Used Class C Motorhomes – Should You Buy One?

This article is about used Class C motorhomes. Should you buy one or not?

Well, if you’re not really sure about what a Class C RV really is, here’s a picture of one.

Used Class C motorhomes - what a Class C looks like
An example of a Class C motorhome

And one of the best ways to know if it’s a Class C is to look right up front there above the cab.

Do you see that area that comes out over the cab? That’s usually an identifying characteristic of a Class C RV.

And that’s because that area is often used for expanding sleeping arrangements in a Class C motorhome.

So now that we know what a Class C looks like, the next question is who should be buying a used Class C motorhome?

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Well actually there’s a lot of different kinds of RVers that use them. In fact, some people even travel fulltime around the country in them.

But generally speaking, they’re most often used for part-time RVing. Also by snowbirds or weekenders, and vacation RVers. Especially those that have families.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the pros and the cons of buying a used Class C motorhome.

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The Pros Of Used Class C Motorhomes

Let’s start with the pros first. And the number one pro on my list is their low price compared with other new motorhomes.

For instance, compare the cost of a used Class C motorhome with a used Class A RV. You can do that here at

And here is what a Class A motorhome looks like:

An example of a Class A motorhome

Now in most cases you’re going to find that the class C will be much less expensive to buy.

So if you’re just getting into RVing and you want a low-cost motorhome, the class C is often going to be a good way to go.

The next pro is that they’re smaller than class A RVs. So they usually fit in most campsites much easier.

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And this is good if you like to go to state parks, national parks and national forests.

Because this is where the campsites are often not very big and spacious.

So a Class C could work very well for you if you want plenty of choice for campsites.

More Advantages Of Class C RVs

Another advantage of a Class C motorhome is that they’re easy to repair.

In fact, the engine is right up there, so it’s very easy to access and work on.

This is unlike Class A RVs where the engine is more difficult to access in many cases.

And it’s usually a gas engine, not a diesel. So you have a lot more mechanics available to repair engine problems. And that’s a great thing.

The next pro is that it often will sleep a lot of people. More than most other kinds of motorhomes.

So if you have a family, that’s a great advantage. In fact, many Class C RVs will sleep eight to ten people. And that’s really impressive!

Another pro is that they’re generally much easier to drive. Especially for those that aren’t familiar with RVs and motorhomes at all.

For instance, Class A RVs can take a little more time to get used to driving down the highway.

But if you know how to drive a passenger vehicle or truck, then you’re probably going to be fine with a Class C.

Now there are also a couple of cons about used Class C motorhomes that need to be considered. So let’s talk about them now.

The Cons Of Class C Motorhomes

And the first one is something that a lot of people complain about the most.

That is that they feel like maybe they need more living space than a Class C RV offers.

How To Avoid Buying An RV Money Pit

Remember we talked about the fact that they’re not quite as big as Class A RVs. So some people feel that they prefer the Class A for that reason.

And the second con is that you’re not going to find quite as much storage area in a class C either. Not nearly as much as you do very often in class A RVs.

So there are a few cons that need to be considered. But in general there’s a lot of pros overall for buying a used Class C RV.

Now let’s talk about whether you should buy a new or a used one.

Should You Buy A New Class C Motorhome?

So first up let’s talk about the pros of buying a new one. And number one is that you get a factory warranty with it.

Obviously, that’s great for the first year of your ownership too. In fact, almost anything that goes wrong with your new RV can be taken care of at no cost to you.

And lots of people buy new RVs in general for that reason alone.

Then the next pro is that you’re going to get the latest features in a new RV.

So whatever is the latest and greatest equipment is what you’re going to get in new Class C RVs.

And you usually get the more modern colors and furnishings instead of a dated living area.

Now the next positive is that nobody has owned that RV before you. So there’s been no pets. There’s been no smoking.

Also, nobody’s been living in it before you. And many people feel good about that.

They like the fact that they’re not actually getting something that somebody else has lived in.

Now the final pro about buying new is that you know the history of the RV.

And that’s because you are actually making the history of that RV as you travel and camp in it.

RV Gear

That means that you can maintain and care for it properly from the first day of ownership.

So there’s lots of pros for buying a new Class C RV. But now the pros for buying a used Class C motorhome should be considered as well.

