RV Fuel Station Discount Card Saves $$$$

Whenever I find something that is really helpful for my fellow RVers, I try to get the word out quickly. And this is one of those times that I can help you save lots of money on RV diesel fuel. A relatively new RV fuel station discount card is available for RV owners driving diesel engines. And the word is that the savings on diesel fuel is really dramatic.

Marc and Julie Bennet are one of the top RV bloggers and YouTubers in this industry. I have been following them for some time because they are genuinely helpful and glad to share their RV knowledge with everyone. And they just made a recent blog post and YouTube video on this new RV fuel discount card program. I asked them if I could pass on the savings to my blog readers and they said that would be great.

The Bennets wrote one of the best books about the RV lifestyle and we got it as soon as it was released. I loved it so much that I gave it a 5 star review on Amazon. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about RVing. There is something here for everyone from newbies to experienced RV owners. Just click on the image below to check it out.

Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road

So here is the information you need on this diesel fuel discount program.

Fuel Discount Program Details

The company who runs this RV fuel station discount program is TSD Logistics, a trucking company whose main office is in Texarkana, TX. It’s no secret that over-the-road truckers often get special discounts on fuel prices. Especially at certain national fuel station chains. TSD Logistics wants to lower its fuel costs but doesn’t want to add more trucks to its fleet to do so.

So they decided to open their fuel discount program to include RVers. This allows the company to reap the rewards of buying fuel in higher volume. But they are able to keep their costs the same. It’s pretty ingenious really. And as RV owners we all benefit as well. It’s a win-win for everyone. The only limitation is the discount is only on diesel fuel. If your RV burns regular gas, this program will not work for you.

How To Use The RV Fuel Station Discount Card

To join the program you need to apply to TSD Logistics for their card. Usually it arrives in about 3 – 4 weeks, although there are ways to get it sooner. With the card in hand, download their EFS card app and pair it with your card. Now you can search for fuel stations near you that accept the TSD discount program on your phone or tablet. When you find the best price, go to that station and pull into the truck lane section for fuel.

Once there, insert the card into the fuel pump and fill your tank. When you are done, the whole transaction will appear on your EFS card app. The next day the amount of the transaction will be deducted from your bank account. To cover the costs associated with running a program of this size, TSD Logistics will take a small fee. The fee is 10% of the total discount you received. So if you received a .60 per gallon discount, they will take .06 per gallon for program maintenance. That still leaves you with a savings of .54 per gallon!

The average savings per gallon according to TSD Logistics is about .40 – .60 per gallon. But Marc and Julie Bennett experienced some savings as high as .85 per gallon. This is not chump change. Especially if you have a large motorhome and go through lots of diesel fuel. There are other RV fuel discount programs out there, but not much with this kind of savings. And it is usable in over 16,000 locations throughout the US!

What Should You Do?

If you haven’t heard of Marc and Julie Bennett, my advice is to visit their page and sign up for their newsletter. They are always helping out the RV community in one way or another. And you will benefit by following them online too. Here is the link to their webpage where you can get even more details about this RV fuel station card discount program.

From there, I think you would be wise to sign up for the program and start saving on diesel fuel costs. I have already signed up myself and apparently a backlog of applications is coming in to TSD Logistics quickly. So don’t delay! Here is the link to the TSD Logistics sign-up page. Just make sure that you credit “RVLove” as the referrer. This makes sure that the Bennets get the credit for introducing you to this program.

The Bennets uploaded a YouTube video that explains the major details about this program. You can view it at the link below:

I really hope that you will take advantage of this way to save on RV fuel costs. I am not affiliated with this program in any way. And I don’t profit by it in any way either if you sign up. It’s just a great deal for all RVers who use diesel fuel.

Please sign up for my newsletter and comment below on your RV fuel expense experiences. As always, have safe and happy travels my friends.

Top 5 Must-See RV Destinations

What is the point in having an RV if you don’t use it to travel? And if you travel, why not see the best sites possible? After all, RV stands for “recreational vehicle”. So we need to get in our rigs and get out there for some recreation in an RV campground. That includes visiting some of the top must-see RV destinations in the US.

Of course, there are loads of great places to see in this country. But some sites are just iconic. You have seen them in photos so much that you can almost recognize them instantly.

And there is probably a video running in your head about how beautiful these places are. And how great it would be to actually see them in person. Well, here are my top 5 must-see RV destinations in no particular order.

Here are some RV travel books that I can recommend for finding even more incredible places to visit in this beautiful country:

Yosemite National Park

OK, I fibbed. I’m going to start with the number one spot in my heart, Yosemite. We are talking huge plunging waterfalls, giant sequoia trees, sheer granite cliffs, crystal clear water and more.

