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Portland Riverside Marina RV Park

Portland Riverside Marina – A New England Camping Gem

Portland Riverside Marina is located at 37 Riverview Street in Portland, CT If anyone has traveled through New England, they are well aware that RV parks and campgrounds are not always easy to find and cost a premium. So when we found this little campground attached to this Marina, we ...
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Chesapeake Bay RV Resort

Chesapeake Bay RV Resort – The Pros And Cons Of Staying There

Chesapeake Bay RV Resort is located at 12014 Trails Lane in Gloucester, VA This 365 site Thousand Trails Park is located on 280 acres of land which sits right next to the Piankatank River. Like all Thousand Trails parks, they also offer campsites to the public and the basic 30 ...
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Downtown Riverside Park review

Downtown Riverside RV Park – Our Full Review And Report

Downtown Riverside RV Park is located at 250 S. Locust St., in North Little Rock, AR. This 61 site park located right in the heart of North Little Rock, Arkansas was such a great little find. And we really enjoyed the short time that we spent here. You would think ...
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Gulfview RV resort review

Our Review Of Gulfview RV Resort In Punta Gorda FL

GulfView RV Resort is located at 10205 Burnt Store Rd. in Punta Gorda, FL This RV Resort is part of the Thousand Trails/Encore Resort system. And a campsite can be reserved through them for up to a two week stay. However, a reservation can also be made at Gulfview RV ...
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Glamping VS Camping

Glamping VS Camping – What Kind Of RVer Are You?

Glamping VS Camping - what does that phrase mean to you? Actually it can mean different things to various kinds of RVers. But for now, lets define what both "glamping" and "camping" mean as used in the text of this article. For instance, this article will consider that "glamping" is ...
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Lost Dutchman State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park – One Of Our Favorite State Parks

Lost Dutchman State Park is located at 6109 N. Apache Trail in Apache Junction, AZ This RV park is part of the Arizona State Parks system. And is an absolutely unique park with such beautiful views that it tends to be a very difficult park to get into. But if ...
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Our Hidden Cove RV Resort review

Hidden Cove RV Resort – Our RV Camping Experience

Hidden Cove RV Resort is located at 687 CR 3919 in Arlely, AL. This little hidden gem of a campground is in Northern Alabama and located on Lewis Smith Lake. But it is affectionally called just Smith Lake. It is part of the Thousand Trails campground system, but can be ...
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Field And Stream RV Park review

Field And Stream RV Park – Should You Stay There?

Field & Stream RV Park is located at 7 Dupaw Gould Road in Brookline, NH. This adorable little RV park is located in the beautiful New Hampshire hills. And it's loaded with the flavor of New England and all of its beauty. We were able to visit this gorgeous area ...
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Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort – Our Review And Experience

Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort is located at 2110 Thousand Trails Blvd, Clermont, FL Oh my what a wonderful RV park!!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time there as we stayed twice during our time in Florida this year. And although this is a Thousand Trails Park, they also offer sites ...
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Azalea Acres RV Park Review

Azalea Acres RV Park – Our Camping Experience And Review

Azalea Acres RV Park is located at 27450 Glass Rd in Robertsdale AL This delightful little park is located just 1 1/2 miles right off the I-10. You can find it between the 2 larger cities of Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL. This makes it about a 30 mile drive ...
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How To Use RV Trip Wizard for travel and camping

How To Use RV Trip Wizard For Camping And Travel

RV Trip Wizard is one of the best tools that I have used in our full-time RV travels. I use the program all the time for laying our upcoming travel plans. And for me, it's the best overall camping and travel planning aid that I have found. Of course, there ...
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Our Twin Lakes RV Resort Review

Our Twin Lakes RV Resort Campground Review – Pros And Cons

Twin Lakes RV Resort is located at 1618 Memory Lane in Chocowinity, NC. This RV park is part of the Thousand Trails/Encore Park system. But as always you can reserve a site with the RV park and not be a member. And the average site costs about $50 a night ...
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RV bugs and insects

RV Bugs And Insects – How To Get Rid Of Them For Good

RV bugs and insects can turn an enjoyable RV outing into something completely different very quickly. Of course, when you think about it, we often bring our RVs into their domain. After all, camping in nature is something RVers love to do. And that is their home. But there are ...
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Fairview-Riverside State Park Review

Our Louisiana Fairview-Riverside State Park Review

The Fairview-Riverside State Park is located at 119 Fairview Drive in Madisonville, Louisiana. So what can we tell you about this adorable state park? Well, we have visited this state park twice already and it is definitely on our list to visit again. There are 82 RV sites and 20 ...
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Medina Lake RV Campground review

Medina Lake RV Campground – Should You Stay There?

