RV brands that fit that bill nicely. And here is a list of three of them:

  • Newmar – as I mentioned above, Newmar not only makes some of the finest Class A RVs today. They also build some great higher end Super C RVs as well. And their Amish and Mennonite craftsmanship is clearly evident in all of their motorhomes.
  • Entegra – they also use a large Amish workforce to help produce their Super C motorhomes. But despite the high quality that is evident in their finished product, their prices can be very attractive. In fact, many feel that Entegra makes the best Super C RV for the money.
  • Dynamax – they have been a high quality Super C RV manufacturer for more than 20 years now. They have won numerous industry awards. And their Super C is one of the best looking products in this segment of the RV industry.

If you want to know about even more high quality Super C RV manufacturers, just get my guidebook that lists them all.

It will help make sure that you shop for a Super C RV from only the best quality brands out there.

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The best Super C RV manufacturers guidebook
My Best Super C Motorhomes Guidebook


So that’s my Class A vs Super C head-to-head comparison.

Now, let me emphasize that both kinds of RV’s, the Super C and the Class A diesel pusher, are both great.

And they both will give you great service and provide tons of luxuries and features. Because they both can handle all that weight.

Remember they’re both at the very top end of the RV world. And most likely you’ll be happy with either one.

Really, it doesn’t matter what choice you go with, they’re both very good and enjoyable RV’s. They will get you where you want to go in your RV travels. And they will do it in style.

Well that’s it for now. Have safe and happy travels my friends.

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