Used Class C Motorhomes – Should You Buy One?

This article is about used Class C motorhomes. Should you buy one or not?

Well, if you’re not really sure about what a Class C RV really is, here’s a picture of one.

Used Class C motorhomes - what a Class C looks like
An example of a Class C motorhome

And one of the best ways to know if it’s a Class C is to look right up front there above the cab.

Do you see that area that comes out over the cab? That’s usually an identifying characteristic of a Class C RV.

And that’s because that area is often used for expanding sleeping arrangements in a Class C motorhome.

So now that we know what a Class C looks like, the next question is who should be buying a used Class C motorhome?

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Well actually there’s a lot of different kinds of RVers that use them. In fact, some people even travel fulltime around the country in them.

But generally speaking, they’re most often used for part-time RVing. Also by snowbirds or weekenders, and vacation RVers. Especially those that have families.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the pros and the cons of buying a used Class C motorhome.

Table of Contents

The Pros Of Used Class C Motorhomes

Let’s start with the pros first. And the number one pro on my list is their low price compared with other new motorhomes.

For instance, compare the cost of a used Class C motorhome with a used Class A RV. You can do that here at

And here is what a Class A motorhome looks like:

An example of a Class A motorhome

Now in most cases you’re going to find that the class C will be much less expensive to buy.

So if you’re just getting into RVing and you want a low-cost motorhome, the class C is often going to be a good way to go.

The next pro is that they’re smaller than class A RVs. So they usually fit in most campsites much easier.

And this is good if you like to go to state parks, national parks and national forests.

Because this is where the campsites are often not very big and spacious.

So a Class C could work very well for you if you want plenty of choice for campsites.

More Advantages Of Class C RVs

Another advantage of a Class C motorhome is that they’re easy to repair.

In fact, the engine is right up there, so it’s very easy to access and work on.

This is unlike Class A RVs where the engine is more difficult to access in many cases.

And it’s usually a gas engine, not a diesel. So you have a lot more mechanics available to repair engine problems. And that’s a great thing.

The next pro is that it often will sleep a lot of people. More than most other kinds of motorhomes.

So if you have a family, that’s a great advantage. In fact, many Class C RVs will sleep eight to ten people. And that’s really impressive!

Another pro is that they’re generally much easier to drive. Especially for those that aren’t familiar with RVs and motorhomes at all.

For instance, Class A RVs can take a little more time to get used to driving down the highway.

But if you know how to drive a passenger vehicle or truck, then you’re probably going to be fine with a Class C.

Now there are also a couple of cons about used Class C motorhomes that need to be considered. So let’s talk about them now.

The Cons Of Class C Motorhomes

And the first one is something that a lot of people complain about the most.

That is that they feel like maybe they need more living space than a Class C RV offers.

Remember we talked about the fact that they’re not quite as big as Class A RVs. So some people feel that they prefer the Class A for that reason.

And the second con is that you’re not going to find quite as much storage area in a class C either. Not nearly as much as you do very often in class A RVs.

So there are a few cons that need to be considered. But in general there’s a lot of pros overall for buying a used Class C RV.

Now let’s talk about whether you should buy a new or a used one.

Should You Buy A New Class C Motorhome?

So first up let’s talk about the pros of buying a new one. And number one is that you get a factory warranty with it.

Obviously, that’s great for the first year of your ownership too. In fact, almost anything that goes wrong with your new RV can be taken care of at no cost to you.

And lots of people buy new RVs in general for that reason alone.

Then the next pro is that you’re going to get the latest features in a new RV.

So whatever is the latest and greatest equipment is what you’re going to get in new Class C RVs.

And you usually get the more modern colors and furnishings instead of a dated living area.

Now the next positive is that nobody has owned that RV before you. So there’s been no pets. There’s been no smoking.

Also, nobody’s been living in it before you. And many people feel good about that.

They like the fact that they’re not actually getting something that somebody else has lived in.

Now the final pro about buying new is that you know the history of the RV.