Almost everywhere you look is a postcard, especially in the fall. But here are some of the sights you don’t want to miss:

  • El Capitan – the largest piece of granite rock in the world. It towers 3,593 feet from the valley floor. You can get a great view of this icon from El Capitan Meadows. If you bring binoculars you can even watch the climbers as they ascend El Capitan.
  • Yosemite Falls – If you combine Upper, Lower and Middle Yosemite Falls, it’s the highest waterfall in North America. They cover a total of 2,425 feet in all.
  • Half Dome – one of the most photographed spots in the western part of the US. Talk about a sheer granite face. WOW!
  • Wawona Tunnel View – from this spot you can shoot your own postcard of Yosemite including the Yosemite valley floor, El Capitan, Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls.
Yosemite National Park - #1 in RV destinations

Get information about visiting and RV camping at
Yosemite National Park here

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is our first National Park and no wonder! It’s scenic beauty is like nothing you will find anywhere else.

It spans three different states, has 290 waterfalls, and wildlife galore. And how many National Parks can say that they sit on top of an active volcano?

Of course, the geothermal activity in Yellowstone is what makes so much of its scenery unique. Here are some places you don’t want to miss when you visit Yellowstone on your list of must-see RV destinations:

  • Castle Geyser – the largest cone geyser in the park. It erupts every 10 – 12 hours. When it does it can throw steam up to 90- feet in the air for about 20 minutes. Impressive!
  • Grand Prismatic Spring – the largest hot spring in the US. And the third largest in the world. The brightly colored rings around the pool are like nothing else you will ever see.
  • Yellowstone Lake – the largest body of water in the US over 7,000 feet. It has a surface area of 132 square miles.
  • Grand Canyon Of Yellowstone – it’s nearly 20 miles long and at times 4000 feet across. Some of the most popular hiking trails and scenic overlooks are in this area of the park.
Yellowstone National Park

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and the available RV campgrounds here

If you want to earn a living online while RV traveling and seeing the incredible scenery in the US, here are some books that I can recommend for you to consider:

Zion National Park

Featuring towering red rocks, beautiful evergreen trees and plenty of hiking trails to enjoy it all, Zion is special.

It is considered one of the gems of the National Park system and a place that you definitely want on your must-see RV destinations list. Here are some of the top places to go and see:

  • Zion Canyon Scenic Drive – this picturesque route takes you on an adventure of beauty for 57 miles. To relieve traffic congestion a free shuttle bus will take you on this journey during the peak season.
  • The Narrows – you can see it from the Riverside Walk but to experience it you have to go wading. But along the way you will see some incredible red rock scenery in the canyon narrows.
  • Observation Point – on top of Mount Baldy at 6,521 feet you can see almost all of the main features of Zion NP. It’s an 8 mile round trip hike that climbs 2,000 feet so make sure you are in shape before you go.
  • Watchman Trail – a 3 mile round trip trail that only climbs 400 feet or so. It is much easier for the average hiker and still provides a spectacular view of 6,545 foot Watchman Spire.
Zion National Park - one of the most popular RV destinations

Get information about the campgrounds in Zion National Park here

Glacier National Park

For stunningly impressive mountains, crystal clear lakes, blue skies and wildlife, Glacier NP is hard to beat.

There are also plenty of waterfalls and hiking trails in this Montana park as well. It’s a little off the beaten path but it rewards those who visit with a lifetime of vivid memories.

Here are some of the things you want to see here:

  • Going To The Sun Road – this is an absolute must in Glacier NP. It doesn’t open until the beginning of July. But the scenic vistas will have you stopping every 100 feet to take pictures.
  • The Trail Of The Cedars – this is a hiking trail that almost everyone can enjoy and it has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the park.
  • Saint Mary Lake – a beautiful 10 mile long lake with towering mountains surrounding it. You can even take a boat tour on the lake between June and September.
  • Logan Pass – at 6600 feet the area boasts lots of wildlife including big horn sheep, grizzly bears and mountain goats.
Glacier National Park

Get information about visiting Glacier National Park here

Grand Teton National Park

The Tetons are indeed grand. The sheer beauty of their majestic rise from the grasslands is breathtaking.

