Full Time RV Life – Is It Heaven Or Is It Hype?

Full time RV life – is it heaven or is it hype? It’s a question that a lot of people would like to have answered.

You know, there are YouTube channels out there that portray fulltime RVing as a permanent vacation. Nothing but non-stop fun and adventure.

And then there are lots of other channels that are all about drama. In fact, it seems like these folks have a major life catastrophe happen to them almost every week of their life.

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Full Time RV Life Extremes On YouTube

Well, what’s the reason for all of these kinds of extremes on YouTube?

It’s only one thing. And that is to get you to tune in as a subscriber.

First, there’s the channels that are telling you that it’s just non-stop fun out there on the road.

And they want you to daydream along with them, even though it’s not real. It’s just a daydream.

Then other channels are all about drama. And well, they’re kind of like a car accident.

So when you’re going by, you don’t want to look, but it seems like you just have to. Because you’re curious.

Well that’s what they know. And so they want you tuning in every single week for their benefit.

The Truth About Full Time RV Living

So what’s the truth about RV life then? Well, in my opinion, a whole lot of what you see online is not necessarily the way things really are.

It’s not the real life when you’re living and traveling in an RV.

And that’s because for most people life is neither non-stop fun and adventure or constant catastrophe.

In fact, most people’s daily life is very much repetitive. And life on the road is often actually sort of similar to that.

It’s often filled with very normal stuff. Things like cleaning, and doing laundry. And running errands and cooking meals. All those sorts of things.

Now none of that is glamorous is it? And people are not going to tune in to see those things being done.

But honestly, that is what is often being done in full-time RV life. More so than maybe anything else.

Now if you’ve been on my YouTube channel or subscribed to it for a while, you know that I try to give you my honest opinions about pretty much every subject.

So that’s what I’m going to do here. I’m going to give you the pros and the cons of full time RV living.

And we’re starting our fourth year of full-time travel now. And that means that I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on it at this point.

So we’re going to go ahead and start with the pros of RV life first.

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Full Time RV Life Pro #1 – Freedom

The number one pro is what attracts a lot of people to full time RV life. And that is freedom.

Freedom to go where you want, and not having somebody tell you where you have to be.

So if you don’t like where you are, you can just pick up and go somewhere else. And that’s really attractive to a lot of people!

Pro #2 – Unique Experiences

Pro number two of living in an RV full time is you can have very unique experiences as you travel.

You can go and see beautiful places you always wanted to go. See things you always wanted to see, but you couldn’t because of time or circumstances.

Full time RV life lets you see lots of beautiful places
RV life lets you see lots of beautiful places

Well now, you can not only go there, you can spend time there. You can get to know it and you can really absorb it well. And that is a big pro!

Pro #3 – Visiting Family

Pro number three is you can go and visit family wherever they may be across the country.

And these days, family can often be geographically fractured. So they can be almost anywhere across the country.

And it’s hard to maintain close relationships when you’re not nearby. So RV life allows you to go there and spend time without staying in their home.

Visiting family is a pro of RV living
Visiting family is a pro of RV life

They have their home and you have your home. They have their life they’re still living, and you have your life.

But when you get together, you can have a great time. And you can really enjoy each other’s company.

Well, that’s a wonderful provision of being able to travel by RV, and take your home with you!

Pro #4 – Weather

The next pro about full time RV life is that you can stay in good weather as much as you want.

Do you hate really hot weather? Or do you hate cold weather, snow and ice?

Well, there’s almost always a temperate spot or area in the country where you can take your RV. Just go and enjoy it!

You can follow good weather in an RV
Enjoy good weather more often

So there are more days of your life that are filled with good weather. And that can make your outlook on life better too.

Pro #5 – Less Daily Chores

The next Pro is that you have a lot less housework and chores that you have to do. And that’s due to having a smaller living area in your RV.

Now these days, a lot of people live in 3000 square feet or even more. So what if you condense that down to 300 square feet instead?