And that’s because you are actually making the history of that RV as you travel and camp in it.

That means that you can maintain and care for it properly from the first day of ownership.

So there’s lots of pros for buying a new Class C RV. But now the pros for buying a used Class C motorhome should be considered as well.

Should You Buy A Used Class C Motorhome?

And number one is the price. You can buy a used Class C motorhome for much less than a new one.

Because when you buy new, you’re going to take the biggest depreciation hit on that RV.

It’s the largest markdown in worth that anybody’s ever going to take from there forward.

Truthfully, in the first year the depreciation of most RVs is just monstrous.

And then after that, yes it goes down from year to year, but not nearly as bad as the hit you take in the first year of ownership.

So you definitely are going to save money on depreciation costs when you buy a used Class C motorhome.

Now the next pro is that the RV’s bugs have most likely been fixed by the previous owner(s) at that point.

And now you’ve got an RV that actually really works like it should.

Finally a real pro to buying used is you’re going to have a lot more models to choose from. And that’s for one simple reason.

When you buy a new RV, you only have one year of models that are available to you.

But when you buy used, you can have several years of RVs to look at instead. And that opens up a lot of options for buying.

Okay so we have gone through several points now. So do you feel that a used Class C motorhome will work for you at this point?

Buying Used Class C Motorhomes The Right Way

Well if you do, then I’ve got a three-step process that I want to share with you.

And this process is very important if you’re going to buy a used Class C motorhome.

Number one if you’re going to buy used, you need to focus on the best used Class C brands.

And this is especially true in class C RVs. That’s because the class C segment of the RV industry just seems to be filled with a lot of brands that have not been making really quality products.

Now it doesn’t mean that they can’t be good RVs eventually if you put a lot of work and care into them.

But they’re often not up to the quality standards of some of their competition.

And this is more true in the class C segment of the RV industry then almost any other type of RV.

So how do you get a good used Class C brand? Well I’ve done my best to try to help out in that area.

First of all, I encourage you to watch a video that I made a while back on the subject of the top three used Class C brands that I can recommend for your consideration as an RV inspector. Just click below to watch it.

Now the brands in that video are a great place to start when you’re looking for quality used Class C motorhomes.

Protect Yourself In The RV Buying Process

But I also took things a step further for you. And I produced a guidebook that actually covers all the used class C brands on my recommended list.

Used Class C RV buying guide

And I highly recommend you consider that as well. Because the guidebook will give you a lot more RV brands and models to choose from.

Now the next point is that you also need to have a buying process for getting the right RV.

So I created a another guidebook on how to buy used RVs the right way.

How to avoid an RV money pit

And this this guidebook is going to show you how to buy a used RV at the right price.

Then make sure that it is the right RV for you personally as well.

And finally, how to spot a quality RV that is even worthy of your consideration in the first place.

In other words, it’s going to show you how to weed out all the used Class C motorhomes that you really don’t need to be spending a lot of time with.

And then you can focus on the ones that are actually worth looking at and considering for purchase.

So these guidebooks will help you know how to get the right RV, and buy it at the right price.

Now suppose you have found the one you want. What do you do then?

The Final Step For Buying Success

Well, now it’s time to call in an NRVIA certified inspector. And have them go through that RV from top to bottom.

Get an RV inspection on Class C Motorhomes
Get an RV inspection on Class C motorhomes

That way you can make sure that there aren’t any hidden problems that you can’t see.

Of course, by using my guidebook you’re going to be able to weed out a lot of RVs yourself.

And that’s because you’re going to spot some problems right away that you need to avoid completely in the RVs you look at.

However, even with all of that knowledge, there’s no way that you have the kind of skill and experience that an NRVIA certified inspector is going to have.

And they will be able to find hidden problems that you cannot see on your own.

So take the next step and get that inspection by a qualified professional. And that way you’ll know what you’re buying.


Now by following this three-step process you can buy a used Class C RV that you can trust.

