4 Season Travel Trailers – The Top Picks

4 season travel trailers

This article is about the best 4 season travel trailers brands to buy.

But what does “four season RV” mean anyway? Well interestingly, there’s no set standard for it in the RV industry that all manufacturers accept.

So it can be a pretty wide definition from one brand to the next. And you have to pay close attention when a brand advertises ‘4 Season Capable”.

Now most travel trailers that you buy are usable from somewhere in the spring to late fall. And that makes them essentially “3 season” travel trailers.

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But what about hot weather in the summertime time? Well you know, hot weather can be tolerated if you have a good RV air conditioning unit.

Of course, it may be a little uncomfortable at times, but that’s about it. However winter poses a much bigger challenge for RVs.

Because not only will you be uncomfortable in really cold weather, but it can also do damage to your RV.

It can freeze water pipes, waste tanks and other components in the RV causing expensive repairs.

So winter is that fourth season that we want to add in to make a true “four season RV”.

4 Seasons for RV travel and camping
4 Seasons for RV travel and camping

Now let’s go over a list of things that really should be included in a 4 season travel trailer.

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4 Season Package Feature #1

And number one on the list, is upgraded insulation. Really good insulation. In fact, the higher the “R” factor in the RV’s insulation, the better.

Now RV manufacturers use various materials to put insulation in their RVs. But probably the most common are materials like either fiberglass or rigid foam.

The two main methods for insulating travel trailers
The two main methods for insulating travel trailers

And if you had to make a choice, rigid foam is probably the better choice among the two.

However, here’s a warning. Make sure that you verify that the manufacturer has done more than just put higher “R” values of insulation in the walls.

Also verify that added insulation is in the ceiling and the floor too. Because you really need that extra insulation all around the RV’s living area.

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4 Season Travel Trailers Feature #2

Now here’s the next thing you want to look in a 4 season travel trailer. And that is that it should have a sealed or shielded underbelly.

And that’s because you need to protect your RV’s water pipes and waste tanks. Not to mention other components that could be hidden down there as well.

So you don’t want that area exposed to the elements in really cold weather.

Winter weather can freeze pipes quickly
Harsh winter weather can freeze pipes quickly

That’s because a cold wind can go right in under the RV since there is nothing to stop it.

And that means that it can get super cold under there and cause lots of problems.

So make sure the RV’s underbelly is sealed and protected as much as possible.

Now here’s a way RV builders can upgrade basement areas even further. And that if the RV has a vent that puts heat down in that area too.

That’s a really nice feature that makes sure that basement areas don’t freeze.

And another help in really cold weather is RV tank heater pads. They attach to the waste and water tanks underneath.

And usually you have a control button to turn on your tank heaters somewhere on your RV’s control panel.

Now these added items are really good to have. But if your RV doesn’t have them, at least make sure that you have a sealed underbelly.

4 Season Capability Feature #3

Now the next component you want to look for in a 4 season travel trailer is double pane windows.

And I think we all recognize the value that double pane windows bring to stay more comfortable in various kinds of weather.

When you’re dealing with extreme temperatures, they help keep cool and heat inside. And they help keep the uncomfortable weather outside.

Now if you don’t have double pane RV windows, that’s going to be an issue. Especially if you want to use your RV in more extreme weather.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

That’s because single pane windows are a huge place for loss of heat or cool air. So a true 4 season travel trailer will offer that feature.

4 Season Capability Feature #4

Next up on our list is to make sure you have a really good furnace and air conditioning system. And that will be huge help to keep up with extreme temperatures.

So look for more than the average heating and cooling capacity here. For instance, a higher BTU furnace and a better air conditioning system.

Also keep in mind that it’s best to have a ducted system in your RV. That way you can spread the air throughout the entire living area.

And that is really going to help to make sure that everything is protected the way it should be.

OK, so those are the four things that you want to be looking for in a good 4 season travel trailer.

Now entry-level travel trailers are not going to have all of these features just mentioned.

They might have one or two, but they’re not going to have them all. But true 4 season travel trailers are going to have really pretty much all of these components.

And that means they are upgraded and therefore more expensive to buy. So just expect that 4 season travel trailers are going to cost you more when you buy them.

Now here’s a positive side of the cost of 4 season RV components though.

And that is that generally speaking, when you get 4 season components in a travel trailer, you’re also usually going to see better overall construction methods and materials being used throughout the RV as well.

So it usually means that you are getting a better travel trailer all around.

What Brands Make The Best 4 Season Travel Trailers?

Now let’s get to the question of what brands make the best 4 season travel trailers?

Well I’m going to provide a relatively small list here. And my list will only include brands that I feel build better quality overall products to begin with.

Now there’s lots of RV brands out there. And in the travel trailer segment of the industry, there’s dozens of brands you could consider.

RV Gear

But a lot of them just slap a sticker on a travel trailer identifying it as being “4 season capable”.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have all the components we have covered in this article.

So I’m not going to include RV brands that are generally building with sub-par quality.

Only those that I feel not only build really good 4 season products, but they’re also made with good quality overall.

4 Season Ready Brand #1

So number one on the list is Oliver. And let me just say that Oliver builds a fabulous travel trailer.

Oliver makes great 4 season travel trailers
Oliver makes great 4 season travel trailers

As a result, they have an incredibly high customer service rating from their owners.

So look for the Legacy Elite 2 as it will have a lot of 4 season features built right into it.

And you can read positive comments and reviews from Oliver owners online.

And they often mention how they use their travel trailer year round. So Oliver is a very good place to start shopping.

4 Season Ready Brands 2 And 3

Now number two and three on the list in this article is actually two brands together. And that’s Northwood and Outdoors RV.

Northwood and Outdoors RV are 4 season capable
Northwood and Outdoors RV are 4 season capable

Why do I put them together? Because they’re both owned by the same company.

So they have a lot of similar ways of approaching the task of building RVs.

And they are known in the industry for building true 4 Season travel trailers. So either one of those companies would be great to choose from.

4 Season Capable Brand #4

Then number four on my list is Lance. And Lance builds a better quality travel trailer in general than many of their competitors. Especially those competing in a similar price range.

Lance travel trailer RVs
Lance travel trailer RVs

So look for adding on the “4 seasons certified” option to your Lance trailer. And that will bring you into 4 season territory.

4 Season Travel Trailers Brand #5

Finally, number five on the list is Grand Design. They make some great products and they have a lot of loyal owners despite what you may heard otherwise.

Grand Design Reflection can be 4 season capable
Grand Design Reflection can be 4 season capable

In recent years they have had their issues during the Covid pandemic. But they appear to have resolved those issues and have returned to their pre-Covid form.

So if you’re going to buy a Grand Design travel trailer, look for the Reflection. And then add the “Arctic Package”.

Then you’ll have something you can use for 4 seasons of travel and camping.


OK, that’s where I’m going to stop in this article. But I’ve given you five brands that would be good choices for 4 season RVing.

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So does that mean that’s all the really quality brands that are building true 4 season products. No, not at all!

There are others but what I’ve given you here is a good place to start shopping. And these brands are some of the best choices you can make.

Also, now you should have a list of components that you’re looking for to make a travel trailer a true 4 season product.

So you can take what you have learned here and use it to find other brands and models that are 4 season ready.

My hope is that you will make good use of the information in this article.

If you do, I’m confident that you’re going to be able to find a 4 season RV that will fit your needs very well.

Safe and happy travels my friends! Until next time ….

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