Your RV Internet Connection Made Simple And Easy

Having a fast, reliable RV internet connection is a must for modern RVers. It’s not really a luxury any more. It’s a necessity!

But when you wander into the field of electronics and gadgets, it’s easy to get lost and bewildered. And lots of money can be spent in the pursuit of fast RV internet!

However, having a fast and reliable internet connection almost anywhere you go doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be surprisingly simple and easy!

The simple and easy way to get a fast RV internet connection
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What About Campground Wifi?

In a perfect world, we could count on all RV campgrounds to provide us with fast internet service. But it’s not a perfect RVing world and campground wifi service is often extremely slow.

In all fairness though, campgrounds are not always to blame for poor wifi reception either.

The truth is that building a wifi system that will allow all of their campers to access the internet at fast speeds is very expensive.

One of the main reasons for this is that a lot of RVers also want to stream online content regularly. Especially from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or others.

Unfortunately, streaming videos is resource intensive when you have a lot of people doing it at once. So it’s not uncommon to see campground wifi systems slow to a crawl, especially at times of high usage.

So relying on a fast and consistent RV internet connection through campground wifi is not a good strategy. It can be helpful at times, but it shouldn’t be your main internet source.

My Simple And Easy RV Internet Connection

After doing a lot of online research into this subject one thing became clear. And it is that if you are traveling a lot in your RV, you need to take responsibility for your online connectivity yourself.

If you are always relying on an internet connection provided in some way by others, you are going to be frequently disappointed.

Of course, there are lots of public wifi access points available these days. But you have to hunt them down and they are not always very good. And you also could face online security issues when you don’t know who else is on the system with you.

And the farther you go out into nature, as many of us like to do, the fewer choices you are going to have.

So I developed an internet connectivity setup that has proven to be simple, easy to implement, reliable, and inexpensive. It has worked well for us and I would like to share it with you now.

There are three components to this system and they are – (1) a dedicated hotspot, (2) a high quality cell booster, (3) a portable outside antenna. Let me explain how each of these components work together for us.

1 – A dedicated hotspot

So what is a hotspot anyhow? Really, it’s just a device that allows other electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, computers and TVs to connect to the internet.

Some RVers have a cell service plan that allows them to use their cell phone for this purpose. When the phone connects to the internet through the cell tower, it can share that connection with other devices.

One problem with this approach is that using your phone this way eats up a lot of battery power. And on some phones, if you receive and make a phone call, your RV internet connection is lost altogether.

And what if you want to have a private phone conversation? The internet connection for your other devices may suffer severely if you go out of earshot.

And finally, cell service plans often put restrictions on hotspot usage by your phone.

So, in view of all of this, I decided to use a dedicated hotspot that does only one thing and does it well – share an online internet connection.

Which Cell Service And Hotspot To Choose?

There are so many choices when it comes to your cell service carrier, it’s downright paralyzing. Added to that is the fact that the main carriers are changing their service plans all the time.

And they also add lots of fine print in each new plan offering too. So it’s a good idea to scrutinize your cell plan very carefully to be sure of what you are getting for internet connectivity.

For RV travel, the two carriers that are most often used is Verizion and AT&T. The reason for this is simple. These two carriers have the most cell coverage in the US.

T-Mobile is not bad though. But Sprint is only usable mainly around larger urban areas.

But in my research I came across a reseller of AT&T cell service that has great reviews from a lot of RVers. It’s called OTR Mobile. Just click the link to visit their website.

I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I can recommend them based on my experience with their service so far. In fact, we have had an excellent RV internet connection almost everywhere we have gone across the country.

And the best part is the cost. We currently have an unlimited and unthrottled plan that only costs us $60 per month as of writing this.

We have used it for all of our computing needs online and also for streaming too. And it has worked very well for us, even in rural areas.

There are dedicated hotspots that you can buy with the service and we are satisfied with the Velocity 2 hotspot that we bought from OTR Mobile.

It connects up to 10 devices to the internet simultaneously. And we have used almost all of those connections so far.

