Shady Pines RV Park – A Small But Neat Campground

Shady Pines RV Park review

Shady Pines RV Park is located at 10010 W. 7th Street, Texarkana, TX

This delightful little RV park is located to the west of Texarkana and is a Good Sam’s Park. It is not far off route 67 and is extremely easy to get to.

The roads getting to this park are paved. And they are also paved inside the park.

So it very easy to move around the campground even in a larger rig.

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Shady Pines RV Park Features

This park has a total of 48 sites so it is not very large. And the cost for a campsite in 2021 was $50 a night.

But you can save 10% with the Good Sam discount.

What are the sites like in this park? They have full hookups and there are 30 and 50 amp sites depending on your rig size.

All the sites seem to be very level. And they have concrete pads with a little patio pad and a picnic table on it.

There are both back-in and pull-thru sites available. And there are some seasonal sites too.

But many of the sites are for folks like us who are passing through the area.

All of the sites are plenty long. They are close to 80 feet in length.

And there’s enough room on each side for slides to come out. That way you don’t make the folks in the next site feel like you are invading their space.

Shady Pines RV Park Amenities

How about the park itself? It is immaculate. We found it to be mowed and edged and very clean.

It is not fancy with a swimming pool and playground. But the recreation area, bathrooms, showers, and the laundry room are all very clean.

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They also have a nice walking path around a little lake which is on the property.

And if you wish to fish in the lake, you can do so without a license. That’s because it is on private property.

If you need any kind of assistance with anything, the staff is so helpful and courteous too. It was a pleasure to interact with them.

Internet Connectivity At The Park

How about connectivity? Well, we were just fine with our hotspot and AT&T. But the park does offer WIFI at no extra charge.

So this may be enough for most folks, especially if you are not working online and require a lot of download speed.

The Surrounding Area

However, the park is not in a very populous area. But Texarkana is not far away.

And you can find just about everything you need there for shopping. And of course, there are the typical chain restaurants to eat at too.

Also, the few things in the area for recreation are located about 10 miles away. So, there is a little drive required, but it is not extremely far.

Shady Pines RV Park – A Perk For RVers

The is one other nice little perk at Shady Pines RV Park. And that is that it is located right next to an RV dealership and parts store.

That’s very handy if you need to pick up any specialty things related to your RV.

In fact, there is a good chance you can walk next door and find exactly what you need.

They also have an RV tech on-site which could also come in very handy in some cases.

Our Conclusion

So all in all, how would we rate Shady Pines? Well, we would give the area a 3 star rating.

It is nothing very special but it definitely has a few perks. Like access to things related to RVing that could be helpful.

But the park is a wonderful place to stop for maybe a night or two to rest up a bit.

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As far as the RV park itself, we would definitely give a 4+ rating.

It’s easy to access, neat and clean, nice staff on-site, and comfortable sites.

Would we go back??? We definitely would and will as we cross the lower part of the United States again.

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