Our Twin Lakes RV Resort Campground Review – Pros And Cons

Our Twin Lakes RV Resort Review

Twin Lakes RV Resort is located at 1618 Memory Lane in Chocowinity, NC.

This RV park is part of the Thousand Trails/Encore Park system. But as always you can reserve a site with the RV park and not be a member. And the average site costs about $50 a night with full hook ups.

We were very much looking forward to staying here because of its location between Pamlico River and the Chocowinity Bay. And it was not very difficult to get to being located very close to Route 17.

For us, being that close to the water was a big draw. But with all that being said, we
were definitely not blown away by this park at all.

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Twin Lakes RV Resort Features

The roads inside the park themselves were peppered with many holes. And the ruts were large enough that you had to navigate them very carefully.

Once at the registration area, we had our first encounter with the park personnel. To be fair, they were not rude at all.

But they definitely did not give much explanation about anything either. They handed you the map, told where to find your site, and that was about it.

We did not feel welcomed at all. So in our opinion, their customer service could definitely use some improvement.

Although they have 363 sites, very few of them are devoted to RV travelers. Most of the sites are for annual members or extended stay visitors.

The ones that are devoted to RVers, although offering 30 and 50 amp service and full hook ups, are definitely in the worst area of the park.

And although surrounded by canals, ponds, and the Bay, your RV site will probably not be near any of those.

The Biggest Problem With This Park

But one of the biggest drawbacks of this park is the extremely poor drainage that we experienced during our stay. We do recognize that living that close to the water, it is more difficult for drainage to occur easily.

But the area that these short-term stay sites are in is the worst. The sites in this area also tend to be somewhat unlevel. You can make it work even with a big rig, but it will take some adjustments.

The sites are pretty much all dirt located under pine trees, but the worst thing is the drainage.

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We actually had rain only one day while we were there. And although it was a steady rain all day, it was not an all out gullywasher by any means.

By the time it was done though, our site had so much standing water that it was up to our ankles.

Twin Lakes RV Resort flooding #3

Even the next day it had not drained much. So we had to try to raise our jacks in muddy muck and unhook our electric while standing in water. (We were concerned about that as you can imagine)

Our site was not the only one in the area like that either. Other sites were experiencing similar problems.

Twin Lakes RV Resort flooding #1
Campsites flooded
Twin Lakes RV Resort flooding #2

And not once during this did anyone come by to see if there was anything they could do to help us. It was not a good experience at all and by the time we left, we were filthy, tired and frustrated!!!!!

Twin Lakes RV Resort Amenities

On the other hand, the rest of the park seems to be generally clean. They have the amenities that are offered by most RV resort parks. Things like pools and a camp store and children’s playgrounds.

With COVID going on some of these were closed but they did look like they would be nice to use. There was nothing outstanding about them but they were adequate.

We did not check the showers and rest rooms while there. This is because we mostly stayed in our rig, especially because of the inclement weather.

But looking at the other park amenities I would say they were probably adequate also.

To our knowledge, they did not offer wifi while we were there anywhere throughout the RV campground.

But we were able to use our AT&T hotspot to access the internet at reasonable speeds. And our Sprint/TMobile phones seemed to get a strong signal also.

Once again, we feel that Twin Lakes RV Park is pretty with the canals and ponds and the bay close by.

The Surrounding Area Around The Park

The towns around the campground have everything necessary to provision if you need to do so.

The town of Washington, NC is close by and it has a Walmart and a couple of other popular stores. This is where you can get most of what you need.

We also drove around the area a little bit and there were a couple of smaller towns not too far away. But Washington is where you will find the most places to restock your daily supplies.

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The town of Washington has a nice waterfront boardwalk area and there are a couple of museums there too. And there is a state park and an estuary that could be visited as well.

We didn’t have the time because of our limited stay in the area to visit surrounding areas much. But it appears that there are other interesting places to explore too.

Our Conclusion

So summing all of this up, what is our opinion of Twin Lakes RV Resort?

Although in a beautiful area of the country, we would never go out of our way to revisit this park again.

Just because of the difficulties of trying to get set up. And the chance of being in an area where we could get thoroughly flooded out again, keeps us from quickly returning.

In fact, it is mainly because the park does not offer good drainage that we would not chance it again.

It definitely was not one of our favorites and we would probably give it no more than a 2 star rating.

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