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I’m Duane The RV Inspector from the popular YouTube channel “RV Inspection And Care”.

I am certified to inspect RVs by the NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association) and I love sharing the things I have learned about RVs and RV living with others.

Please join me as we discuss all sorts of topics on this website including how to buy, repair and maintain RVs. And we cover everything about the RV lifestyle and camping tips too!

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Sample a few of my RV Life articles:

Is a tow dolly right for you?

Towing With An RV Tow Dolly

When it comes to pulling your towed vehicle behind a motorhome, there are two main choices. Either flat tow it, or use an RV tow dolly. And the truth is ...
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Boondockers Welcome

Our RV Camping Experiences With Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is something that we signed up for on the advice of an RVing friend. Of course, we had heard of the program for a while. But we had ...
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The pros and cons of RV tow bars

Flat Towing Vehicles – The Pros & Cons

Flat towing vehicles, or dinghy towing, as others refer to it, is very common. Especially, when the motorhome is a big rig! After all, who wants to use a large ...
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Glamping VS Camping

Glamping VS Camping – What Kind Of RVer Are You?

Glamping VS Camping - what does that phrase mean to you? Actually it can mean different things to various kinds of RVers. But for now, lets define what both "glamping" ...
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50 amp to 30 amp adapters

A 50 Amp To 30 Amp Adapter – Is It Safe?

This article is about using a 50 amp to 30 amp adapter when you have a 30 amp RV. In a previous blog post I discussed the possibility of needing ...
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Fifth wheels vs travel trailers. Which is best for you?

Fifth Wheels vs Travel Trailers – Which Is Best For You?

A discussion of 5th wheels vs travel trailers is a battle of the towable RVs. So if you have decided that towing an RV is better for your needs than ...
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My top 5 RV maintenance tips

The Top 5 RV Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

In this article you'll find my top five RV maintenance tips. You know, ifyou want your RV to last, you've got to maintain it. It's just a fact of life ...
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RV Fuel Savings For Everyone!

RV Fuel Savings That Help Lower Your RVing Travel Costs

In this article we're going to be talking about RV fuel savings. I did a video on this subject a while back, but time marches on and changes keep happening ...
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Should you buy a new or used RV?

Should You Buy A New Or Used RV? The Pros And Cons

Many RVers struggle with the idea of whether they should purchase a new or used RV. And the truth is that there is no answer to that dilemma that works ...
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RV tire pressure made simple

RV Tire Pressure – The Easy Way To Monitor It

Checking your RV tire pressure regularly is not only important, it's vital for safety! One of the most important contributing factors to RV tire failure is not having the proper ...
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