Kartchner Caverns State Park – A Great Arizona Campground

Kartchner Caverns State Park is located at 2980 AZ-90, in Benson, AZ.

This beautiful state park is part of the Arizona State Park System. It is located just outside of Benson, AZ.

To access it, you would exit the I-10 at exit number 302. It is up in the mountains at 4700 feet above sea level. And about 10 miles away from the township of Benson, AZ.

Even though it is a little climb to get to the campground, it is easily doable for even large rigs. And the 62 site campground is very easy to navigate for larger rigs also.

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Kartchner Caverns State Park Features

All sites have electric and water but no sewer. And it has a very nice dump station to take care of those black and gray tanks for you.

Also, at least 12 of the sites have 50 amp hookups, and the rest have 30 amp hookups.

How much are the sites? Well, they will run you about $30 a night. And the sites are all quite level with asphalt pads, fire ring and picnic table.

The accommodations are really quite nice and the views are beautiful. The bathhouses are well kept up and very clean.

Kartchner Caverns State Park campsites
The view from Kartchner Caverns State Park

And it is quite peaceful up there. But course, the big perk is that you are right next door to the caverns.

The caverns draw lots of tourists every year. So if you want to tour them, it would probably be advisable to make reservations in advance.

There are different tours that you can take. And of course, the rangers can help you out with which ones are the best for you.

Tours start at $23 an adult and $13 a youth. But there is also a Discovery Center there that explains the area and caverns too.

They also have a hummingbird garden. And of course a small place to get a light lunch if you wish to do that.

As well as the caverns, there are various hiking trails in the area if you are interested in that. But just the quiet campground and gorgeous views are stupendous.

Internet Connectivity

How about internet? Well, the campground does not provide any. But we used our AT&T hotspot and had no difficulty getting internet at all.

Also our phones were on Sprint/T-Mobile and we were able to have decent signal with them too.

Kartner Caverns State Park – Local Sights

Well, are you close to anything else? Yes, the town of Benson is only about 10 miles away. So you can access places such as Safeway, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Dollar General and Dollar Tree for supplies. Very handy indeed!

Places to eat???? Well there are some of the most common such as Subway, Wendy’s, McDonalds, etc. But there are also local Mexican restaurants and breakfast places too. Such as Horseshoe Cafe and Bakery.

And some mom and pop restaurants like one we enjoyed called Wild Dogs Gourmet Hot Dogs and Sandwiches. Just check days and times for these more local places. But there is definitely enough to take care of your needs and wants.

Other attractions in the area are places such as Tombstone. And this is truly a unique and historical little township.

It’s a very good place to visit and see the history of the area. And also explore the many small stores with handmade clothes and trinkets that will remind you of the area.

There are also plenty of places to eat there and feel the atmosphere of the West. This is located about 30 miles away from the campground.

There are other historical areas and towns nearby too such as Bisbee. And an area that helps you understand the Indian Tribes that lived in the area at one time.

So as you can see, this is a nice campground to stay at and learn more about this area of Arizona.

Our Conclusion

So how would we rate the area and campground? The beauty and the things to do in the area we would rate about 4.5.

There is sometimes more travel to get to some of them which could be a bit much for some. But this is also something that is very common when you live out in the West. Things can be a bit spread out sometimes.

How about the Kartchner Caverns State Park itself? This would definitely be a 4.5 also. We only say this because for some, amenities are very important. And there are really not many onsite.

But that is true for state parks in other states too. The other thing that many appreciate is sewer hookups. And this does not have any.

But once again, this is something that is common in many state parks all over the country. And they do have a very clean and nice dump station to take care of those needs.

Would we go back again??? Most definitely!!!! We enjoyed our stay and want to thank the Arizona State Park system for the beauty they have preserved by keeping it so tidy and well kept.

How To Always Get Campground Reservations Wherever You Go

This is a transcript of a podcast about getting campground reservations wherever you go. The transcript is as follows:

“Hello everyone. And welcome to the RV Inspection And Care podcast.

Today’s podcast is about how RVers can make sure that they always get campground reservations.

Before we get started, let me invite everyone who’s listening to subscribe to my podcast. That way you won’t miss any of the great topics we’re going to be discussing.

And please visit my website too at rvinspectionandcare.com. There’s a lot of information there. And articles that I’m sure you’ll find helpful.

Now let’s get back to our topic about how we make sure that we always get campground reservations.

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Why Campground Reservations Are A Challenge Now

This was not really that much of an issue just a couple of years ago. In fact, when we first started RVing it just really wasn’t a big problem.