Of course, you can buy more expensive and more capable hotspots if you like. But we can highly recommend OTR Mobile for the hotspot and the service that we currently have.

Click here to check out the dedicated hotspot and cell service plan from OTR Mobile

2 – A High Quality Cell Booster

The next step in this simple system is to purchase a high quality RV cell booster. And for us, the choice was to buy from the industry leader, WeBoost.

There are increasingly more companies to choose from in the RV cell boosting field. But WeBoost has been doing this a long time and they get consistently great reviews.

But which cell booster to buy for your RV travels? There are boosters that are specifically designed for use in an automobile. And they can be adapted for use in an RV or motorhome.

But WeBoost makes a dedicated RV cell booster that meets the needs of most RV travelers. It’s the Drive-X RV booster.

It’s more expensive than the boosters used in automobile applications, but I want the best cell signal boost that I can get when I am in rural areas. And this booster provides that. In fact, it’s the most boost allowed by a cellular booster that can be used in motion.

After looking around for a long time I bought the RV bundle that TechnoRV offers. It includes the booster and antenna for use inside an RV and a means to adapt it for use in a car or truck too.

And finally, it also includes equipment that allows me to attach the outside antenna to my RV without drilling holes. Let’s talk about that part of the system now.

3 – A Portable Outside Antenna

Being an RV inspector, I have seen firsthand the kind of damage that water intrusion can do to an RV. So I don’t like drilling holes in my motorhome if I don’t absolutely have to.

But the vast majority of RV cell booster installations that you see do exactly that. They drill a hole in the roof somewhere for the antenna base.

Then they run wires through the RV to the spot where the booster is installed. And then they run more wires to the inside antenna.

This is a serious bit of work. And a lot of folks are not comfortable with all of this drilling and inside installation work. And who can blame them?

But the RV bundle sold by TechnoRV approaches this issue from a whole different perspective.

What if you didn’t have to permanently mount your RV cell booster outside antenna? What if you could even raise your antenna far above the roof of your RV for the best cell service reception possible?

Click here for the WeBoost Drive-X RV Bundle from TechnoRV

(This is an affiliate link for the product on TechnoRV. It does not cost you any extra to buy the product using my affiliate link if you choose to do so)

All of this is possible with the RV bundle from TechnoRV and here is how it works:

Our Outside RV Cell Booster Antenna

The TechnoRV bundle comes with a very high quality suction cup that is made for use on the outside of an RV. Now this is not the cheap suction cups found at Harbor Freight. Those cheaper suction cups have their place, but this is not one of them.

In fact, just to be safe, I also include a second suction cup for extra stability.

The bundle also comes with a means of attaching the outside cell booster antenna to a painter’s pole. And you can easily buy one of these at Lowes or Home Depot for just a few dollars.

You simply attach the antenna to the top of the extension part of the pole. Then you attach the suction cup to the handle of the pole. But how do you attach the cell booster cable to the antenna?

A little known tip about RVs is that you can easily pass wiring through the slideout wiper seal when the slide is moving either in or out. Of course, when the slideout reaches its fully extended position or if it is completely retracted this doesn’t work.

But when it is in between these two opposite positions, it’s actually easy to fish a cable through the side of the slideout. As an alternative, you could also run the cable out through one of your RV windows.

Then you simply attach the RV cell booster cable to the antenna and mount it on your RV wall with the suction cup.

All of this takes me only a couple of minutes when I set up at a campsite. And the removal is equally as quick and easy when we leave.

Installing the antenna this way lets me run it up to the full height of the pole’s extension when it is in use. This is several feet above the RV roof. And that means that I get a much better RV internet connection because the antenna has fewer obstacles to overcome at that height.

My RV outside antenna
My outside antenna setup

An RV Internet Connection With Cell Boosters

If you put all of these components together you get a reliable internet connection in most places where you camp. But let me also discuss the proper use of a cell booster in this system.

Some people seem to have the opinion that they should leave their cell booster on all the time. Even when the connection is a good one.