Then pair that with abundant wildlife, and great hiking trails. The full recipe is for fun and enjoyment in the outdoors. Here are some things you don’t want to miss:

  • Mormon Row – this historical district has some of the best views of the Teton range and the photos taken from here are world-class.
  • Jackson Lake – here is where you can water ski, go sailboating and windsurfing in the summer months.
  • Jenny Lake – it is 250 feet deep and the views of the mountains are amazing. You can also kayak and canoe here.
  • Taggart Lake – it’s a mile and a half to the lake from the trailhead. But the views are incredible. And plenty of wildlife can be seen in this area.
Grand Teton National Park

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Grand Teton National Park here

I hope you enjoyed this list of the top 5 must-see RV destinations. Of course, you may have your own personal favorites to add to this list. But I think these national parks should be on everyone’s short list of places to see.

Please add your own suggestions in the comments below. As always, have safe and happy travels my friends!

The Truth About RV Washer Dryer Combo Units

RV washer and dryer combo machines are usually found in larger rigs like Class A motorhomes. This is because they take up a certain amount of space that smaller rigs just can’t provide. But for many RV owners, giving up the space for a washer and dryer combo is well worth the trade-off.

Everybody has to do laundry at some point. And if you don’t have a built in washer and dryer installed in your RV, your choices are limited. In fact, you will most likely have to wash your clothes at either a campground facility or a nearby laundromat. And there are drawbacks for both of these choices.

Either way, you will probably have to sit with your clothes while they are being washed and dried. Whereas having the washer/dryer in your RV allows you to do other things while the laundry is being done. Also, the machines in campgrounds and laundromats can be dirty at times and even greasy from the previous users. Then there is the expense involved in using those machines that can also add up over time.

Pros And Cons Of RV Washer/Dryers

The main benefit of an RV washer and dryer combo unit is their convenience of use. You lose no travel time to bring your clothes anywhere else to do laundry. You also don’t lose the time babysitting your clothes while they are being done. In fact, the combo units use the same drum to both wash and dry, so you don’t even have to transfer clothes from washer to dryer. And these machines do a very good job and are known to be reliable.

The cons of RV washer/dryer combos is mainly related to their size. Because they are designed to take up as little space as possible, you can’t do large loads of laundry. This may be an irritation at first if you are used to doing laundry in larger washers at home. But as you learn to use the machine correctly, you simply adjust to the smaller load size. And you plan on doing laundry more often to make up for the smaller loads.

You will also notice that during the spin cycle, the vibration from the washer will shake the RV a little bit. Again, this is a minor issue for most but some find it disconcerting when compared to a home washer. Also, you will have to get used to the machine washing clothes in a different way. When we first got our Splendide washer, my wife thought it wasn’t working properly. This is because the drum would just roll back and forth for a while. Then it would roll over a few times, then go back to the back and forth motion. After a call to the manufacturer assured us that it was designed to work that way, we let it do its job. And sure enough, our laundry came out just fine.

How To Use A Washer/Dryer Combo

As mentioned above, you will need to adjust the size of your laundry loads and do them more often. Although the combo unit can both wash and dry your clothes automatically, you may choose to air dry your laundry. Some RVers put a portable drying rack in their shower for this purpose. This allows you to wash more loads while air drying them as they are done with the wash cycle.

Also, you will need to use a laundry detergent that is made for these washers. It will be labeled “HE” (High Efficiency) on the detergent bottle. Tide makes a great detergent for these units, but most other laundry brands have their version as well. If you use regular laundry detergent, it will produce too many suds and overflow. So be sure to use the HE version of your favorite laundry detergent.

You also can use a mild fabric softener like Downy but no dryer sheets can be used in these units. And every few loads you will want to empty out the lint trap that is usually located at the bottom of the unit.

What Is The Best RV Washer And Dryer?

This is the Splendide washer/dryer in our bedroom:

Our Splendide RV washer and dryer combo
Our Splendide washer/dryer combo

For many RV owners, the best RV washer/dryer combo is made by Splendide. However, Splendide makes both a ventless and a vented model. And there is a big difference in customer satisfaction between those two models. By far, the preference of most RV owners is for the vented machine. On Amazon the vented units have a 4.5 star rating and the ventless model only 3.5 stars. So my recommendation is definitely for the vented model.

If your RV did not come with a washer/dryer combo installed, make sure that is has been plumbed for it first. And be sure that your RV electrical service can handle the additional load one of these machines can place on it. Then have it installed by a professional who is familiar with this kind of installation. Otherwise, you can have a mess on your hands that can be costly to fix.

Here is the Splendide washer and dryer combo that I recommend for your consideration:

I hope that this discussion of washer/dryer combo units for RVs has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t answer. You can include them in the comments below. As always, have safe and happy travels my friends!