I think you can see that your chores would be a lot less. They can be done a lot quicker. And no yard work either. So you don’t have to do any of that.

Well, what does that mean? It gives you more time for doing things you want to do instead of things you have to do. And that’s a great thing!

Pro #6 – Expands Your Horizons

The next pro is that full time RV life keeps you active. It keeps you engaged with life.

You know, if you’re staying in one place, then you’re never expanding your horizons.

And sometimes that can get very discouraging and depressing. But if you’re on the move, you stay active.

You get engaged with life. And you learn new things because you’re involved in new activities.

Full time RV life expands your horizons
New places and activities help expand your horizons

And those are all very good things for your mental outlook.

All right, now those are the pros about full time RV life that I wanted to cover with you.

But that doesn’t mean that every day out here on the road is just a wonderful party.

No, there are cons too. So let’s talk about some of the cons now.

Full Time RV Life Con #1 – RV Maintenance And Repairs

And number one is that something somewhere is always going to need to be repaired or maintained on your RV.

You take it from me, because I have a real list of things that I go down to repair or maintain regularly.

And the truth is that I never get to a point where I’ve got everything done.

That’s because as soon as I’ve got something done, something else comes up. It’s just to be expected in full time RV living.

RVs need constant maintenance and repair
RV’s require constant maintenance and repair

Because you’ve got lightweight homes going down the highway being subjected to earthquake forces.

So things are going to break, and things are going to get loose. And so, you’re going to need to maintain them a lot more often than you do your stationary home.

Con #2 – Lack Of Continuity In Life

The second con is that there’s no continuity when you’re out on the road in full time RV life.

Now what do I mean by that? Well, everything changes every time you move your RV.

For instance, when you’re at home you know where your favorite places are. Places to go for groceries, or pharmacies, or fuel stations, and so on.

Yes, you know exactly where you like to go for those necessities of life. You even know the places you like to go to eat.

But every time you move your RV all of that changes. And you’ve got to find out where the best places are for you all over again.

And sometimes they’re not very convenient. Sometimes you have to travel 30 to 45 minutes to get what you want. And it is a challenge.

So continuity does not exist when you’re out on the road in full time RV life.

Con #3 – Relationships Can Suffer

Here’s the next con of living in an RV full time. And that is it’s harder to maintain relationships with other people when you’re on the road.

Of course, when you’re staying with family, it can be pretty easy. But what about when you leave and you’re traveling?

Well, you’re probably not going to know a lot of the people that you meet out there.

And that can be very difficult for some people. Especially those that really crave close relationships and that kind of thing.

It can be a real challenge for some. Especially for those that are shy and find it hard to meet new people.

In fact, one of the things that I’ve often learned from speaking to people who full time RV is that there is a certain sense of loneliness at times.

And that’s because of not having good relationships with people when you need it. Family, friends, things along that line.

So it’s definitely something to consider before heading out in full time RV living.

Con #4 – Close Quarters

The next RV living con is that you’re going to be in a small space with someone else for a long time if you’re a couple.

Close quarters in an RV can lead to trouble for couples
AN RV’s close quarters can cause friction for couples

And when I say small space, remember that we’re talking 300 square feet here.

So you better love them, and you better really like getting along with them.

Because there’s nowhere else to go, and it can be a real challenge for some.

In fact, some couples get along fine at home in a regular house. But when they’re forced into this really small area, sometimes they find it can get very difficult.

Oftentimes, they just seem to get on one another’s nerves. So try to determine whether this could be a con for you.

Con #5 – Health Matters

The next full time RV living con is health matters. What do you do when you’re at home and you have chronic health issues that need attention regularly?

Well, you have your support system of doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Or other health professionals along that line.

But when you’re out on the road, finding a doctor that you can trust, or one that takes your insurance, can be a challenge.

And what about dentists? That can be a challenge out on the road too.

But then, what about your pet? Finding a vet for them when you move your RV so often is another challenge.