Remember number one is to buy from the best brands. Don’t go messing around with those brands that haven’t been building with quality.

Then number two is learn how to spot a quality RV on your own. One that’s worthy of your purchase.

And then, number three is before you take delivery of that RV, get it inspected.

That way you know there’s no big hidden problems that you’re going to have to deal with later.

Now if you do all those things, let me assure you that buying a used Class C RV or motorhome can be a very smart thing to do.

Have safe and happy travels my friends.

RV Refrigerator Replacement – Time For A Residential Fridge?

What happens when it’s RV refrigerator replacement time? Should you just replace the old fridge with the same or similar RV refrigerator?

Well, these days you have more options to choose from, including residential refrigerators.

So let’s talk about RV refrigerators vs residential refrigerators for your RV.

And first of all, it has to be said that RVs present unique challenges for keeping your food cold!

There’s no question about that. Or at least a lot more challenges than you would experience in a regular home.

So at some point a lot of RVers start thinking about replacing that RV refrigerator, or gas absorption refrigerator, with a residential fridge instead.

Watch my video on RV refrigerators vs residential refrigerators

And let’s see what are the pros and cons of going either way. Because there’s no one right choice for all RVers.

Listen to my podcast on RV refrigerators vs residential refrigerators here

Table of Contents

RV Refrigerator Replacement – Gas Absorption Pros

So let’s start with the pros of going with a normal RV, or gas absorption refrigerator.

Gas absorption refrigerator
An example of an RV gas absorption refrigerator

And the first pro is that they are versatile. In fact, they can run on multiple power sources, and that’s great!

Because if one power source is not available for any reason, you can run it on a different one instead.

Then the second pro is that they are a low power draw on the electric side of your RV. And that’s always a good thing for power management.

Pro number three, and this is a big one, is that they are very good for boondocking. And that’s great for all of you folks that like to dry camp.

You know, maybe you like to go out and camp in places where nobody’s around.

Well then, a gas absorption RV refrigerator is made for that scenario. Because they can be run on propane , and not just electrical power.

And you’re going to really love that! Because you can run your refrigerator as long as you’ve got enough propane on hand.

More RV Refrigerator Pros

Now the next pro is that RV refrigerators are lighter than residential refrigerators. So they save weight in the RV.

And remember everything comes back to weight in an RV eventually. So it’s important to save as much as you can.

And RV refrigerators do that well. Especially if they happen to be installed in an RV slide.

That’s because you’ve got to make sure you don’t overload the slide mechanism. And too much weight can easily do that.

Now the other point is that RV refrigerators already fit right in to your RV if it was installed at the factory.

In fact, in many cases, it sort of seems like they put the refrigerator in and built the rest of the RV all around it.

But the point is that once it’s installed in an RV from the factory, RV refrigerator replacement is fairly straightforward.

It’s located in a place that’s made for it. So all you’ve got to do is just replace it when it becomes unusable at some point. And that’s a pro to consider!

The last pro is that there are no moving parts in an RV refrigerator.

In other words, let’s say that you have a gas absorption RV refrigerator. And you go down the road in your RV jostling along as you go.

Most likely it will usually handle RV travel on the road very well without anything breaking. Because that’s what they’re made to do!

So all of those are pros for RV gas absorption RV refrigerators.

RV Refrigerator Cons

But there are also cons with them when it comes to RV refrigerator replacement too.

And let’s start with the number one con. In fact, it’s the biggest one for a lot of people.

And that is that they are usually fairly small. In other words, you have less cubic feet of of actually storage space for food in an RV refrigerator.

So suppose you have an RV refrigerator. And you put one right next door to it that’s a residential refrigerator the same size.

Well then, you’re going to usually have many more cubic feet of food storage in the residential fridge. And that’s huge!

I mean we all would like to have maybe a little more area than what we have in our RV refrigerator, right?

The second con to consider is that it costs more to replace when it’s RV refrigerator replacement time.

And that’s especially true when we’re getting into the larger gas absorption RV refrigerators.

