Rondout Valley RV Campground – The Good And Not So Good

Rondout Valley RV Campground

Rondout Valley RV Campground is located on 105 Mettacahonts Road in Accord, NY.

This campground is located in a very central spot in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York.

It is right between the Catskill and Schawangunk mountain ranges. And it is almost like a gateway to the New England area.

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Rondout Valley RV Campground Features

The campground provides 310 campsites and a number of different kinds of camping options for almost every camper.

It’s open from April through the month of October every year before it closes for the season.

And access to the park is relatively easy for every size rig. It is just off of route 209 which can easily be gotten to by exiting off the I-87 in NY.

When entering the park, you will find a circular drive that can be used to park while checking in.

If there are a lot of rigs, it can become a bit congested. But they do seem to keep things moving fairly well.

If you are towing a vehicle, you can unhook there or wait until you get into the park nearer to your site.

We usually unhook on the road that leads up to the campground though because it is very level there.

And we find it easier to maneuver in the check-in area if we are already unhooked.

The park staff has always been very friendly and as accomodating as possible.

Park Reservations

The park itself is part of the Thousand Trails membership program.

So it is possible to stay at Rondout Valley for $0/night if you have a Thousand Trails membership.

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But reservations can also be booked outside of that system.

The prices for that option run $79 a night. And if you book for a week it averages out to be $68 a night.

If you are a Thousand Trails camper, it is first come, first serve as far as the sites are concerned.

But if you need a certain type of site, the office personnel is very helpful.

And they will direct you to the part of the park that offers those particular sites.

Do be aware though that there are many seasonal campers in the park.

And they seem to be taking some of the RV sites and putting park models or rental cabins on them. So this does limit your options somewhat.

Rondout Valley RV Campground Campsites

There also tend to be quite a few 30 amp sites with full hookups. But only a limited amount of 50 amp sites with full hook ups.

There are several more 30 and 50 amp sites that have water but no sewer.

And to remedy that they have two dump stations and also offer a honey wagon option.

The honey wagon costs $10 per time they come out though. And it only runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Interestingly, the park staff mentioned that in the near future they plan on opening 81 more new RV sites.

And these are planned to have full hookups and 30/50 amp electrical options.

If they do, this will be very welcome to us Thousand Trails members seeking short camping stays.

How are the sites in the park? In general they seem to be dirt or gravel sites.

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And they are fairly level for the most part. Although, as with most campgrounds, there are always some that present a challenge.

And there are some sites that are also pretty close together. But many offer a decent amount of room between you and your neighbor.

Rondout Valley RV Campground Amenities

There are two beautiful streams that run through the park too. But most of the sites that sit on those prime areas are taken by seasonal folks.

A stream at Rondout Valley RV Campground
One of the streams at Rondout Valley RV Campground

There are a few available though, if you are fortunate enough to get one.

But the park offers many shade trees and the campground is pretty to walk or drive through.

The amenities are OK here. The pool seems to be in good shape and the playground areas are manicured and kept up.

But the facilities are definitely older and quite dated. There are two bath houses in particular that need a lot of work.

There is also a third bath house that is located in the upper section and includes the laundry room in it.

It has been updated and is much cleaner and would be a great one to use.

Their activities center building itself is pretty rundown and needs a lot of work too.

They do have some activities in it daily though and the best thing in it is the snack bar.

It offers a variety of simple breakfast and luncheon items. But another big plus is their ice cream which is always a hit especially on a hot day.

Internet Connectivity At The Park

One other thing most folks wonder about with these kind of campground reviews is internet service.

Well, we used our AT&T hotspot and we had good internet connectivity.

We noticed that the park offers Satellite TV and WIFI too. But this comes at an additional cost and you would have to inquire about what that cost is.

RV Gear

Our hotspot and phones took care of everything we needed while we were staying at the park though.

The Surrounding Area

So how about the surrounding area???? Well, the good news is that there is plenty of beauty to be seen.

Lots of scenic drives, hiking trails, waterfalls and other sights that provide many things to discover and explore.

For instance, just down the road from the park there is a establishment called Kelders Farm.

And it has fresh produce. But also many things for the kids to do and ice cream for a treat.

There are other beautiful farms in the area that provide delicious produce too.

But you will also find home-baked goods and many jarred jellies, jams and sauces. Most of them being produced locally.

Places To Eat Locally

And little cafes and small restaurants dot the roads too. We ate at a nearby roadside BBQ restaurant that had some really delicious brisket.

But we also went to a place not far from the campground called Kerhonkson Diner. They have good American fair for a decent price.

We did get a calzone that was very good across the road from the diner at a place called Cancellier’s Pizza.

The calzone was very good. But the owner and his daughter, who was at the register, seemed to have an irritable attitude.

Although the calzone was good, we certainly would not go back because of that.

Shopping In The Area Around The Park

How about grocery stores and other bigger box stores???? Well, there is really not too much around.

There is a Walmart that is about 9 miles away in Napanoch, NY.

Also near that is a Liquor Store. And just a little further down the road is Peter’s Market.

But to go to any bigger area you need to travel to Newburgh or Poughkeepsie.

And these are about 1 hour to 45 minutes away respectively. But if you don’t mind a beautiful ride through the countryside, it is no bother at all.

Rondout Valley RV Campground – Our Conclusion

So how would we sum up our time at Rondout Valley and the vicinity? Well, the area itself is beautiful.

You will find gorgeous views, clear water, pretty waterfalls and a laid back lifestyle.

And that is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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But how would we rate the campground? We would give it a 3 out of 5.

Why? The amenities could definitely use updating. But, most of all for us, the availability of sites that accommodate all rigs could DEFINITELY be improved upon.

And we hope that will improve in the near future with the changes that are planned for the campground.

But we want to thank the staff for being so helpful. And even in spite of the negatives we mentioned, we will definitely go back.

We just are very aware of both the pros and cons of this park. And now, hopefully you are aware of them as well through our review.

Happy camping everyone!

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