So finding a health care support system in full time RV life can be a con for many.

Con #6 – RV Breakdowns

The final con we want to talk about is RV breakdowns. They can happen anywhere and anytime.

RV breakdowns can be challenging
RV breakdowns can be very challenging

And that’s always in the back of the mind for many people. When it happens it’s very stressful too.

Because now you’re going to have to get it repaired. And sometimes the facilities are not close by.

Sometimes they’re also going to charge you an exorbitant price for the work they do.

Also, what are you going to do while they’re fixing the RV? In other words, how are you going to handle your living arrangements then?

You see, there’s all sorts of challenges that goes along with an RV breakdown out on the road.

And these are challenges that you would’t have when you’re in your sticks and bricks home.

That’s because if something breaks there, you probably know who to take it to that you can trust. And you can stay at home while repairs are made.

But on the highway it can a real challenge. And it can always be a worry that’s in the back of your mind too.

Full Time RV Life Pros & Cons Conclusion

All right now, that’s my list of RV living pros and cons that I wanted to cover with you in this article.

Now it’s not by any means the full list though. It’s just the ones that I think can get the conversation started more in a realistic direction.

At least, more realistic than what you see depicted in many YouTube videos these days.

And my advice is to be realistic about what to expect. Because if you’re realistic, then bad things that happen aren’t so terrible.

And disappointments are not going to really upset your apple cart nearly as much either.

So I recommend to do your homework first. Weigh the pros and the cons in your own mind in an honest way.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to actually rent an RV for a while. Just take off for a little bit and kind of sample RV life first before you actually go out on the road.

But whatever you do, think carefully about the points made in this article.

And if you do and you prepare well, you can make the decision that’s best for you. A decision that you will be happy with!

Have safe and happy travels my friends …. until next time

RV Warranties – Do You Really Need Them Or Not?

RV Warranties. There’s a lot of opinions about them out there. Both pro and con. But this article is going to cover whether they are needed or not.

First of all, lets ask, what is an RV extended warranty anyway? Well, it’s a name that’s been given to something that doesn’t apply the way it should.

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RV Warranties And Insurance

Think of it this way though. RV warranties are really RV repair insurance.

Now let me ask you this. Do you have auto insurance? Or do you have health insurance?

Do you have insurance on your RV so that if you got into an accident or collision it would be covered?

Well why do you have those kinds of insurance? And why do you pay those premiums? Nobody likes paying premiums, do they?

Well, when you have any form of insurance, your monthly premium is a monetary loss that you are accepting. And you’re accepting that small loss every single month.

Why? To protect you from a catastrophic loss. Such as a really big expense. One that could really put a dent in your finances. Or even wipe you out all together.

What Is Insurance For?

So let me ask this. If at the end of the year you have not gotten into an accident in your passenger vehicle that cost more than your premiums that you paid for the insurance, did that insurance fail you?

Or at the end of the year, if you didn’t go into the hospital and have a major surgery that cost many thousands of dollars more than what you pay for premiums for your health insurance, did your health insurance fail you at that point?

Well, no we don’t look at it that way, do we? Why? Because what insurance is designed to do is give us peace of mind in case such an event does happen.

It provides us with less anxiety and worry financially speaking. And I think you’d agree with me that we’ve got enough things to be anxious about and worried about in today’s world.

So it’s really good to have some things that lower the level of anxiety and worry. And insurance is what can often do that.

Are RV Warranties Worth The Cost?

Now insurance, and this is really important, is not an investment. We must understand that. That’s what your monetary investments are for.

Insurance is actually a hedge or a protection, like a fence or wall, around your investments. And around the money that you have saved. Because it’s protecting you from big losses that could really wipe you out financially.

So is RV warranty coverage or extended warranty coverage worth it then? Well almost everybody has insurance for their RV. Usually collision insurance for traveling down the road.

And if you don’t have that, then you’re really asking for some problems and trouble.

Well here’s the truth. You are much more likely to have a large RV repair bill in the thousands of dollars, than you are to have a collision in your RV.