In fact, they can cost three thousand dollars or more just for the refrigerator itself. And then the installation has to be figured in as well.

Now for con number three. RV fridges are just more sensitive to hot temperatures and to temperature changes.

A lot of people notice this in the summer time. That’s when all of a sudden that ice cream just isn’t really hard anymore.

And in really hot weather, the refrigerator compartment doesn’t always stay in the most desirable range either.

That’s because they are sensitive to extreme temperatures changes. And that’s a con that must be considered!

More RV Fridge Cons

Another con is that RV refrigerators take a long time to initially cool down.

So when you want to go camping, you had better take about a day to get that RV refrigerator up and going.

Because it takes many hours to do that, especially in hot weather.

Moving along, the next con is that almost all RV refrigerators will require some kind of defrosting.

Yes, there really isn’t any kind of automatic defrosting mechanism with these kind of fridges.

So if you’re in a humid area, you could be defrosting your RV gas absorption refrigerator almost every month.

And that means taking everything out of the fridge first. Then actually defrosting it manually before putting everything back in again.

And it can take a bit of time and effort to do that. Time that could be spent doing other things.

Watch my video on how to defrost an RV refrigerator

The final con is that RV gas absorption fridges need to be pretty much level to work properly.

Of course, there is some give and take on that. But you don’t want to get too far off of level.

And that’s because a gas absorption refrigerator works on chemical reactions. So to facilitate that, it has to be in a more or less level state.

And that is certainly not as versatile as most a residential refrigerators can be.

All right, those are the pros and cons of gas absorption rv refrigerators. So now let’s start on residential fridges.

RV Refrigerator Replacement – Residential Refrigerator Pros

RV residential refrigerator
Example of an RV residential refrigerator

And the number one pro for them is having more food storage. That’s really the big one, isn’t it?

Number two is that they’re much cheaper to buy. Remember, we talked about how gas absorption fridges can cost three thousand dollars or more.

Well, if you get a residential fridge about the same size, you may be only spending a few hundred dollars. Or at the most maybe a thousand or so.

And that’s definitely a big difference in cost.

Pro number three is that residential refrigerators cool down quick. Usually just a few hours after you plug it in, you’re going to notice the difference.

It should be nice and cool in your fridge, and really cold in your freezer.

Now the fourth pro for residential fridges is they work much better in hot weather. And they’re more consistent with temperature changes in general.

In fact, a lot of people even put them out in a shed or garage at home. And they can then use them for storage of extra things they want to keep cold.

That’s because they can be out in temperature extremes and still function rather normally in most cases.

More RV Residential Refrigerator Pros

Now the next pro is that they often have a longer life span.

In fact, most residential refrigerators will probably last between 18 to 20 years.

Whereas RV gas absorption refrigerators are usually known to only last somewhere between 10 to 15 years instead.

And now the last pro for the residential refrigerator is it’s frost free capability.

That means that there’s so little maintenance that is needed for a residential fridge.

Especially as opposed to having to manually defrost gas absorption refrigerators on a regular basis.

Well now, let’s talk about the cons too. Because there are cons for residential fridges as well.

RV Residential Fridge Cons

And number one is that you probably will need to make changes to your RV to get a residential refrigerator to fit in it properly.

That’s because RVs were made to have an RV fridge. So to put a residential fridge in, very often you’ve got to make some extensive modifications.

And that means you may lose storage in your RV when you do. Because the extra room for the residential refrigerator often comes from an available storage area.

The next con to consider is that residential refrigerators are often heavier. And sometimes by quite a bit.

So that means it’s going to contribute more toward the overall weight of your RV.

And if you’re already at the limit of your gross vehicle weight rating, that’s going to be an issue.

Also, if you have your refrigerator in an RV slide-out, you’ve got to be extra careful about adding weight.

And that’s because you have to make sure that the slide-out mechanism is able to handle it.

And that is a real consideration to make before an RV refrigerator replacement takes place.