But that is not what cell boosting is for. It’s designed for those cases when your dedicated hotspot cannot make a solid connection on its own. This usually happens when you are not in an area with readily available cell service.

But if your location is where there is plenty of good cell signal, you should probably turn off the RV cell booster. Why?

It’s the same reason that it makes it hard to understand a person who has a megaphone and shouts into your ear at close range. It’s just too loud and the sound gets garbled.

But suppose that person walks away about 20 yards and points the megaphone at you while talking. You can probably understand everything they say easily.

It’s the same with cell boosters. If you use them when the signal reception is fine, they may even degrade the incoming signal. So just use your RV cell booster when your hotspot needs help receiving the signal on its own.

How About When No Cell Towers Are Around?

What if you like to boondock a lot on BLM land way away from almost anyone else? Can you still get a good RV internet connection?

The good news is that in many cases it is possible to get a good internet signal if you add one more component to the mix. And that is a long-range directional antenna, like the Yagi antenna.

Click here for the Yagi directional antenna

(This is an affiliate link for the product on Amazon. It does not cost you any extra to buy the product using my affiliate link if you choose to do so)

The antenna that comes with the WeBoost Drive-X RV package is omni-directional. That means that it looks for reception in all directions. But by doing that it shortens its effective range.

Directional antennas are made to look for cell reception in only one direction. So you have to find out the location of the nearest cell tower and point the antenna in that direction.

This takes a little extra fiddling when you set up camp, but when you get used to it, it can be very effective. Of course, if you get too far out away from civilization, you aren’t going to get any usable cell signal.

But many boondockers have used these directional antennas to pull in a useful RV internet connection when almost nobody else can. Of course, you need a high quality cell booster mentioned above to make this work like it should.

And for those who like to switch between campgrounds and rural boondocking, you may need two poles. One with a pre-installed omni-directional antenna, and one with a directional antenna instead.


So here are the advantages of the RV internet connection setup that I have explained above:

  • No holes in your RV
  • No need for expensive RV cell booster permanent installation
  • Easy setup and tear down
  • One central hotspot for all of your devices
  • Low monthly cost through OTR Mobile
  • Cell boosting for both toad vehicle and RV
  • Highest possible antenna placement on the RV
  • Pull in far away cell signal with just a change of antenna

I hope this information about our RV internet connection setup has been helpful. If you have other suggestions on RV connectivity, please tell us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Have safe and happy travels my friends!

The Top 5 Youtube RVing Channels For Newbies

If you are brand new to the world of RV travel, Youtube is a godsend. But there are so many Youtube RVing channels to choose from.

Of course, having so many choices is a good thing in a way. It means that you can get plenty of information to help you learn about the RV lifestyle.

But these days, it seems that almost everyone has a channel about RVing and travel. And a lot of these channels are not really about RV living as much as they are about the channel owners themselves.

So how do you find the Youtube RVing content that will help you transition into the RV owner world as smoothly as possible?

The Top 5 Youtube RVing Channels You Should Be Watching Now!
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Disclosure: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means – at no additional cost to you – I earn a commission if you make a purchase using our affiliate links. I only link to products and companies I use and feel comfortable recommending. The income goes toward supporting the free content on this website.

What Makes A Good Newbie Youtube RVing Channel?

There are plenty of reasons to watch Youtube RVing videos. And if you already know a lot about the lifestyle, you can just watch whatever interests you. And that’s fine!

But if you are an RVing newbie, you really need to get an RV education as well as be entertained. Unfortunately, many of the RVing videos on Youtube are more about the personal lives of the RVers themselves.

They may contain a little education about RVing, but that is secondary to the goal of just entertaining you with their adventures. Is there anything wrong with this? Absolutely not!

There is room for all kinds of RVing videos on Youtube. And many people enjoy picking their favorite personalities and following them as they go about their daily lives.

But if you are a newbie to the RV world, there is so much to be learned. And the more you know about RVs and RV travel, the more time and money you will save as you adjust to this new adventure.