You could pretty much get reservations almost any time. And it was very easy to travel, even spontaneously back then.

But things have changed in the last two years. And one of the big reasons is COVID.

And then COVID caused this huge increase in popularity for RVing. So as a result of that, we have essentially the same number of campgrounds and campsites that we had a couple of years ago. But we have all these newer RVers.

So many of them that there’s a lot more people that are vying for the same number of campsites.

And even some of the most popular YouTube content creators are saying they’re having trouble getting reservations. Especially the ones that love to travel spontaneously.

You know, they just like to kind of go where the spirit moves them. Well, that’s getting a lot more difficult these days.

In the past it was very doable. But today it’s a challenge. So yes, getting campground reservations is a challenge today.

But it can still be done. And let me reassure you about that.

Now we’re going to go over a lot of ways today to make sure that you can always get campground reservations.

The Best Way To Get Campground Reservations

And the first one we’re going to talk about is the most important point or suggestion that I can make.

Now I know some folks really like to spontaneously travel. But these days that’s going to be really challenging.

Instead, I encourage you to plan ahead. And that’s going to be more and more important as we go forward.

Now how far ahead do you need to plan? Well, that’s hard to say. Because it depends on the person.

And on what they’re comfortable with. On how they like to travel and what area they’re in, and all those kinds of things.

So it’s hard to say how far to plan ahead. But as far as we’re concerned, Cheri and I usually plan ahead about three to four months.

And in doing that we don’t have any problem. In fact, right now we’ll be leaving New England and we’re going down to Florida.

Then we’re going to head out to Arizona. And we’ll get in Arizona by the first of the year.

Well, I already have that whole trip completely planned out. I don’t have to worry about it at all.

And I was easily able to get the campground reservations that I wanted. So planning ahead is a very important part of the puzzle to make sure that you always have a place to stay.

And just adjust it to whatever you’re comfortable with, as to how far you plan in advance.

Campground Resources You Need

Now the second suggestion I have is to get as many resources for campgrounds and campsites as you possibly can.

That’s because the more places you have to choose from. Then the more opportunity you have to actually find a place to make a reservation.

So for instance the one website we like to use more than any other is RV Trip Wizard. And that’s no surprise because I’ve made videos about it in the past.

Click here to learn more about RV Trip Wizard

It’s really easy for me. I can lay out a whole trip quickly and easily. But I also like the fact that it lists a lot of campgrounds along the way.

So very often I can make all my campground reservations by just following the trip that I’ve laid out in RV Trip Wizard.

And you can also actually look up the reviews for the campgrounds too. It’ll also provide the phone number or the website. And that way you can go and make reservations in whatever way you’d like.

So RV Trip Wizard is probably my number one resource for getting campground reservations.

Other Campground Reservations Resources

But number two is Campendium.com. Now that’s a great website. There’s a lot of campsites and campgrounds there that may not be available almost anywhere else. So be sure to check that as well.

Then there’s another great site called Thedyrt.com and it’s a spell d-y-r-t and not d-i-r-t. But again, it’s a great resource for lots of campgrounds.

And finally, I love to use the Allstays app too. It’s worked very well for me.

In fact, I use Allstays along with RV Trip Wizard a lot. And if I can’t find the campgrounds I’m really looking for in RV Trip Wizard, usually I can find something then in Allstays.

Then if I can’t find it there, I move to Campendium.com and Thedyrt.com. So those are all great ways to have a lot of campgrounds and campsites available for you to choose from.

A Great Under-Utilized Resource

Now the third suggestion is Boondocker’s Welcome. And I kind of feel like this is one that hasn’t completely caught on with everyone like it should.

Click here to learn more about Boondockers Welcome

Especially when they’re thinking about making campground reservations.

But Boondockers Welcome essentially is an arrangement where hosts around the country will allow you to come and stay on their site. And you can boondock there.

But you know, what we’re finding is more and more these hosts are actually providing some kind of hookups. And very often they’re allowing you to stay multiple nights as well.

So it’s kind of like even having campground reservations really, through Boondocker’s Welcome.

And we’ve used it several times now. In fact, we’ve been very happy with every arrangement that we’ve had so far.

So it’s another resource in your campground reservation tool belt.

Another Great Under-Utilized Resource

Now the next suggestion is Harvest Hosts. And again, this is an under-utilized way of making campground reservations while you’re on the road.

Click here to learn more about Harvest Hosts

Now the thing to remember about Harvest Hosts is that they generally are only a one-night stay. They really don’t usually allow you to stay more than that.