More RV Residential Fridge Cons

The number three con is that you most likely are going to need a bigger battery bank to run a residential refrigerator too.

Especially for times when you are boondocking or dry camping.

That’s because they only run on electric. And most battery banks in RVs are not really going to be up to the job.

So when you buy that residential fridge, very often you’re going to need a bigger and better battery bank too.

And maybe even a bigger and better inverter as well. Because that’s what converts 12 volt power to 120 volts to run that residential refrigerator when you’re not plugged into shore power.

Now for the fourth con. And that is that just to get a residential refrigerator into your RV may be a real challenge.

In fact, in many cases they won’t go through the door at all. They’re just too big.

So a lot of times, RV techs will take out a window to get it inside the RV.

Or if it’s a motorhome, they may have to even take out the windshield to get that refrigerator in or out of the RV.

And that’s quite a process to watch. But it’s something that’s a lot more work to do for an RV refrigerator replacement.

Now the last con is that a residential fridge is not designed to be jostled around going down the road in an RV.

It was designed to sit on a flat stationary floor in a residential home.

Of course, to be fair most people don’t have a lot of problems with that.

But some people do. And they have issues with things coming loose regularly. Things that just have to be repaired from time to time.

Which Kind Of Refrigerator Should You Choose For Your RV?

All right, those are the pros and cons of both RV gas absorption refrigerators and residential fridges.

Now what kind of RVer would be best for each type of fridge? Well, here’s my take on the subject:

I feel that an RV gas absorption refrigerator is really best for part-time RVers. Or maybe vacation travelers or weekend warriors.

Also they can be a good choice for boondockers. People who like to be out and away from everything and are going to be unplugged while camping.

In those situations, an RV fridge works very well for that due to its versatility.

Also, for those who like to stay in more moderate temperatures.

That means that you’re not seeing a lot of extremes that could affect the way your refrigerator cools.

Now for a residential refrigerator, it would be a good choice for fulltime RVers. For people who are actually living in their RV for a long while.

In this case, having a residential refrigerator just makes everything more easy, simple and comfortable.

And it works especially well for those who like to spend almost all their time in campgrounds or RV parks.

Since they’re going to be hooked up to the grid anyway, that extra power draw for the residential fridge will not mean anything to them because they’re hooked up to shore power.

Also, residential fridges work well for those who could be camping in hot weather for a while.

In that scenario they’re going to really see the benefit of having a residential fridge.

That’s because as I mentioned earlier, residential fridges just handle temperature extremes better.


Now let me say that either kind of refrigerator can work very well. And there’s no one choice here that’s a good solution for everybody.

So consider the pros and the cons that I’ve covered in this article.

Then compare them with your personal RV travel and camping habits.

And if you do, I’m sure that you will make the decision that is best for you.

Have safe and happy travels my friends!

The Best Travel Trailer Brands – My Top 3 Recommendations

This article is about my recommendations for the best travel trailer brands. The ones that you should be be considering now in 2023.

Of course, travel trailers are by far the most popular RV. And that’s because in many cases they’re the most affordable RV too. But they also fit into people’s lifestyle a lot easier as well.

Suppose you have a larger SUV or a passenger truck that you use for your daily driver. Well then, a travel trailer is going to fit in really well with what you already have.

Also, if you’re thinking about getting into RVing on a more permanent basis, travel trailers are a great place to start to get used to RVing itself.

Now when you start looking at travel trailers, you’re going to see that there are an incredible number of brands and models to choose from.

It’s really a crowded field. So the question is, how do you know which brands produce the best travel trailer quality? The ones that you want to buy?

Watch my video on the top 3 travel trailer brands

Table of Contents

Travel Trailer Brand Quality

Well, it’s interesting to note that quality doesn’t stay level in this segment of the RV industry though.

So very often, you’ll see brands have some years where they make really good quality RVs. And then other years where their output isn’t so great anymore.

And that means that it’s important to stay up with what brands are making the best travel trailer quality now.

In other words, the best travel trailers for the money.

