Mesa Spirit RV Resort – One Of Our Favorite Places To Stay

Mesa sSpirit RV Resort - our review

Mesa Spirit RV Resort is located at 3020 East Main Street in Mesa, AZ.

This RV resort is located in a very populated area of Mesa, AZ. And it’s near many restaurants and stores in the area. It you like that kind of thing, then Mesa Spirit is a very good option for you.

This particular resort is a participator in the Thousand Trails membership system. And if you are part of that system, you can also be part of the Trails Collection too.

The Trails Collection allows you to stay for 2 or 3 weeks for $0 a night. Depending on your Thousand Trails membership.

But this park can also be used even if you are not a Thousand Trails member. Then the cost for an RV site, as of this review is $73 a night. And if you stay for a week it averages out to $63 a night plus tax, of course.

But they also offer longer stays at reduced rates if you wish to stay in the area longer. Just call for those prices to find out what the cost and availability is for your needs.

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Mesa Spirit RV Resort – Age Qualified?

Now we have to mention that this is a 55+ age qualified park. But there are younger folks who also stay there too.

We questioned them about this. And they said that if they have availability, that very often the resort will let younger families in.

But you must contact the office to make those arrangements. Or if you are part of Thousand Trails, contact them directly to check on availability.

It’s nice that they offer this on a limited basis. Especially since many of the RV parks in the area only cater to the 55+ crowd.

Mesa Sprit RV Resort Amenities

So what is the park itself like? Well, this park offers many amenities. There are 2 pools and hot tubs.

And they offer many other activities that are associated with RV resorts. Like tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, a nice little 9 hole mini-golf course. And all kinds of events and workshops.

So there is a lot to keep you busy if you enjoy these kinds of activities. The people that stay in the park are very friendly and accommodating too.

And we found that the full time people that stay there, are very helpful as well. So it makes for a homey feeling even though you are in a large RV resort.

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Mesa Spirit RV Resort Features

But talking about large, how big is it? Well, the park itself has 1667 sites and is open all year long. Most of the sites have either a dirt or gravel site.

But they offer a concrete pad beside it for parking your tow or towed vehicle. And for setting up your outside area as you like. So, it works very well.

The sites all have 50 amp service. So be sure if you have a 30 amp RV that you bring an adapter. Or they also offer them for purchase at the office area.

Can a big rig navigate the park fairly well? Most definitely. We have been here a number of times.

Mesa Spirit RV Resort entrance roads
Mesa Spirit RV Resort – Entrance Roads

And we have had no problem getting to our spot and then backing into it. So having a larger rig should not stop you from enjoying this park.

The management also keeps everything neat and clean throughout the park. But the campsites themselves are not extremely spacious. However, they offer enough room to set up everything that you need.

And they are large enough to allow you to enjoy your time in the beautiful Arizona weather. Especially if you are there through the winter months! 🙂

How About Internet Access?

One other amenity that we all think about a lot these days is connectivity. Well, the RV park does offer free WIFI throughout the park.

As we all know, this can sometimes be spotty and sluggish. It does seem to be much stronger near their main buildings though. For instance, their clubhouses and office area.

If you are not having success with that, they also offer a cable internet service. It’s through Dish Network, if you have a compatible modem. And the basic service for that is free.

If you have issues beyond that, you can contact the office. And they will put you in touch with a Dish Network technician that services the park. They can work with you on further options.

We had no need of that because we work with T-Mobile and Verizon hotspots. And we have no difficulties connecting and using their services in this area of Arizona.

So as you can see there are a number of available options for internet connectivity. It all depends on your needs.

Activities In The Area

How about activities in the area? Well, you are in the middle of the state of Arizona. So the options are endless, depending on what activities you enjoy doing.

Of course, Arizona is known for gorgeous hiking trails. And there are so many around.

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If you access the All Trails app on your phone, you will see the many options that are available. They range from easy paved trails to more challenging mountain climbs.

But there are gorgeous drives through beautiful canyons nearby. And some nice lakes in the bottom of some of those canyons.

You are also only a little less than 2 hours from Sedona. A place with beautiful red rocks and a charming town. There you will find plenty of offerings for food, drink, and shopping.

Also if you want to go into the desert, there are well known Jeep tours for that. Or if you have a Jeep, plenty of trails to ride and explore.

Now in the Phoenix area itself, there are well known basketball, football and baseball teams. And don’t forget spring training games that you can attend too.

If you enjoy gardens, they have botanical gardens and desert gardens nearby. If you are into more indoor activities, they have museums and historical places in the area too.

Open air flea markets are very common. In fact there is a great one about 15 minutes from the Mesa Spirit park.

Shopping Nearby To Mesa Spirit RV Resort

And if you enjoy retail shopping, there are plenty of places to go and do some shopping. Also, Tucson is only about 1 1/2 hours away. And that opens the door to many other activities. We could go on and on about things to do in Arizona, but this should be enough for now.

But how about places to provision? Not a problem here. There are 3 grocery stores within about 5 minutes from the Mesa Spirit park.

There’s a Safeway, Albertsons, and Fry’s. There is also a Walmart about 10 minutes away. And Home Depot is just down the road, if you need those kind of supplies.

And there is either a Walgreens or CVS on about every other corner in the area. There is also an actual mall about 10 minutes away as well. So as you can see, plenty of places to get anything you may need.


So what is our overall opinion and rating for Mesa Spirt? Well we would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

We really do enjoy the park very much. It has an overall homey appeal as we mentioned earlier in this review.

We have stayed there a number of times. Because we like to spend our winters in Arizona for the most part.

So why did we not give it a higher star rating? Mainly because we have been to other parks in our travels that have a little larger sites.

RV Gear

Or perhaps full concrete pads on which to park your rig. Or maybe more amenities that some may be looking for.

But we feel that this is a very nice park and we certainly enjoy its location. We also like the gated safety it provides, and the warm feeling we have when we visit it.

Thank you Mesa Spirit for offering a nice option for places to put down roots for a little while when visiting the Phoenix-Mesa area.

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