The Top Three 5th Wheel Manufacturers Of New RVs

Top three 5th wheel manufacturers

This article is about the top three 5th wheel manufacturers to buy from if you want a quality RV.

Right now fifth wheels seem to be a lot easier to find than motorhomes. And that’s apparently because of some of the supply chain issues from Covid.

So the good news is that you do have quite a few more fifth wheels to draw from now.

There’s a lot of brands to choose from out there. And there’s a lot of models made by those brands or manufacturers. So the question is, which ones are the best quality brands and models to buy?

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A Guidebook On All Of The Top 5th Wheel Brands And Models

Well, the good news is that I just released a guidebook on this subject. It has a complete list of the top quality 5th wheel brands and models that I recommend as an RV inspector.

My guidebook to the top fifth wheel and toy hauler brands
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Now in this guidebook I list 12 quality brands or manufacturers of fifth wheels. And there’s 60 fifth wheel models to choose from.

It also covers all price ranges. So there’s a lot of RVs to choose from. It’s not just a couple here and a couple there.

So be sure to download the guidebook. And get a full listing of quality fifth wheel manufacturers and models that are what I consider to be a cut above their competition.

Now I can’t cover all those brands and all those models here in an article. But what I can do is give you the top three brands and models to start with.

And I won’t really focus on the total high end fifth wheels either. It would be easy to just choose 3 of the most expensive 5th wheel manufacturers.

But that would not be fair to those who can’t afford to buy an RV in that price range.

Instead, I’m going to list the best of three different price ranges. The higher end, the mid-range and the lower end.

So let’s get started on the list of my top three 5th wheel manufacturers that I can recommend for you.

The Top 5th Wheel Manufacturers – #1

Now for number one, we’ll start on the higher end. Although this manufacturer also makes some very affordable 5th wheels too.

And that’s Grand Design. Now Grand Design has only been in business for about 10 years. So they’re kind of considered a newcomer to the RV industry.

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But actually they have made so much progress in that period! They started out with one fifth wheel. And now they have several models and floor plans to choose from.

Their reputation for quality is very well known. And their customer service is outstanding too.

Quite frankly, that’s exactly what the company had as their main goal. To try to establish a reputation for really good customer service. And stay in contact with their customers.

The Top 5th Wheel Manufacturers – #2

Now let’s move along to the second brand that I can recommend. It’s more of a mid-range cost of fifth wheel, and that’s Northwood.

Now you may not have heard of Northwood quite as much. Of course, almost everybody’s heard about Grand Design. But Northwood is a smaller manufacturer in the Northwest.

Their fifth wheels are made especially for full-time or all season RVers. Now that’s really kind of important.

Because when you build a fifth wheel with the idea of being able to sustain all the weather that you can throw at it, then automatically you’re going to be making a quality RV.

Now they’re not a large quantity builder. But the quality is apparent in their products. And they have lots of loyal customers and fans. So I can recommend Northwood very highly.

The Top 5th Wheel Manufacturers – #3

Now let’s move on to our third brand for fifth wheels, and that’s Jayco. Jayco is actually one of the largest fifth wheel makers and brands in the world. In fact, a lot of people don’t realize how big their facilities are.

They’ve had almost 55 years of RV building experience too. So they know what they’re doing. And they make a lot of affordable fifth wheels too.

So I wanted to put them in this article. Because suppose you can’t afford the higher cost fifth wheels. Well, Jayco probably has something for you that you can afford.

Something about Jayco that I really like is they seem to have struck a unique balance.

And that’s the balance between being a high production builder that also manages to use quality materials and building methods.

There’s not a lot of the high production RV builders out there, quite frankly, that are able to do both. It’s usually one or the other.

But Jayco strikes a very nice balance between the two. So I recommend that you consider them.

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Do These Brands Make Perfect RVs?

So these are three quality 5th wheel manufacturers and brands that I can recommend for you. Now are these brands perfect? Are you going to buy a fifth wheel from them and have no problems whatsoever?

No, there’s no brand quite like that. The RV industry is still, in general, making their products by hand.

So there’s a lot of personal involvement in it. And because of that there can be mistakes that are made.

It all depends on the skill level and the focus of the people who work on an RV as it’s built.

But this is what I can say about these manufacturers. They are generally a cut above their competition when it comes to quality building methods. And customer service after the sale as well.

That’s so important because a lot of manufacturers might do well in one area. But they don’t do well in both.

So what I recommend is this. Before you buy any 5th wheel out there, choose it from a quality builder first. Like the ones I have listed in this article.

One More Thing To Do When You Buy An RV

Then make sure you get an RV inspection on any RV that you buy. Even if it’s brand new, or within the last few years of having been made.

Get an RV inspection. And that way you can make sure that all the little hidden issues and problems are taken care of before you take delivery of that RV.

That puts all of the odds on your side that when you get that RV, it’s going to be the RV you paid for from the very first day of ownership.

The Top 5th Wheel Manufacturers – The Full List

Now finally, let me encourage you again to get my fifth wheel buying guide. Because the guide is not going to just cover the three brands and manufacturers mentioned here.

No, it’s actually going to cover several more. And give you the full list to choose from.

That way you have a lot of RV brands and models on the list that you can begin to explore. And I highly recommend that you do that.

And in the guidebook, I’m going to give you all the information you need to be able to compare one model against the other. Including doing it by price range too.

That way you’ll know what models of different manufacturers are all in the same price range. So there’s a lot to benefit from by getting my guidebook.

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Well that’s it for now. Have safe and happy travels my friends.

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