My wife and I went through this same kind of RV education period. It’s where you really don’t know much of anything about RVs but you want to learn as fast as you can.

So I’m going to share with you our favorite Youtube RVing video producers who really made a difference in our life.

Of course, there are many wonderful RVing channels on Youtube that have great educational content. But we only have time and space enough to cover the top 5 on our personal list of favorites. You can add to this list as your new adventure continues to unfold!

Youtube RVing Channel #1 – RV Love

I’m not going to list these RVing channels in any particular order. But the RV Love channel is certainly one of our all-time favorites.

Marc and Julie Bennet are the content creators for this channel. And they do a superb job of educating you and entertaining you at the same time.

We have followed them for some time now and watched them grow as RVers and Youtubers along the way. When we first started watching their channel, Marc was still working full-time as they traveled.

Now they are both full-time content creators for Youtube and their website. In addition, they are authors of one of the best all-around books about how to transition to RVing that I have ever seen. You can click here to read about it. (this is an affiliate link, but it will not cost you any extra if you choose to buy)

You will find a good mix of videos about both their travels and RV education as well. They are both extremely personable and upbeat. And this makes watching their videos a real pleasure!

One of the unique features about the Bennets is that they have helped explain the world of RV membership camping better than anyone else. I am specifically talking about Thousand Trails membership camping here.

Before the Bennets explained the whole Thousand Trails system in detail, it seemed like a confusing mess. And the information on Thousand Trails campgrounds was fragmented and poorly reviewed.

They have changed all of that! And as a result, we are Thousand Trails members now ourselves. And we are very happy with our purchase because Marc and Julie helped us understand what we were buying. Both the good and bad. And we are happy campers now! (I know, a shameless pun)

Anyway, I know that you will enjoy their channel. And you will certainly benefit from their RVing knowledge and experience!

Click here for the RV Love Youtube channel

Click here for the RV Love website

Youtube Channel #2 – Love Your RV

I found the Love Your RV channel early on in my Youtube searches and I’m so glad that I did. This channel is mainly operated by one person, but Ray does an excellent job of educating RV newbies.

His wife appears at times in his videos, but the channel is mainly about Ray and his wealth of RV knowledge.

They travel in their 5th wheel mainly in the winter months, and usually just throughout the western US. In the summer they stay put in a campground in the Vancouver Canada area as they are Canadian citizens.

Both Ray and his wife are nature lovers and also very good photographers. So during the winter months, the videos will often showcase the various spots where they are staying on their travels.

They love to boondock, or camp without hookups. So many times you will be treated to the wonders of very special locations where few other RVers choose to camp.

But along the way Ray manages to always teach you something about RVs themselves and about RV camping. Then when they return to Canada for the summer he often puts out lots of educational videos while they are stationary.

These range from RV repair and maintenance how-to videos to RV product reviews. If you pay attention to these gems of instruction, you will learn a lot about how RVs work. And also about how you can make RV travel more enjoyable and safe.

This channel gets a big thumbs up from me for all of you who want to be able to work on your own rig when it’s necessary. You will learn a lot from Ray!

Click here for the Love Your RV Youtube channel

Click here for the Love Your RV website

Youtube Channel #3 – Drivin & Vibin

Kyle and Olivia with the Drivin & Vibin channel put out some of the best videos on RV living that you can find on Youtube.

They are a young couple that have embraced a simple traveling lifestyle. And they are happy to share all of the information that they can about how others can do what they do.

There is a good mix of travel videos and educational information. So we always look forward to their latest video.

Both of them are very personable and easy to listen to. So they make learning about RV travel fun and entertaining.

When we first started watching them they were living in a very small travel trailer with their dog River. But then they took on the project of completely restoring a vintage Airstream Argosy from the ground up. And they took all of their subscribers along for the ride.

Just watching the whole Airstream renovation series will provide a great education in how RVs work. So if you don’t know much about how RVs are put together, just watch those videos and you will learn a lot.