But if you are on the road and you are traveling. And you know you’re going from one area to another with several days to get there.

Well then, Harvest Hosts is a great resource. Because it allows you to have these one night stays.

And the advantage is that you’re staying at some really unique and beautiful places.

You know, things like golf courses and vineyards and farms and places like that. Many of them are just beautiful. So it really is a great resource for making overnight stays.

Now let me interject something here. That is that both Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts can still be arranged sort of at the last minute.

And that’s how under-utilized they are. Now with campgrounds, it’s really hard to get last minute reservations now.

But with these two resources it’s still possible to travel around the country, and do so in a spontaneous way. Like a lot of people like to do.

So be sure to consider those two resources. Both Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts.

If you don’t have them in your tool belt, well it may be time to put them there.

A Couple More Important Campground Reservations Resources

Now my next resource for consideration is Hipcamp.com. And again, it is a collection of resources of people that are offering their location for you to stay at.

And very often, it’s residential locations. But it could be businesses too.

Usually there is a fee for staying there. But very often they do provide some kind of hookups as well

And it’s another way to find even more places to stay. But it doesn’t cost you anything to use the website. So consider Hipcamp.com.

My next suggestion is Passport America. Don’t forget about them. You can get up to fifty percent off too if you abide by all their regulations and guidelines.

But in addition to that, very often I can find campgrounds there that may not be listed in some of the other resources I have. So Passport America is good to have.

How About Thousand Trails Campers?

And finally, a lot of you out there have a Thousand Trails membership. For instance, the Zone Pass.

A lot of folks have a Zone Pass because it’s not that expensive. And it allows you to use the Thousand Trails park system.

But the problem with the Zone Pass is you can only make campground reservations out about two months in advance.

And if everybody has a zone pass, then they can make reservations out two months in advance too. So you might not be able to get some reservations when you want them.

What I recommend then is to consider the idea of upgrading to an Elite membership instead.

That’s what we have. And with an elite membership we can actually make reservations four months in advance.

Doing that, we have no problem finding campground reservations at almost any Thousand Trails campground.

Yes, it does cost you to upgrade. So it’s something you’ve got to think about and consider.

But if you travel a lot. And if having that reservation with full hookups is really important to you. Well then, you might want to consider upgrading your Thousand Trails membership.

What If All These Other Resources Fail?

Now the last point I want to make is that if all these other resources fail, then there’s always the free overnight spots.

Places like Walmarts and rest stops, Cracker Barrels and Cabela’s. And also Bass Pro Shops and even some casinos.

Those are all places where you can stay overnight while you’re traveling. Now you’re probably not going to be able to put your slides out and really enjoy the camping experience there.

But it lets you have a place to stay. So if all other resources fail, those are great places to stay for the night.

Now how do you find those spots though? Well, probably the easiest way is to go to Campendium.com.

They actually have a section on their site for free camping. So click on that and then choose your area. And up will come the free spots where you could go and camp overnight while you’re traveling through.

So give that some consideration. You know, if all these other resources fail, there’s always that to get you through in the meantime.

How To Find The Campground Resources I’ve Covered

Well, I’ve covered a lot of suggestions. A lot of links here that would go to websites and to apps and so on.

And I want to make sure that you have all of these so that you can go check them out for yourself.

So a video of this podcast is being made that’s going to be on YouTube. And the links to all of these resources will be in the description of the video.

Click here to view the video of this podcast

And I’ll put a link to the video in the description of this podcast. So that way you can go there and find all these resources. Then you can check them out and see if it’ll work for you.

But let me just say this. We have used pretty much all of these resources at one time or another.

And it works very well for us. So the more resources you have right now in this period where it’s really getting tougher to get reservations, the better. And you’ll be able to have a lot more to choose from that way.


The bottom line is this. The situation we are facing for campground reservations is challenging. Yes that is true, but it’s not hopeless.

It’s actually very manageable. You’ve just got to know how to do it. And have the right resources.

Then you’ll be able to go pretty much anywhere you want to go most times. And have the campground reservations you need to get you there.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope what we’ve covered has been helpful. And hope it will be beneficial for you in your RV travels.

Have safe and happy travels my friends …. until next time. “

Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground – A Thorough Review

The Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground is located at 90 Stevens Rd., in Rochester, MA.

This beautifully wooded campground is situated not very far off of I-495. And that is one of the major roads that leads to Cape Cod.

The campground lies only about 4 miles, or around 9-10 minutes off the interstate. And the roads to the campground are easy to navigate for any type of RV. Even the big rigs.

