RV Exterior Paint Protection – Fast & Easy

RV exterior paint protection

The best RV exterior paint protection goes well beyond just washing and waxing your RV at regular intervals. So if you want the best results for your RVs exterior, more is needed.

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Best RV Exterior Protection – 3 Steps Needed

Your RV’s exterior surface could be made of fiberglass, gel coat, aluminum or just full body paint.

And all of these surfaces need some form of regular cleaning and protection to last a long time and look their best. So to accomplish that you will need to do these things in order:

  • Wash your RV
  • Wax your RV
  • Then apply paint sealant periodically (or other long-term synthetic protection) to your RV

Of course, if your RV exterior has been neglected for a while you may need to prepare it beforehand.

In other words, if you see fading and/or small scratches on the outside of your RV, some form of surface correction is needed first.

This can be accomplished with a good RV polish or RV compound that is applied either by hand or using an orbital buffer.

Why Is RV Paint Sealant A Good Idea?

Modern paint and exterior products for autos and RVs provide protection from the elements and UV damage from the sun.

But some forms of protection last longer than others. And in general, RV waxes only last a few months at best.

Paint sealants though, can be used on almost any surface that can be waxed and can even be applied over wax.

They can then extend the protection of the RV wax, up to a full year or so. And they are pretty economical to buy and use.

You may have heard a lot of talk about ceramic coatings for RV paint.

And RV ceramic coatings are high-end products that can last for years. But they are also very expensive and difficult to apply, especially on large RVs.

So the sweet spot for RV exterior paint protection in terms of both cost and results is using a high quality RV paint sealant.

At least that is my opinion. And they can be exceptionally easy and simple to apply for almost anyone.

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What Do I Use For Paint Protection On My RV?

In other posts on my website, I have explained that I use a product called “Wash Wax All” to both wash and wax my motorhome. It’s an exceptionally easy way to wash and wax an RV.

But I also apply a paint sealant or synthetic wax periodically to extend the effectiveness of that protection even further.

In fact, the paint sealant that I use on my RV goes on incredibly easy and can last up to a year.

Click here to view the RV exterior paint protection that I use regularly

If you want to see how easy it is to apply this paint protection product, here is a video where I demonstrate using on my motorhome:

Please comment below and tell us how you protect the outside of your RV

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