And it’s not if, it’s when, you’re going to have a major RV repair bill. RV’s are expensive! They’re not cheap!

They are much more expensive than a passenger vehicle. Or almost anything else that you’re going to drive. So it makes sense to have protection from those very large repair bills.

What Do RV Warranties Cover?

Now let’s talk a little bit more about some other practical aspects of RV warranties. And answer some questions about it.

First of all, what do RV extended warranties cover? Well, they can cover pretty much what you want them to cover.

So if you want to have almost everything covered, there are comprehensive policies for that.

However, suppose you have a higher risk level. And there’s certain things that you’re okay with accepting not having coverage for.

Well, there are warranties and programs that can allow you to save some money. And they exclude some things out of the warranty coverage.

Do RV Warranties Cover Everything?

The next question is, does it cover maintenance items like tires and brake pads and things like that? No, it doesn’t. Because that is your responsibility.

But what RV extended warranty coverage is for, is for breakdowns or repairs. Things that fail, something along that line. That’s what they are there to care for.

Will they pay for labor as well as parts? That’s a good question. A lot of people think they just pay for the parts. But no, they’ll pay for both labor and parts. Although there’s usually a deductible.

Again we’re talking insurance here. And we’re all familiar with what deductibles in insurance are. So there’s a deductible that you cover first. And after that the warranty takes care of both parts and labor for you.

Where Can You Use An RV Extended Warranty?

Where can you use these RV warranties? Well the good news is that in most cases you can use them at almost any licensed RV repair facility across the U.S.

Now let me say this. I have an extended warranty on my RV, on my 2004 Newmar diesel pusher. Yes siree!

I have an extended warranty on it, even though it’s really almost 20 years old. In fact, especially because of that. Why? Well, once again my friends, it gives me peace of mind.

Now I have used the warranty several times already. But you know what? Even if I didn’t, it would give me peace of mind.

Because when you have a diesel engine in an RV, especially diesel pushers, if anything goes wrong with that engine, like a catastrophic failure, well then you better get your wallet out.

RV warranties can help with expensive diesel engine repairs
RV diesel engine

It’s going to be tens of thousands of dollars for you to repair that. So I feel much better having shifted that risk to the insurance company instead.

Now I’m hoping that my engine never has any problem like that. I’m hoping that there’s nothing major on my RV that’s going to break down. Something that’s going to require thousands and thousands of dollars.

But I have the peace of mind if that happens. Then I don’t have to come up with a huge expense out of my pocket. And that is a good feeling to have.

Where Can You Buy RV Warranties?

Now the final question is, where can you get an RV extended warranty? You’re going to see a lot of extended warranty companies advertising. But let me make a recommendation.

I personally support Wholesale Warranties. They have a great reputation, a stellar reputation, among RVers and the RVing community.

And so I feel that they are a company that’s going to deal with you right. And help you find what’s good for you. What’s going to make you pleased with their service.

Now Wholesale Warranties doesn’t just sell one warranty, their warranty. Actually what they do is they shop for you.

They have several companies that they choose from. Companies that they feel are the ones they can trust for their customers. And all of these companies that they use are rated “A” by A.M. Best.

Now what does that mean? Well, A.M. Best is a ratings service for the financial strength of insurance companies.

So if a company that provides insurance is rated “A”, it has the very best financial stability. And that’s the only kind of company that Wholesale Warranties will do business with.

They’re not doing business with fly-by-night companies. Or shysters. Because they have several companies to choose from.

And they can find a warranty that meets your needs. That meets the criteria that you’re looking for.


So my personal recommendation is to talk to Wholesale Warranties. See what they have to offer. You can’t lose anything by just talking to them.

See what the cost is that’s involved. Is it something you can afford? Is it something that you feel is worth peace of mind?

For me, an RV extended warranty is definitely worth peace of mind. And especially in motorhomes I feel that’s the case. But you can make your own decision.