As you arrive at the campground, you are usually greeted by a very friendly staff. And they are very helpful in getting you situated at a campsite.

Click here to view the Gateway To Cape Cod RV Campground map

Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park Features

There are 169 sites at this campground, so it’s a pretty good size RV park.

There are some that are seasonal campers in the park. But there seems to be plenty of spots for those who want to stay either daily or weekly too.

All the sites have 30/50 amp electric service and offer full hookups as well.

Now this is part of the Thousand Trails camping membership system. So if you are a part of that program, you can have the spot for $0 a night.

But spots can be reserved outside of that system too. And in that case, sites usually run around $87 a night for a daily rate.

But if you reserve for a week or more they average out to about $75 a night.

There is one thing you need to know about this park though. Since it’s located in the Northeast, it only remains open between mid-April through mid-October.

The sites themselves do seem to be level in most cases. And they have full hookups, as was mentioned earlier.

The staff also seems to keep the park picked up nicely. And the roads within the park are not too bad to drive on.

There are a few rough spots. But in general you can definitely get around without too much difficulty.

Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park Amenities

How are the amenities in this park? Well, they are not too bad. The bath houses are a bit dated and could really be given a little attention.

They are as clean as can be expected with older buildings. The pool area is also kept up. And the playground is definitely something the kids would enjoy.

But towards the back of the campground is a beautiful place to enjoy the nearby river.

And there is access to put a canoe or kayak in the water there with no trouble.

Also, with the nice little dock they have there, you could fish off the dock too. We saw some people catching fish while we were there.

You could also just stand and enjoy the beauty of the water if you want instead. And the marshy area that you can view from there is beautiful as well.

There is a small camp store onsite where you can pick up a few supplies as needed.

And a decent size laundry room which is clean and enables you to take care of your laundry. The cost for washing and drying your clothes was reasonable too.

How About Internet Access?

How about the internet? Well, they do offer WIFI. But like most campgrounds, it can be a bit spotty except around the main buildings.

We used our hotspot and our AT&T service, and seemed to have decent internet access.

Gateway To Cape Cod RV Park – The Surrounding Area

Well, what is in the area? As far as places to get provisions, there is no problem at all.

The town of Wareham, MA is nearby. And you can get to an area there that has a Walmart, Target, Aldi, and Lowes easily.

They are located about 5 miles away, so around a 11-12 minute ride. Also in this area are a few chain restaurants, such as Red Robin and Restaurant 99.

Then down the road just a little way is a grocery store called Shaws. You can get almost anything you need there.

In the same area is a Walgreens and an Aubuchon Hardware. These stores are located about 6 1/2 miles away or about 14-15 minutes.

There are also other eating establishments in the area depending on what you like. So obviously plenty to choose from.

What is there to see? Well, there are cranberry bogs, trails to walk, and beautiful ocean views not far away.

Gateway To Cape Cod RV – Access To Cape Cod

Of course, the big draw of the area is Cape Cod. This is such a unique place.

The Cape is quite large and offers you just about anything you want. There is whale watching and ferries to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

There are also plenty of historical sites like the Kennedy compound and more. Also, lighthouses dot the island and the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore stetches for miles.

Sand dunes are everywhere. And the Atlantic Ocean will greet you at almost every turn.

There are unique shops to explore and plenty of restaurants to choose from too. But let me tell you….. ahhh, the seafood.

Clam chowder that is legendary. And fresh fish is everywhere. You just can’t go wrong with the seafood on the Cape.

Travel On Cape Cod

How far away is the Cape? Well, from the campground to get on the Cape itself takes about a half hour.

But from there, where you want to go on the Cape can take a bit longer.

Falmouth is about 40 minutes from the campground. And Yarmouth is about one hour.

Provincetown at the end of the Cape is about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Lots can be seen in any of these places and all the little towns between. We love the Cape!!!!

Gateway To Cape Cod RV – Our Conclusion

So what do we think about the area and the Gateway to Cape Cod campground?

Well, the area is an absolute 5-star area. So much to see. So much to do. And it is very eclectic and unique. You just can’t go wrong with the Cape.

A word to the wise though. If you go off season, you can get around the Cape so much easier then. And it is still warm and inviting.

How about the campground though? We would probably give it a 3.5 out of 5.

It is definitely older and could use some updating on some of their amenities. And the WIFI could be a bit better also.

But the park is pretty, with a lot of shade trees and friendly personnel. And it is so close to so many interesting things to see and do.

Would we go back? Well, we have been back twice and we would definitely go back again.