So that’s what this video is all about. It’s about the top three travel trailer brands that I can personally recommend for you. Especially within the last three to four years or so.

A good question though is what am I basing my decisions on? Well, there’s three big things that I use as the basis for my list.

And number one is build quality. That’s something that as an RV inspector I pay a lot of attention to.

But the second is customer service too. Yes, you want build quality before the sale. But you also want to know that you’re going to get support after the sale too.

And finally, the third point is resale value. Because you want to be able to sell the travel trailer later on and get a reasonable amount back out of it.

So let’s go ahead and cover the top three best travel trailer brands that I can recommend for you.

The Best Travel Trailer Brands – Pick #1

And number one on the list is Grand Design. Now Grand Design may seem like they have been around forever.

And that’s because they’re so ingrained in the RV culture now.

But the truth is, they’ve only been in business for about 10 years or so. But in those 10 years they have made tremendous strides.

Today they are known for producing some of the best travel trailer quality RVs. And they are also known for exceptional customer service after the sale.

They have also won numerous industry and consumer awards over the last 8 years or so.

So give them real consideration as one of the best travel trailers for the money.

Now the models that you want to look for are first of all, the Transcend. And generally speaking, the Transcend allows you to buy at the lower end of the market.

Grand Design Transcend
Grand Design Transcend

Then the Imagine fills the slot in the middle area of the travel trailer price range.

Grand Design Imagine
Grand Design Imagine

And finally, the Reflection is more in the higher end of the newer and used travel trailer market.

Best travel trailer brands - Grand Design Reflection
Grand Design Reflection

When you go online to RV trader, you can look for the range of costs for new Grand Design travel trailers.

And they can start anywhere around the low 30s, and go all the way up to the low 90s.

So that is a wide variation of costs within just one brand. In fact, you’ve got almost any price range that someone could afford.

And of course, you can save a lot by buying a Grand Design RV that is just a few years older.

So if you’re considering a travel trailer RV, Grand Design has got a lot to offer most buyers.

The #2 Pick For Quality Travel Trailers

Now let’s move on to number two on the list. And that is Northwood RVs.

Northwood is well known for making true four season RVs. And that means they build their products with quality materials and methods.

Now they are not a large quantity builder though. So you might have a little more challenge even finding Northwood travel trailers.

But when you do, the quality is apparent right away. And they also have a lot of very loyal customers and fans who are also really vocal about their support for the company.

In addition, they are known for making true four season travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Now let’s take a look at their models to buy. And there’s two main travel trailer models that Northwood puts out at this point.

The first one we’ll cover is the Arctic Fox. And that’s the travel trailer model that they’re probably most well known for.

Best travel trailer brands - Northwood Arctic Fox
Northwood Arctic Fox

But there’s also the Nash, and it is well worth your consideration as well.

Northwood Nash
Northwood Nash

And if you look on RV trader, the costs are going to run anywhere from the mid 30’s all the way up to the mid 80’s for new Northwood travel trailers.

So once again, you’ve got a wide range of prices to choose from with Northwood RVs too. And you can save by buying a few years older as well.

And whether you’re buying on the lower end, in the mid range, or the higher end, there’s something good that Northwood has to offer you.

The Best Travel Trailer Brands – Pick #3

Now let’s move on to the third brand on my list of the top three travel trailer brands. And that is Lance Campers.

Lance is one of the fastest growing RV builders in the current market.

And I have to say that they make exceptionally higher quality travel trailers than the majority of the competition in their price range.

In fact, they make some of the best travel trailers for the money that you can find.

So really consider Lance if you’re looking in the travel trailer segment.

Now as far as the models are concerned, they go about things a little bit differently.

They don’t give their models names. Instead they give them model numbers.

Best travel trailer brands - Lance Campers
Lance Campers

So the numbers range anywhere from 1475 up to 2465. And there’s a lot of models in between too.

Now as far as the cost is concerned, on RV trader you’re going to find that most new Lance travel trailers are going to run between the low 50’s up to the mid 90’s.