These days they are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl. So now we will get to see how they handle the challenges of parenthood in their RV travels too.

This is a fun and engaging couple, so I recommend the Youtube RVing information that they provide.

Click here for the Drivin & Vibin Youtube channel

Click here for the Drivin & Vibin website

Youtube Channel #4 – The RV Geeks

The RV Geeks channel is the gold standard of RVing how-to information. Peter and John are excellent teachers and they have covered so many of the most important topics about RV care and maintenance.

What I like best is how they don’t just explain what you should do to care for your RV, they also show you. That is really hard to do on camera. Take it from me, I know how difficult it is to show a project in a step-by-step fashion entirely on video.

Before I make a new RV how-to video, I often ask myself how the RV Geeks would do it. And then I try to produce a quality video that lives up to the standard that they are known for.

If you visit their channel page you will see that they have been putting out great content for several years. And there is an incredible amount of information on so many aspects of RV repair and care. So be sure to go through the back catalog of videos to get a good RV education.

Lately they are branching out into TV as well. They are currently starring along with some of the other top Youtube RVing content producers in a new television show. It’s simply called “The RVers” and it’s found on the Discovery channel. So don’t miss that as well!

This channel is a fabulous resource for RV knowledge. Be sure to subscribe as soon as you can!

Click here for The RV Geeks Youtube channel

Click here for The RV Geeks website

Youtube Channel # 5 – Mortons On The Move

I have saved one of my favorite RVing channels for last on this list. And that is the Mortons On The Move channel.

Tom and Cait Morton are a couple who have embraced the RV and travel lifestyle in their Dodge dually and 5th wheel. And they carry along their pet dogs as they travel as well.

I am a huge fan of Tom and his photographic skills. He is a whiz with video and I have been especially blown away by his drone footage at the various places they have visited in the US.

So if you want to be inspired to get out there and travel the country in your RV, just watch some MOTM videos. He also has an engineering background, so he tackles some of the most challenging RV problems and shows you how it’s fixed.

Cait is also a great on-camera personality, and the two together are very engaging and helpful. They are also adventurous and willing to take on almost any challenge.

In the last year they have worked on producing a film on RVing with Tom as the director. Then they spent weeks helping Kyle and Olivia of Drivin & Vibin remodel their Airstream Argosy. Afterward they took off to Alaska for several months in a truck camper. And now they are also starring on “The Rvers” TV show.

So the Mortons are definitely always on the move.

These are experienced RVers that you can learn from. So don’t hesitate to visit their channel page and subscribe right away!

Click here for the Mortons On The Move Youtube channel

Click here for the Mortons On The Move website

A Few More Bonus Youtube RVing Channels

It’s really a shame to limit the list of Youtube RVing information to just 5 channels. Especially since there are many other really good channels that we have learned from over the years.

So here are a few more that you should consider:

  • Technomadia – Chris and Cherie are the go-to experts on staying connected as you go about your RV travels. They produce a lot of valuable information on getting internet connectivity almost anywhere. So don’t miss this resource.
  • Keep Your Daydream – Marc and Trish are perhaps the most entertaining couple in the Youtube RVing category. They are not as much about education as they are about their adventures and travels though. So I didn’t include them in the top 5 list for newbies above. But you can still learn a lot from their channel as they show you what daily life is like on the road. And he is a wizard at making top quality videos that engage the audience. We love their channel!
  • Cheap RV Living – This channel is mainly aimed at frugal RVers and those who travel in smaller RVs. But the owner Bob has a wonderful way of explaining complex subjects and making them simple to understand. I have enjoyed many of his videos and interviews with other RVers. Sometimes you can learn ingenious ways of RVing that you never thought of before on this channel.
  • Long Long Honeymoon – Sean & Kristy travel in a beautiful Airstream travel trailer. They are a great source of information and insight into RV living. And Sean often does product reviews that helps new RVers be sure that they get the best RV gear for the money.
  • All About RVs – Jared and his family are fulltime RVers who travel the country in their 5th wheel. Jared is an excellent teacher, so easy to listen to. And he covers a lot of the important topics that new RVers need to know to be successful. His channel is getting better by the day so don’t miss this one.
  • Finally, let me put in a shameless plug for our own Youtube channel, RV Inspection And Care. Almost all of the content that I try to produce is aimed at education for Rvers, whether they are experienced or novices. We would love for you to join our little online family by subscribing to our channel. I promise you will learn a lot if you do!