Medina Lake RV Campground is located on 215 Spettle Road in Lakehills, TX. This Thousand Trails campground is nestled down by the edge of Medina Lake. And it's a park that gave us mixed emotions about how we feel about it. First of all, it has a woodsy vibe and ...
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Fifth wheels vs travel trailers. Which is best for you?

Fifth Wheels vs Travel Trailers – Which Is Best For You?

A discussion of 5th wheels vs travel trailers is a battle of the towable RVs. So if you have decided that towing an RV is better for your needs than driving a motorhome, this article is for you. Of course, towing an RV means that you have to match the ...
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Walkabout RV park review

The Walkabout RV Park And Campground – Our Unbiased Review

The Walkabout RV Park and Campground is located at 742 Old Still Road in Woodbine, GA. We only stayed one night as we were on our way to Florida at the time. But we spent some time walking through the whole park, and this is what we found. This cute ...
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Valley Vista RV Resort Review

Valley Vista RV Resort – Our Honest Assessment And Review

The Valley Vista RV Resort is part of the Encore Resorts system and is also included in the Thousand Trails Collection too. But reservations for this 55+ resort can also made outside of that system. It is located in Benson, Arizona. And it's within a short driving distance to places ...
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How To Find The Best RV Campgrounds

How To Find The Best RV Campgrounds And Campsites

We all want to stay at the best RV campgrounds and campsites possible on our RVing travels. And there are plenty of places to stay in this country. But not all are equal. Some are well maintained and a pleasure to stay at. But others are not. So how do ...
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Top 5 RV Boondocking Tips

The Top 5 Ways For Successful RV Boondocking

RV boondocking means camping without any hookups. No electric, water or sewer hookups whatsoever. You are totally self-contained. Of course, this kind of RV camping is a lot more involved than campground camping. It means that you have to plan in advance how to handle your power and water needs ...
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The top 3 ways to save money on campground costs

The Top 4 RV Camping Tips That Save You Money

This article's purpose is to help you learn my top 4 RV camping tips that will help you save money. And, of all the expenses that an RV owner encounters, often the biggest by far is camping costs. This is especially true if a lot of time is spent in ...
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Are inverter generators better than solar?

RV Inverter Generators – The Pros & Cons Explained

So what are RV inverter generators anyway? One thing they are not is the loud and obnoxious construction type of generator. Those may be fine where heavy construction is going on, but don't bring them to a campsite. If you do, you will be sure to make enemies quickly. The ...
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Do you really need an RV solar system?

An RV Solar System – Who Needs It?

In this article we are going to discuss the use of an RV solar system. How do they work anyway? How much will it cost you? Can you install it yourself? What are the pros and cons of using solar power? Also, when is solar power needed? And should all ...
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The best RV water filter system

Which RV Water Filter System Is Best For You?

Some kind of RV water filter system is a necessity for RVers. But especially for those who travel a lot. That's because the water supply at some campgrounds can leave a lot to be desired. You will find bad tasting and awful smelling water, along with dirty water that has ...
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50 amp to 30 amp adapters

A 50 Amp To 30 Amp Adapter – Is It Safe?

In a previous blog post I discussed the possibility of needing to adapt a 30 amp campground service to a 50 amp RV. This is a very common scenario in many campgrounds. A less common scenario is just the opposite. That's when you need to run a 30 amp RV ...
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30 amp and 50 amp pedetal plug compared

A 30 Amp to 50 Amp Adapter – A Good Idea?

There is often confusion about what happens when you try to use a 30 amp to 50 amp adapter (sometimes called a "dogbone") at a campground pedestal. Actually, there is confusion when any adapter is used to adjust the electricity provided to an RV. But in this article we will ...
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3 must-haves for your RV water hookup

Your RV Water Hookup – 3 Must-Haves

One of the most important skills a new RVer learns is how to get city water into your RV. Then you can use it for washing, drinking, cleaning, etc. So you have to be able to use the RV water hookup in the campground where you are staying. In most ...
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A map of all Thousand Trails campgrounds in the US

Thousand Trails – Is It Right For You?

Thousand Trails campgrounds are not for everyone. If you search the internet, you will find opinions for and against Thousand Trails memberships. And there are valid arguments for both sides. But for many, they are a way to be able to affordably full-time travel by RV. In this article, I ...
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