Duane the R V inspectorI’m Duane the R V Inspector and I host the popular R V Inspection And Care YouTube channel. My wife and I also travel in our R V full time while performing R V inspections.

And I love sharing the things I know about R V’s and R V life with others.

If you want to know more about R V living, buying R V’s, traveling in an R V or motorhome, or almost anything else about the R V lifestyle, just click on my articles above.

But one of my favorite subjects is inspecting R V’s. And there are a lot of questions that people have about it.

Here are a few of the most common questions I hear about R V inspections:

  • Why do I need an R V inspection?
  • Are R V inspections only for used R V’s, or should I inspect a new R V before I buy it?
  • If I need an R V inspector for a rig that I may want to buy, where could I find one?
  • How much does an R V inspection cost?
  • Isn’t an R V dealer’s Pre-Delivery Inspection pretty much the same thing?

Those are all great questions. And I have created a free guide for R V inspections. It explains the answer to all of those questions and more.

You can read the guide by clicking here

 R V Inspection And Buying Guidebooks

I personally feel that there are a lot of pitfalls that can be experienced when buying an R V. And a lot of R V buyers don’t wind up with a quality product.

So I have also created some guidebooks that help an R V buyer know which brands are best. You know, the ones that they should be focusing on in their search.

Then I explain how to use a buying process that has worked very well for many buyers. It’s a process that almost anyone can do.

And it can save thousands of dollars on the purchase price. And even more on avoiding R V’s that have hidden problems and issues.

I even provide guidance on how to pre-inspect an R V that you may like. And I include an R V inspection checklist to make sure that you cover the most important things.

After that I show you how to get an R V inspected by a certified NRVIA inspector like myself. That way you get the R V you deserve from the first day of ownership.

Click here to view my R V buying and inspection guidebooks

Of course, I may be able to perform an inspection for you personally if I am in your area. But it’s kind of hard to say , since we move around a lot in our R V travels.

 To find out about my availability for an inspection on an R V you are considering, just fill out the form on this page.

Have safe and happy travels!


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