Perhaps you can think of other Youtube RVing channels that have been helpful for you and your growth as an RVer. If so, please tell us about it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

There is plenty to learn about RVs, the RV lifestyle, and about RV camping and so on. And nobody knows it all. I know that I am constantly learning new things about RVing.

By sharing what we have learned with others, we will all benefit. And I hope you enjoyed this information about our personal list of Youtube RVing favorites for newbies. Have safe and happy travels my friends!

Click here for the video - "The Top 5 Youtube Channels New RVers Should Be Watching Now"

Click the above image for the video – “The Top 5 Youtube Channels New RVers Should Be Watching Now”

Motorhome VS 5th Wheel – Who Wins?

A motorhome vs 5th wheel comparison is the heavyweight title match between RVs. These are the big boys of the RV world. And usually those who are making this comparison want lots of space and conveniences.

There is a real fascination with RV minimalism these days. And a lot of RVers turn to a quality travel trailer like Airstream or a Class B RV to fit that need. But when you start to compare fifth wheels and motorhomes, you are probably looking for much more. And these larger style RVs can deliver in spades.

So which of these type of RVs is best for you? That’s hard to say unless you look over the advantages of each one and compare it with your needs and wants. And what you need in an RV may be completely different from what most others desire. So make the choice that is best for you and your circumstances alone. If you do, you can’t go wrong!

So here is my list of the best advantages of each in this motorhome vs 5th wheel showdown.

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Motorhome

Motorhome vs 5th wheel - a motorhome
A diesel pusher motorhome that compares well with a 5th wheel

Disclosure: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means – at no additional cost to you – I earn a commission if you make a purchase using our affiliate links. I only link to products and companies I use and feel comfortable recommending. The income goes toward supporting the free content on this website.

When we are talking about motorhomes, we could be talking about any RV that has a motor for driving built into it. But in this article, when we say motorhome, we are talking about a Class A RV. Simply because that is the size of motorized RV that best compares with 5th wheels.

So here are some of the best reasons why buying a Class A motorhome is a good idea:

  • Probably first on my list is that everything is done for you. You don’t have to match a trailer with a tow vehicle and make sure that all of the weight considerations match. As long as you can verify that there is plenty of cargo storage in the motorhome, the rest of the weight matters are handled already.
  • Motorhomes are super convenient for traveling. Passengers can even use the bathroom while going down the highway. My wife loves this feature!
  • Motorhomes usually have more storage capabilities. At least the larger diesel pushers do.
  • Set-up and tear-down at campgrounds is a breeze in a motorhome. If the weather is bad when you arrive, just put the jacks down and fire up the generator. Then wait until better weather comes to hook up your water, electric and sewer. In the meantime, have a convenient cocktail!
  • Speaking of generators, the ones that come standard in a Class A motorhome are usually perfectly mated to your rig. This is a big advantage over installing one after you buy a 5th wheel RV.
  • Campground maneuverability is usually better in a motorhome too. It saves having to know how to back up a towed vehicle. Especially if you aren’t used to that sort of maneuvering.
  • All the living space in a motorhome is usually on the same floor. Rarely do you encounter any stairs in a Class A.
  • Your driving-around-town vehicle that you tow can be much smaller and fuel efficient. 5th wheel tow vehicles have to be big and bulky. And they aren’t very fuel efficient for everyday driving either.
  • If a dangerous situation arises around your motorhome, just fire up the RV and drive off. There is no need to go outside and expose yourself and others to the danger. This is not a scenario that happens very often, but if it does, you may appreciate this kind of security.
  • The expansive view while driving down the highway in a Class A motorhome is a joy to behold. If it is a diesel pusher, it will be quiet and cool too since the engine is in the back. And there is plenty of moving-around room for occasional stretches.