Have safe and happy travels!

More Of The Best Vehicles To Flat Tow Behind Your RV

This article is about more of the best vehicles to flat tow behind an RV.

Because a couple of months ago I wrote another article about flat towing vehicles. I also made a video about it too. And it became very popular.

In that earlier article, I covered the vehicles that are the most popular for flat towing. And sure enough, that was a great list for a lot of people.

Read my first article about the best flat towable vehicles

But I got a lot of requests for more flat towable vehicles as well. So that’s what I’m going to cover here.

Watch my video on more of the best vehicles for flat towing

Also, the ones I’m going to cover today are vehicles that are pretty much made within the last five years or so. So they’re recent vehicles.

There’s a lot more that are older ones but I just don’t have the time to cover all of them.

Keep in mind too, that not all versions of these models I’m going to talk about are flat towable. Some are, some aren’t.

So it’s going to require a little bit of homework on your part to determine what is flat towable and what isn’t. But I’ll cover that later on. So let’s go ahead and get started on the list right now.


My List Of The Best Vehicles To Flat Tow

We’re going to start to go through the list alphabetically. And we’ll start at the B’s. Because Buick makes a really nice smaller flat towable SUV called the Envision.

And if you’re looking for something smaller but has a lot of nice features, the Envision could be a very good choice.

Now let’s move to our next manufacturer which is in the C’s. And that’s Chevrolet. They make a few vehicles that are flat towable too.

Let’s start with the Sonic. Now the Sonic is one that I heard a lot about in the comments on my last video on this subject.

Chevy Sonic - one of the best vehicles to flat tow
Chevy Sonic

A lot of RVers said, “Hey we use the Sonic and it’s really great!” And sure enough, it’s a small, great economy car. So that would be a great way to go to keep your RVing costs down.

Best Vehicles To Flat Tow – More Chevy’s

But now lets go to the other end of the spectrum from the Sonic. And maybe you want want to tow something heavier. But not one of the full-size trucks I mentioned in my first article about flat towing.

Well then, Chevy makes the Suburban. And the Suburban is a big SUV that has all kinds of features and luxuries.

Chevy Suburban
Chevy Suburban

So if you want to tow something a bit heavier, it would be a great thing to tow. Just make sure that your hitch and your drivetrain can handle that kind of weight.

Next on the list is the Chevrolet Traverse. Now the Traverse is a larger SUV. But it’s nowhere near as big as the Suburban. And it has a lot of nice little features and luxuries in it too.

Chevy Traverse - one of the best vehicles to flat tow
Chevy Traverse

So maybe you want something bigger. But not quite as big as a truck or say a Suburban. Well then, the Traverse could work very well for you.

Ford’s List Of The Best Vehicles To Flat Tow

Now let’s move on to the next manufacturer on the list. This one also makes several models that are flat towable. And that’s Ford.

The one we’re going to start with first is one that’s almost a brand new model. It actually has a history that goes back many years. But they’ve reintroduced it. And that vehicle is the Bronco.

New Ford Bronco
New Ford Bronco

The new Bronco has only been out for a couple of years now. And it’s a great alternative to the Jeep line of vehicles. Especially the Wrangler.

So if you want something that will take you off-road. Something that will take you out on trails that are way out there, the Bronco could be a very good choice for you.

Next on Ford’s list is the Ford Edge ST. It’s a smaller, sporty little car.

Ford Edge ST
Ford Edge ST

And maybe you like to have a little sporty car to run around in. Especially while you’re parked in one place. Then the Edge ST could be a very good choice for that.

Next up is a smaller SUV. It’s the Escape hybrid. I heard about this as well in the last video’s comments. And lots of folks are using them to very good advantage.

Best vehicles to flat tow - Ford Escape Hybrid
Ford Escape Hybrid

Again it’s a smaller SUV. So there’s going to be pretty good gas mileage and economy that comes with it.