So not quite as large a range of prices on Lance travel trailers. But the range is still large enough that most people could find something they can afford.

But once again, choose a Lance product that is just a few years old to save lots of money.

Reminders About Buying Travel Trailer RVs

Alright, that’s the three brands and models that I wanted to recommend to you in this article. Brands known for making the best travel trailer quality products.

Number one, Grand Design. Number two Northwood. And number three Lance.

I specifically chose these three brands to represent higher end, mid-range, and lower cost travel trailers.

Now are these RV brands perfect? Am I saying that there will never be problems with these brands and models?

Absolutely not! There is no brand or model of RV out there that is perfect. And these days, that is especially so.

Remember that RVs are still being made generally by hand. So there can be a great variation in the sustainability of the quality level in a brand.

That means that you can get a lemon in almost any RV brand out there.

But these brands of travel trailers are going to put the buying odds on your side. That most likely you’re going to get a very good RV.

Also, I have only covered the top three travel trailer brands here in this article.

More Of The Best Travel Trailer Brands

But I have created a guidebook to buying newer and used travel trailers that can be even more helpful.

And it provides all of the brands and the models that I recommend for your consideration. Not just the top three, but all of them.

And I list them in order as far as quality, customer service, and resale value are concerned.

Although it covers travel trailer brands up until 2019, the recommended list still applies even for the best new RVs now. Not much has changed during the Covid pandemic.

So just click on the image below to download my travel trailer guidebook.

Now what if you have a favorite travel trailer brand, that you’re convinced builds a quality RV? But I didn’t mention it on my list in this article.

Well, don’t get shook about that. It probably means that you’re going to see it on my full list in the travel trailer buying guidebook.

OK, now the last points I want to make here is actually a couple of things.

RV Inspections On Newer RVs Too?

Number one. As always these days, before you buy a new RV or a slightly used RV, make sure that you get it inspected by a certified NRVIA inspector.

Why? Because RV factories are turning out products these days that really aren’t up to snuff in many cases.

Even some of the better RV manufacturers have struggled to consistently produce quality RVs during Covid.

So brands known for some of the best travel trailer quality methods have been affected.

And RV dealers are often not fixing those problems before you buy it. So get an RV inspection before the whole buying process is ended.

And then once that inspector gives you the punch list of all the RV’s problems, do not take delivery of that RV until all those issues are fully resolved.

Now if you’ll do that, the odds are even greater that you’ll get a good RV.

And you’re going to eliminate a lot of the frustration and irritation that so many new RV buyers are experiencing these days.

My 5 Step RV Buying Success Process

Finally, let me also recommend that you consider getting my buying and inspection guides for new and used RVs.

Now these guides are not about the best RV models and brands like the one I mentioned above.

Instead, these two buying guides specifically focus on the RV buying process itself.

One is for buying new RVs. And the other is for used RV buying. They will show you how to find the right RV for your specific needs.

Then they will provide you with a proven system for buying RVs that really works.

And here is an overall illustration of my 5 step process for successful RV buying:

My 5 step success process for buying the best travel trailer brands

My guidebooks go into lots of detail about how to pre-inspect an RV you are considering. And that way you can determine whether it’s worth going to the next step or not.

I even provide a handy checklist with instructions on what and how to pre-inspect on each RV.

After that, the next step is to call in a professional RV inspector. But only on the RV that is your best candidate overall among the ones you have found.

So if you use my new or used RV buying guide along with my best travel trailer brands guidebook, the odds are really on your side to get a great RV.


Armed with the information in this article and my guidebooks, buying the right travel trailer is much easier.

And you can avoid all the frustration and regret that many RV buyers are experiencing now.

Oh and one more thing. When you buy any of my guides, I make myself personally available for help.

Yes, I will be happy to help answer any question you have about RVs or RV buying. Either by email or phone call.

So let’s work together and make sure that you get the travel trailer you deserve.

One that will bring you on many happy adventures for years to come!

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