Should You Buy A Used Class C Motorhome?

And number one is the price. You can buy a used Class C motorhome for much less than a new one.

Because when you buy new, you’re going to take the biggest depreciation hit on that RV.

It’s the largest markdown in worth that anybody’s ever going to take from there forward.

Truthfully, in the first year the depreciation of most RVs is just monstrous.

And then after that, yes it goes down from year to year, but not nearly as bad as the hit you take in the first year of ownership.

So you definitely are going to save money on depreciation costs when you buy a used Class C motorhome.

Now the next pro is that the RV’s bugs have most likely been fixed by the previous owner(s) at that point.

And now you’ve got an RV that actually really works like it should.

Finally a real pro to buying used is you’re going to have a lot more models to choose from. And that’s for one simple reason.

When you buy a new RV, you only have one year of models that are available to you.

But when you buy used, you can have several years of RVs to look at instead. And that opens up a lot of options for buying.

Okay so we have gone through several points now. So do you feel that a used Class C motorhome will work for you at this point?

Buying Used Class C Motorhomes The Right Way

Well if you do, then I’ve got a three-step process that I want to share with you.

And this process is very important if you’re going to buy a used Class C motorhome.

Number one if you’re going to buy used, you need to focus on the best used Class C brands.

And this is especially true in class C RVs. That’s because the class C segment of the RV industry just seems to be filled with a lot of brands that have not been making really quality products.

Now it doesn’t mean that they can’t be good RVs eventually if you put a lot of work and care into them.

But they’re often not up to the quality standards of some of their competition.

RV repairs - don't pay for them

And this is more true in the class C segment of the RV industry then almost any other type of RV.

So how do you get a good used Class C brand? Well I’ve done my best to try to help out in that area.

First of all, I encourage you to watch a video that I made a while back on the subject of the top three used Class C brands that I can recommend for your consideration as an RV inspector. Just click below to watch it.

Now the brands in that video are a great place to start when you’re looking for quality used Class C motorhomes.

Protect Yourself In The RV Buying Process

But I also took things a step further for you. And I produced a guidebook that actually covers all the used class C brands on my recommended list.

Used Class C RV buying guide

And I highly recommend you consider that as well. Because the guidebook will give you a lot more RV brands and models to choose from.

Now the next point is that you also need to have a buying process for getting the right RV.

So I created a another guidebook on how to buy used RVs the right way.

How to avoid an RV money pit

And this this guidebook is going to show you how to buy a used RV at the right price.

Then make sure that it is the right RV for you personally as well.

And finally, how to spot a quality RV that is even worthy of your consideration in the first place.

In other words, it’s going to show you how to weed out all the used Class C motorhomes that you really don’t need to be spending a lot of time with.

And then you can focus on the ones that are actually worth looking at and considering for purchase.

So these guidebooks will help you know how to get the right RV, and buy it at the right price.

Now suppose you have found the one you want. What do you do then?

The Final Step For Buying Success

Well, now it’s time to call in an NRVIA certified inspector. And have them go through that RV from top to bottom.

Get an RV inspection on Class C Motorhomes
Get an RV inspection on Class C motorhomes

That way you can make sure that there aren’t any hidden problems that you can’t see.

Of course, by using my guidebook you’re going to be able to weed out a lot of RVs yourself.

And that’s because you’re going to spot some problems right away that you need to avoid completely in the RVs you look at.

However, even with all of that knowledge, there’s no way that you have the kind of skill and experience that an NRVIA certified inspector is going to have.

And they will be able to find hidden problems that you cannot see on your own.

So take the next step and get that inspection by a qualified professional. And that way you’ll know what you’re buying.


Now by following this three-step process you can buy a used Class C RV that you can trust.

Remember number one is to buy from the best brands. Don’t go messing around with those brands that haven’t been building with quality.

Then number two is learn how to spot a quality RV on your own. One that’s worthy of your purchase.

And then, number three is before you take delivery of that RV, get it inspected.

That way you know there’s no big hidden problems that you’re going to have to deal with later.

Now if you do all those things, let me assure you that buying a used Class C RV or motorhome can be a very smart thing to do.

Have safe and happy travels my friends.

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