Finally Ford makes the Fusion hybrid too. And it’s a smaller, sportier type of car. So if that is what you’re looking for, it could be just the ticket for you.

GMC Makes The List Too

Moving on down our manufacturer list is GMC. And GMC makes a vehicle that is very similar to the Chevrolet Suburban in almost every way.

It’s the Yukon. Once again maybe you’re looking for something bigger. Something that can really take a lot of people around with you.

GMC Yukon
GMC Yukon

And you need a lot of cargo area in the back to carry things as well. Then this vehicle could be a very good choice for you. So consider the GMC Yukon.

A Couple More Of The Best Vehicles To Flat Tow

Next on our list is Lincoln. And Lincoln actually makes a passenger vehicle that is flat towable. It’s the MKZ hybrid.

Best vehicles to flat tow - Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Now most of the vehicles I’m talking about on this list are SUV’s and really smaller cars. Well in this case, Lincoln has made a really nice passenger car or sedan that is towable. So be sure to consider this vehicle as well.

Last on our manufacturer list is Nissan. And Nissan makes a couple of models that are flat towable.

First of all, we’ll talk about the Sentra S. Again, this is a small car, with very good gas mileage and so on. So it would be a very good choice for economy because it’s a lighter vehicle.

Nissan Sentra S
Nissan Sentra S

Next up is the Nissan Versa S. Again a smaller car. But a little bigger than the Sentra S. And it has a lot of features in it as well. But it’s still very economical to drive too.

Nissan Versa S
Nissan Versa S

So those are the manufacturers and models I wanted to cover with you here.

Don’t Forget Manual Transmission Vehicles

Finally, let me mention this. Please remember that many manual transmission vehicles out there are flat towable too.

There are some that may not be. But a very large percentage of manual transmission vehicles are flat towable.

So just check the manual before you buy it. And make sure that it is flat towable first.

The problem is that they seem to be making fewer and fewer of these manual transmission vehicles year after year.

So you might have to hunt a little bit to find one. But it could be a very good choice for you if you know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

RV flat towing tips

Getting The Best Vehicles To Flat Tow

Now something else I want to cover with you. And that is about some homework you need to do if you’re thinking about flat towing.

Number one, before you buy anything make sure you read that vehicle’s owners manual first. For almost every vehicle, there’s an owner’s manual that can be downloaded somewhere online.

So get it and go through it. See what it says about towing for that vehicle. And make sure that it says it can be flat towed before you buy it.

If you’re still in doubt, talk to your car dealer. Or even call the manufacturer themselves That can be done for sure.

And they’re usually happy to talk with you about these situations. Because they want you to be happy with the vehicle you buy. So it is a way to get more information.

Base Plates Are Important Too

Secondly, make sure there are base plates available for the vehicle that you’re going to buy.

A base plate is what you put on the vehicle to attach to the tow bar that tows that vehicle. Well, some base plates are more popular than others.

And so some may not even be in stock. Especially with the supply chain issues that we have these days.

So before you buy, make sure that it is flat towable first. And then make sure that the base plate is available for it.

Otherwise you’re going to sit for a while with no capability of towing. At least until that base plate becomes available.

Best Vehicles To Flat Tow – Match Your Hitch

Lastly, make sure that you match your vehicle to the hitch. And make sure that you’re not overloading the hitch on your RV or your Motorhome either.

Then make sure that you’re well within the towing capacity of the RV as well.

One of the best places to find a base plate and hitch for your RV and towed vehicle is Etrailer.com They pretty much carry almost any kind of tow bar, base plate and hitch you could want.


Now if you do all of these things. If you go through and you use the list we’ve talked about.

And you’ve done your research online and maybe even found some other models as well. Well then, you will most likely have success in finding the vehicle that’s right for you.

Then if you’ve made sure that it is flat towable. And you’ve got the base plate lined up as well. And all of these issues are taken care of. Then you could have a great flat towable vehicle at that point.

A vehicle that will take you anywhere you want to go in your RV travels.

Have safe and happy travels!

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