Reasons Why You Should Buy A 5th Wheel

Motorhome vs 5th wheel - a fifth wheel
A 5th wheel that compares favorably with a large motorhome

So that list of Class A motorhome advantages sounds pretty good, huh? Well, there are plenty of 5th wheel benefits too. And here they are:

  • First on the list is that 5th wheels usually have more room and living space than motorhomes. This is because the slides on a fifth wheel are deeper and make the RV wider when they are deployed.
  • The ceilings are also higher in a 5th wheel. This gives the feeling of even more roominess. In fact, the living room in a 5th wheel often feels like you are living in an apartment. If space is important to you, this is huge!
  • The initial purchase price of a fifth wheel is much lower than a comparably sized motorhome. This is true even if you factor in the tow vehicle as well. A well-appointed new 5th wheel along with a solid tow vehicle will cost about $100,000 – $150,000. A similarly well-appointed new motorhome will often cost $175,000 – $300,000.
  • If you ever have to get your engine repaired, you can still live in your 5th wheel while it is being done. A motorhome will require you to stay elsewhere until the repair is finished. Sometimes the repair facility can make arrangements for you to stay in your motorhome on-site. But don’t count on it.
  • Repairing the diesel engine in your tow vehicle will usually be easier to arrange and cost less. A motorhome’s diesel engine will usually have to be repaired by a facility that specializes in those commercial engines. Whereas most garages and dealerships can handle the repairs on a Chevy, Ford or Dodge diesel truck.
  • Whoever does the cooking will probably appreciate having a kitchen island in a 5th wheel. These are rarely found in motorhomes.
  • There is a great variety in the floor plans that you can get with a 5th wheel. With all of that space to play with, the RV designers can really get their creative juices flowing.
  • If you want to change your RV living area, you can just sell the 5th wheel. You don’t have to sell your tow vehicle as well. But if you sell a motorhome, the whole package goes together and you lose all the mechanical maintenance you have done on it.
  • Highway safety is better with a 5th wheel too since the tow vehicle will most likely have airbags. Most motorhomes do not have these safety features built-in.

Reasons For Either A 5th Wheel Or Motorhome

There are several areas where the comparison of motorhome vs 5th wheel is just simply a tie too. In other words, the advantages and disadvantages are about the same for both. Let’s take a look at some of these now:

  • The cost of vehicle insurance for motorhomes is greater than a fifth wheel to be sure. But you have to insure two vehicles with a 5th wheel (including the tow vehicle) so it’s basically a wash.
  • Fuel costs for both motorhomes and fifth wheels are similar too. Both use big engines that haul lots of weight. So they both burn a lot of fuel.
  • They both depreciate at about the same rate. Of course, the cost of a motorhome is usually higher. So you will lose more money overall in depreciation with a motorhome.

Results Of A Motorhome VS 5th Wheel Comparison

So which one is best for you? Well, it all depends on which advantages mean the most to you in your RV travels.

I recommend taking plenty of time to visit RV dealers and sample both motorhomes and 5th wheels in person. Look at lots of them. See which features appeal to you the most. Ask lots of questions. Imagine yourself in both types of these RVs. Usually you will find that a clear winner becomes apparent after a while of doing this kind of on-site research. That’s what we did and we are happy with our purchase.

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Do you have more ideas that can added to this discussion on motorhomes vs 5th wheels? Then please comment below and tell us which features of these rigs are important to you!

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Click here for the video - "Motorhome VS 5th Wheel - Should You Buy A Fifth Wheel?"

Click the image above for the video – “Motorhome VS 5th Wheel – Should You Buy A Fifth Wheel?”

Click here for the video - "Motorhome VS 5th Wheel - Should You Buy A Motorhome?"

Click the image above for the video – “Motorhome VS 5th Wheel – Should You Buy A Motorhome?”